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  1. Looks like someone else had the same idea its great i just added to 926-950 i will not call myself the Angel because i learned the hard way last time bless everyone enjoy the weekend
  2. Hi all please sign this petition to get Tubi to consider streaming sunset beach worth a shot http://chng.it/cjmw8Vzvpq
  3. Hi my friends March 1993 is looking more full enjoy and god bless.
  4. hey friends another batch for you bless you all
  5. Hi everyone hope youre all doing well sorry its been a bit since i been here but something new in 2010 for you all enjoy the weekend stay safe and support your small business as best you can
  6. ok im not on here often i hope that this was a mistake that im being called an imposter im just here contributing to the group i dont use social media for this reason, im actually saddened that i read these comments and thank you my friend ChickenNuggetz92, for sticking up for me, i actually contributed quite a bit. the reference to your angel is here was to notify you that i had contributed that day. not here to fight with anyone, i truly believe that anyone who posts negatively is not appreciative, not sure how i feel about continuing here. NOTE i wanted to also mention that someone else was also contributing i simply added more that day where they left off (and i thank them as well) i would never take credit where credit wasn't due and i would never shame a person and tell them they need mental help as i suffer from anxiety and i understand mental illness. i was seriously grateful to share a common interest here. im just upset now that someone didnt just ask a question and shamed me. hope everyone is well and having a great weekend stay covid safe all
  7. Any contribution is just that thank you. Thanks everyone
  8. Hello all Happy Sunday hint look in 1990 enjoy friends
  9. sorry its been a while im just about to put march Y&R 2010 enjoy check it out my friends
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