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  1. ok im not on here often i hope that this was a mistake that im being called an imposter im just here contributing to the group i dont use social media for this reason, im actually saddened that i read these comments and thank you my friend ChickenNuggetz92, for sticking up for me, i actually contributed quite a bit. the reference to your angel is here was to notify you that i had contributed that day. not here to fight with anyone, i truly believe that anyone who posts negatively is not appreciative, not sure how i feel about continuing here. NOTE i wanted to also mention that so
  2. Any contribution is just that thank you. Thanks everyone
  3. Hello all Happy Sunday hint look in 1990 enjoy friends
  4. sorry its been a while im just about to put march Y&R 2010 enjoy check it out my friends
  5. maybe we should send a note to the person uploading to the vault and ask them what the need to continue maybe we can send a donation to the subscription or something when we send the note we can put it in a word document and upload it to the 1990 folder to have them get in touch with someone
  6. im so late in the game does anyone have the first 250 eps in English? or were they never shown? please and thank you
  7. Ive been looking for that entire story myself there was a youtube channel that almost had the new years storyline complete with Sharon and Cameron and then got shut down I was so greatful to her for posting maybe shes here someplace?
  8. 2009 just got a lot bigger enjoy my friends happy Friday keep checking that folder for the next few days
  9. hi all new here love this group added to the 2001 folder enjoy 7 eps
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