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  1. Today Nick was giving a massage to Phyllis and wearing a blonde wig and named Sven ? Is it common or are they remembering Sven from years before?
  2. Why did Terry leave in 1987 ? I am watching German episodes and he is replaced by someone else.
  3. I think she left on her own because of contract negotiations. >.<
  4. They are so wonderful to watch. It is easier to understand if I turn on the closed captions, and then auto-generate them to english. I do not understand german, and the auto-translate is not 100% accurate but it helps to know what is going on, and especially if you know what the stories are at the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPB0AdpWBDQ&list=PLovPK-UUiuYOGhoH9uOKOOsM1a50fr5Dv
  5. Oh I have noticed lots of 1986 and 1987 episodes in youtube playlists. Are there any playlists on youtube where I can watch 1988 and 1989?
  6. Which years of y&r were broadcast in germany? are all of them available online to watch?
  7. Wow, Paul is a terrible man, forcing himself on Christine like that. I don't believe it. Why would he do something like this? He always seems very kind in the 80s episodes I have watched.
  8. Hello, do you know where I can watch scenes of Scott on Bold and the beautiful from October 1993? It is blocked in my country on youtube. Thank you very much.
  9. Does anyone have all of the episodes that were uploaded on https://archive.org/ anywhere?
  10. How long did Jess Walton take Brenda's place in 1988 ? Why was Brenda gone from the show for so long ? I am watching the 1988 clips, and she seems to have stayed for a while.
  11. Why did Brett Porter play Jack in 1986? How long was it for?
  12. What month did Terry Lester return in 1985?
  13. How do you find episodes on archive.org? Are there many episodes there?
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