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  1. Why did Brett Porter play Jack in 1986? How long was it for?
  2. What month did Terry Lester return in 1985?
  3. How do you find episodes on archive.org? Are there many episodes there?
  4. Oh It's just sad we don't get to see more of the Abbotts. It would've been nice to see more of Traci and Angela. I was wondering, why do the older clips look so much better? It is hard to explain, but they look more like a "movie" and more dark in some scenes. I think just the lighting looked better back then, and now it looks more like a talk show for some reason. Maybe people prefer it how it looks now and I'm just strange for preferring the older look more? XD
  5. Why are the clips mostly of Kevin, Nikki, Victor, and Lorie? Did the person not tape the other scenes, or do they cut them out before uploading them? I am glad to see anything from 1982/1983, but it just would be nice to see other characters more often.
  6. I hope that the person who is uploading clips will have the episode where Patty shoots Jack. I am not very hopeful though, since there doesn't seem to be many Abbott scenes in these clips.
  7. i thought there would be more time to see more classic episodes. This is so sad. The spoilers for next week have reminded me how boring the show is now. I don't understand the people who complained about wanting new episodes and said they weren't watching the old ones. Even if they were watching back then and saw all of the classic episodes when they aired, it would still be entertaining to watch them again so many years later, to remember how good the show used to be.
  8. oh no this is so sad. it was the first time I ever looked forward to the show, when they have been showing these old episodes. It has been wonderful getting to know the old characters and storylines. Before this happened I didn't know that the show used to be so good and that it could actually be entertaining and interesting.
  9. Who is the woman that is with Lucas often in the 1982 clips?
  10. Why did they want to get rid of the original family? I like them.
  11. Are there any old episodes on youtube, or are they only available in the vault?
  12. Why will it be the last week of classics?
  13. Hello, may I have a link to the 1986 playlist?
  14. Next week seems like it will be much better than this week.
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