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  1. Oh yeah. For years??...lol. Well I don't consider that bullying to be honest. Not towards me. And no one controls my keyboard but me. Assuming he/she is not a moderator
  2. Hmmm....let me think...WAIT. Oh you're so clever! You're terribly good at baiting...WOW. Your cleverness almost slipped pass me! I swallowed hook, line, and sinker. The professionals know exactly how it works don't they? I will however ask you to stop spreading misinformation about me. I don't call people scumbags and dirt bags. I just asked my husband and he is personally corroborating this. I hope it's clear enough for you.
  3. I've been lurking through these boards for years...looking for updates on whoever. But mainly Ehlers. Never posted anything. Ehlers as always been a favorite of mine but she's not in the public eye. She's a ghost. But I've often wonder if she's oblivious to these boards and gossip sites. Is she ok with misinformation about her career and love/family life being spread consistently. I can't stand it. Since I'm a Twitter monkey as of late, i find it easy to post on these boards now. Not shy anymore. I'll keep going No we don't know. That's another relentless piece of gossip people keep throwing around. But Susan Lucci is a Queen that never had to talk or lift a finger. Always smiling while getting her way. Queen of Daytime.
  4. I don't disagree with you that the character was a flop. Love Beth but Taylor was no Harley. I blamed the writers for that. Brots character was also boring to me. I only liked Martinez off the show....the same for Cameron Mathison. They're better celebrities than actors. I guess we have different taste
  5. Excuse me? That's not my style. I don't call people dirtbags. I don't even think of people being dirtbags...what the heck. I'm an Ehlers fan that's all. Not hating or "trolling" on anybody. Sorry to burst the bubble but sometimes all a board needs is some new perspective on reality. What exactly are we suppose to pretend? I thought this was a message board that anyone can write on. Do you need a background check or my ss#?
  6. At that point, Beth probably was wondering what could have been at CBS LA at Y&R or what could have been if she just flat out retired from acting and gone to college post GL. ABC decided to hype up Gus/Harley 2 and Ricky/Beth BOTH liked the idea and played along (awkwardly) for the sake of their paychecks and longevity in a brand new job. Beth wanted to sink her teeth in a meaty story also, with or without Ricky, but instead she got what she got. I love Chrishell but Jake and Amanda were boring to me. I can't think of one couple or story I liked at AMC during that time period. It was all a hot mess. But I'll say hair and makeup was awesome
  7. Beth didn't say that. She agreed with a caller and just basically said he wasn't an actor because he actually wasn't an actor. She said it in a rough and blunt way and hurt his feelings. She apologized to JR and called him a friend and they were suppose to have moved on. I wonder if he still thinks about it 10 years later like the people here. It boggles my mind. Hope he's not keeping that grudge. And btw Beth's acting career lasted 30 years. As a child she did movies with the likes of Bette Davis, David Bowie, Catherine Denauve, Susan Sarandon etc. In GL she had people like Justin Deas and Bevelee McKinsey to work with. So it's not hard to be empathetic to her when you look and see her last acting gig is at a show like AMC in 2009 with extremely bad writing with an excessively green actor. As for JR, AMC was his first acting job. I haven't really seen him in any other acting gigs since. He did excellent Dancing with the Stars and he's doing well in the talk circuit. He's very talented in motivating and inspiring people. He definitely is a great human being. And who knows maybe he'll get an acting gig in a big movie and win an Oscar someday. But 10 years ago he was extremely green and Beth had to be isolated with him in a very boring storyline. Then they took her brand new character off screen for 6 weeks. Just because they could. How could she not be frustrated and have diarrhea of the mouth when it was an arrogant incompetent writer in charge.
  8. I think she was ready to leave acting even before she went to AMC. She was studying to be an EMT while she was playing Harley. The only problem was she had to figure out how she was going to eat. And she would have to walk away from a lucrative and successful career. It would be easy to leave behind an actively dying GL but glamorous offers from AMC and Y&R not so much. I only care about her. Not here for anyone else quite frankly.
  9. I enjoyed that interview from years ago. But I listened to the whole hour. She's balsy and a realist. I liked how she described Harley's different experiences/relationship/chemistry like a bowl of soup. She has that it is what it is type of attitude. I remember her saying she's an old lady stuck in a young person's body. She kind of is. She was shocked that Crystal Chappell had a twitter account. I don't think she realized most of her castmates were on there. But the interview was extremely honest. It's like she was having a convo with her best girlfriend while sipping wine. I did feel bad for a vulnerable 25 year old JR because he was obviously hurt. He's use to people being amazed by his journey and personality 24/7 so Beth's comment probably was a shock and just stabbed him in his heart. I think Beth was amazed by JR but I guess working closely with him for a few months made her see him as a regular and normal person and not necessarily a wounded war veteran. Just like his family probably does. But I don't believe her bow and arrow was aiming towards JR...it was aimed at Pratt and she didn't give a damm and he certainly deserved it.
  10. Well, as I recall, in one interview months before quitting GL, she did say she had no romantic ideas about being an actor or fulfilling a desire as an actor. She simply wanted to pay her mortgage. She was also a child actor so maybe 30 years was enough for her. Plus GL was in an excessively depressing state mentally and physically. I also imagine her salary was cut substantially over there. Chosing to leave GL was a better decision financially. Unfortunately AMC had a horrible writer that didn't care for her or any of the other AMC characters for that matter and they simply were not financially stable. They were just has sick but had more insurance so they died with dignity. GL cancelled 2009 and AMC cancelled 2011. She would have an extra 2 years soap actor salary if she moved to LA and then what? 44 yr old actress looking for a stable job in Lala land is not the best move for a single mom.
  11. Oh I just love Beth Ehlers and always will. She's an educated and strong lady. I also remember she went to Montclair University to study anthropology. I've been thinking about her during this COVID crisis. I thought she might still be volunteering or working as an EMT as she did 10 years ago. So I started getting nervous for her. Being a healthcare worker in both NY and NJ, I've been anxious, and worried for me, my patients, and my coworkers. This month we were literally in a war zone. Being a first responder is even more scary. They are more vulnerable to being exposed with zero protection. Have been praying alot for the people I love and work with and I've also included Beth. Hope she's safe and healthy and hope to see her face and hear her voice again.
  12. Excuse moi!! I love and miss Beth Ehlers! Still a fan girl right here! I also love strong opinionated women. Karma has a funny way of working but I think your perception of Beth's karma is off and just wishful thinking on your part. I mean Martha Byrne, Liz Kieffer, Beth Chamberlin, Grant Aleksander, are also off the remaining soaps. Did they give their honest uncensored blunt opinion about their coworker ONCE?? Is karma punishing all the ex soap stars or is it just targeting Ehlers? How would we know? And quite frankly, if Ehlers was somehow being punished by the industry for that interview it would be for what she said about the powers that be not Martinez. I could also imagine that she would be getting some wonderfully well deserved positive karma if she's saving lives and counseling rape victims...wouldn't you think? I believe she started training for EMT around 2007 and from what I remember in one of her interviews, before quitting GL, she claimed she had no glamorous ideas about acting anymore. She literally just wanted to pay her mortgage. In my opinion the child actor turned soap actor had left the building. She doesn't seem to act like she wants any acting gigs or attention, otherwise the least she could do is get on social media for goodness sake.
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