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  1. Excuse moi!! I love and miss Beth Ehlers! Still a fan girl right here! I also love strong opinionated women. Karma has a funny way of working but I think your perception of Beth's karma is off and just wishful thinking on your part. I mean Martha Byrne, Liz Kieffer, Beth Chamberlin, Grant Aleksander, are also off the remaining soaps. Did they give their honest uncensored blunt opinion about their coworker ONCE?? Is karma punishing all the ex soap stars or is it just targeting Ehlers? How would we know? And quite frankly, if Ehlers was somehow being punished by the industry for that interview it would be for what she said about the powers that be not Martinez. I could also imagine that she would be getting some wonderfully well deserved positive karma if she's saving lives and counseling rape victims...wouldn't you think? I believe she started training for EMT around 2007 and from what I remember in one of her interviews, before quitting GL, she claimed she had no glamorous ideas about acting anymore. She literally just wanted to pay her mortgage. In my opinion the child actor turned soap actor had left the building. She doesn't seem to act like she wants any acting gigs or attention, otherwise the least she could do is get on social media for goodness sake.
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