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  1. I think what makes Y and R so bad is that they usually have a decent amount of black characters on the show. However those characters are isolated from the rest of the cast and given tiny storylines just so the show can say they did it. It is almost better to have no black characters than to have them and not utilize them. It makes the issues even more obvious. This is why I hated that they have all of the black characters living together. The writing was on the wall with that move. Days is nothing special but at least the black characters can have scenes with the rest of the cast. They have love interest, exes and family. GH and B and B have always been dumpster fires.
  2. Well now that the tribute shows are over, I am out again. Jack and Tracy sound interesting but not enough. I have no care in the world about Devon and Elena. As far as I am concerned neither GH or YR know how to write for women of color. Anna gets no one and Elena gets to sit in Devons apartment and never leave. Both cases are disturbing and true indication that soaps never change. That is a big reason why soaps are on their last leg. I am definitely not made for soaps anymore.
  3. Yeah, nothing remotely interesting. Sounds like the same things that happened in April. Must Miss May.
  4. It would be cool if the packet had something to do with Dru being alive. I am sure that is not it but it would be so awesome.
  5. Trying not to cry now. So sad but so amazing how much effort went into this tribute.
  6. Ok, so next week I will definitely be watching. I want to see Neil KSJ honored. It will be so sad but I am so happy that the show is honoring him.
  7. Wow 4 episodes. That is because she can only air on formerly Winter's Wednesday. I think that the writing is on the wall with this show. They write black characters much differently than other characters. With that I am fairly certain that nothing will change no matter what any of our opinions are.
  8. I agree. Maybe I was not clear enough. I have no issue with the black characters having scenes together. The issue I have is that with the exception of Devon all of their scenes are together. Elena has been on the show for maybe a month and all of her scenes except 1 have been with Devon. A whole month and she cannot go out and get coffee or to the mall? How are viewers supposed to get to know the character when she is constantly in Devon's living room with him? Writers should let the viewers get to know a character before pairing them off. Otherwise there is no investment. Anna has been practically neutered. Why cant she have friends and a love interest? She solely exists for Devon. The interesting thing about Jack is he has been on the show for how may decades? He is connected to practically everyone. He has been shown doing everything. He is not in need of character development. Anna and Elena have nothing but Devon and next to no character development. Newbie's with nothing versus Jack? There is no comparison.
  9. I guess for me it is ridiculous to have all of the black characters together period. Not even GH is that segregated. Anna really should have a love interest but we all know why she is not getting one.
  10. This show has taken it a bit further. They are all related and they all live together. Also they all are in the same storyline, primarily shown on Wednesday. How ignorantly isolating can this show get?
  11. Oh man, I am going to have to watch these episodes. I am so glad that Neil and especially KSJ will be honored. It sounds amazing.
  12. I feel bad for Gina. Hopefully she finds a new job soon.
  13. Yeah this is definitely petty. You do not need to recast a character you did not use. They will use the new Val for awhile, then she will disappear. Frank is so transparent.
  14. Sadly, most of the Winters are gone. I guess the writers can call it black Wednesday's? So stupid. I would literally pay for a soap writer who would write equally for all colors. I feel like I am stepping into the 50's even typing about this.
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