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  1. This story sounds confusing. Still hate the idea of Elena and Devon. Now they have that ick factor too. I cannot believe that Jeff would be for Abby when the black characters are always segregated.
  2. Yeah, I can imagine that the writing for her was not up to par in comparison to other characters.
  3. Amy sounds really interesting. Thanks for the info. I do remember Simone on GH.
  4. Yes, it is sad all the way around. Well the writing on this show seems downright terrible. I am definitely not missing anything.
  5. Yep, I get it. Y&R might have a better reputation but the show is just like all the other cancelled soaps. I have no hope for her or any other AA woman on soaps. They need to find new jobs. Maybe out of acting.
  6. Thanks for the history info. That is really sad. Y&R seems to be just as bad as the other soaps. My word why cant they evolve, it is so sad. This is why soaps are a dying breed. Along with bad writing of course.
  7. Yes, I can totally understand that. I do not know if she will ever get to spin off considering how this show writes for the AA characters. I am reminded why I stopped watching soaps.
  8. Why must a characters simply be used as a plot point for another character? That is a huge problem. Anna and Elena should have their own purpose, not just to be a pawn for another character. That role should go to short term non contracted characters.
  9. As I said before I have never had a problem with Brytni's acting. I am not sure how anyone can judge based off the horrible writing she had on GH.
  10. LOL, no that would not be a good idea. It seems that Devon and Anna are very isolated from the rest of the canvas. That is why a lot of people seem to find their storyline boring. I really do not care for all of the black or biracial characters being shoved into the same storyline and isolated. It is somewhat diverse but not equality in writing. From what I can see she will pretty much in the same conversations repeatedly with the same 2-3 people. That does sound boring. Also I never liked Devon as a romantic partner. He is boring and lacks any sexy energy, imo of course. I read a lot of complaints about Devon and Anna. Elena/Brytni does not stand a chance. The way that this show writes for AA characters should not be applauded.
  11. Thanks for the update. I guess that the fans were right that Elena will be involved with Devon. I am not thrilled about this.
  12. The promo pic of three women awaiting a verdict is interesting. Sharon looks like she is dressed to go clubbing LOL. The other two look realistic I guess.
  13. I had no problem with her acting. GH had no idea what to do with her character. Hoping for the best.
  14. I really like Brytni and I am happy that she got a new job. I stopped watching GH years ago because I cannot stand what it has become. Brytni/Valerie was one of the only bright spots. Naturally GH never did much with her. Hopefully Y&R will give her a chance. I have not watched Y&R in years, I might give it another shot. In any case good luck to Brytni! I am curious who her uncle is?
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