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  1. This show is so predictable. Naturally Can get's the storyline. Meanwhile anyone with color is sidelined. It is repulsive.
  2. LOL so RC is going to make Lani go crazy. I wonder who he will have kill her? He is literally one of the worse writers I have seen in my life.
  3. Oh, thanks for the update. It will not be enough to get me back watching but I am happy for her fans and MM.
  4. Is she returning? Y/R has no respect for anyone black. Therefore I can believe that she caved, if she really wanted to return. Until there is an official announcement I am assuming she is not returning.
  5. This is interesting but will it bring any real change? There are so many things wrong with this show. I cant imagine it getting better.
  6. The actress who played Jacks love interest a few months ago (I cannot remember her name) was also told they were getting rid of her to free up money for more white cast. This is so ignorant, I am horrified. They are going to sink these ratings even lower and it appears that they do not care. I hate this show. Poor LL, I hope she gets something better soon.
  7. So Elena and Devon are so boring that they release a spoiler about her moving into his room? Is this romper room or a soap opera? I feel like I am reading spoilers for a kids show.
  8. Ok, my apologies, I understand what you are saying now. To me the issue is not even about Devon. The issue is that for Elena there is nothing but Devon. No storyline, no character development and in general as you put it no interest from the writers. If she were white or anything other than partially black, this would not be the issue. Soap writers hate black no matter what.
  9. I am not sure why you feel the need to actress bash. The fact is that the writers are pretty crappy to all of the black characters right now. It is not fair to blame the actors for flat out racism. Elena was cast to prop and prop only.
  10. Propping as in Elena the character is pretty much a lifeless shell. We do not get to know her. Elena will never do anything that is not about Devon. This is why she is a doctor but cannot work as one. Whatever job she gets they will not show it. She will not have friends of her own unless it involves Devon. Elena will never be shown as an independent character. She will never have a storyline outside of Devon. She will only be seen as an extension of Devon. That is called propping. Compare that to the other female characters. Who else is a shell with no purpose but to be a prop? No one. Even Ana has a life outside of Devon.
  11. You are right and yes it went wrong but that was intentional too. If the writers cared things would be a lot different.
  12. LOL you do not have to watch the show to see that she gets no character development at all. I read recaps just to prove my point. If a character is introduced and gets absolutely no development, why are they there? To prop another character of course.
  13. Well, for Hillary fans I hope that it is true. Maybe they can get Elena away from propping Devon and give her a character a real chance. Hillary and Devon can live happily ever after. I would love if VR came back. That is probably the only thing that would get me watching again. Doing a quad with all of the black characters is so stupid and ridiculous. It screams segregation. Of course the writing for the black characters already does scream segregation. Why would this show be anything but segregated.
  14. You are right. They do not care for any of their black cast. The only reason Devon has anything to do right now is because the writers want to play with people who are sentimental after KSJ passing. The stories for all these character sound so stupid and contrived. You can tell that no thought went into any of it.
  15. Not watching but I do keep up with spoilers. The only one the writers are remotely interested in is Devon. Elena and Ana are extensions of him. The only reason either character exists is to give Devon someone to interact with. It has gotten to the point that I just laugh. Ana gets no love interest and Elena gets no character development. The writers are very clear with their diversity issues. It is as clear as day. How long can they keep this up? I guess until they fire both actresses.
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