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  1. Sunset Beach: The Madonna Statue Storyline. Especially the snow at the end. The snow that fell in SUNSET BEACH CALIFORNIA!!! Can you explain the top gif? Also how did you make those gifs?
  2. I am watching early PC (I am in September '97) I am seeing why Danielle and Jake didn't last long. The story could have been interesting if the acting wasn't blah. Don't get me wrong Renee Allman (Griffin?) and Rib Hillis are beautiful creatures that would have done an amazing job as replacements of Billy Warlock and Erika Eleniak on Baywatch. It seemed like Rex and Danielle had a very weird relationship like Danielle was a sugar baby to Rex. I will keep watching to see if it will click with me. I also find it strange that I find the character who was supposed to be an actor a terrible acto
  3. I want to say season 2. I am almost at that season. I know Darren didn't want to spin off Models INC and Chuck took it on like a champ (I only like Chuck on Primetime soaps.) I am guessing season 2 or 3.
  4. Paloma from what I heard was eventually recast and the life got drained from her. I don't think Paloma #2 ever appeared on the NBC version.
  5. I didn't like when scenes were spent on Travis and his boss who he had sex with but I did like the character. Heck! I loved Stitch who was pretty much the same type of character in the beginning until he was paired with Abby and had a demon seed child.
  6. Yeah I remember that crap. I remembered I turned to Passions (which aired opposite of AMC in my area) when that scene happened. HAHA!
  7. God Passions would be great on Netflix or even Hulu. I remember scheduling my classes around Passions. The Siren storyline was a trip I was laughing on my way to class from that.
  8. RE is wearing a wig (I don't know why.) I saw JMW post a photo with RE on Instagram and it was her gorgeous hair. I am assuming in Monte Carlo for the Nymph Awards (which they won) since I also follow Heather Tom and she had a few photos with KKL and Courtney Hope.
  9. Hello. I want to know if Travis from Y&R counts as a character that didn't get a proper send off. He pretty much went from sending flowers to Victoria one day and when she told him "Leave me alone" he walked away. The next day, Sally took over and Victoria was talking about wanting to be an independent woman or some crap to Victor and Nikki. I think it was mentioned that he left town but his send off to me wasn't proper he just walked away. Also Nick and Jackie Marone on B&B. It bothered me when Hope became front and center that they didn't acknowledge Nick at all.
  10. Would it make sense to bring her back with Summer on the show? I think Summer needs a connection and Erinsborough needs to be shook up a bit.
  11. I remember watching the show online and following the storylines when Izzy Hoyland was on the show. What did you guys think of her character? I thought she was a fun character.
  12. I think I can safely say that people have forgotten about Ava. LOL!
  13. Fill me in on who are the two lovely ladies?
  14. I started with season 2 on Netflix. I forgot how much I loved it from watching it on Style a few years back. It definatly had a soap opera feel to it. With the cliffhangers at the end of the episode. I think once Darren Starr and some of the tennants from 2-4 left it went downhill.
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