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  1. My collection includes the following: Both of Me by Mary Stuart The Wonderful World of TV Soap Operas, From Ma Perkins to Mary Hartman, Soap World by Robert LaGuardia Whistling Girl by Ann Marcus Writing the Soaps by Jean Rouverol Super Soaps by Jane Cutler et al Soaps by Manuela Soares All My Afternoons by Annie Gilbert Inside the Soaps by Paul Denis Soap Opera Almanac by Ron Lachmann Soap Opera Encyclopedia by Chris Schemering Soap Opera Encyclopedia by Gerard Waggett Worlds Without End OLTL, AW, ATWT, BB hardcover book
  2. According to Mary's autobiography, Both of Me, the blowup happened during the summer of 1974. Mary walked into rehearsal one morning and Tony was already upset about the script. She said she would fix it, He flew into a rage and threw the script at her. It lasted ten or fifteen minutes. They could not rehearse. She stated she was so upset, she cried all morning. And he called her an ugly name as they were walking into the scene on air. She felt a few word changes would shift emphasis, making Tony the strong one. She had done so in the past and it had worked for both of them. Tony and
  3. George Gaynes was the first recast. Roy Shuman was playing Sam when the character was killed off. Robert Loggia played Tony Vincente while Tony George was recovering from lung surgery in 1973.
  4. Margaret Whitton appeared on Search for Tomorrow using the name of Peggy Whitton. She played Claire Hart in 1971.
  5. Also, Carl Low (Dr. Bob Rogers) appeared as Colonel Hutchinson for an episode.
  6. Just a reminder, Search for Tomorrow premiered 62 years ago today.
  7. On another board the subject of Anthony George's (Tony Vincente) acting has been discussed. What did you think of his acting while he was SFT?
  8. I do not know the exact timeline, but CBS cancelled SFT. And Brian Frons was the exec at CBS who stated that SFT was a "dinosaur." So, he ended up cancelling the show twice!
  9. Marcy was Tony Vincente's first wife. She had money and power which she used to put Tony through medical school. Their marriage was an unhappy one and Marcy faked her paralysis in order to hold on to him. Anne Revere played Agnes Lake who served as the Vincentes' housekeeper as well as Marcy's nurse. One day, Agnes saw Marcy up and walking about the living room. Agnes threatened to tell Tony and Marcy attacked her with a fireplace poker. Once Agnes regained consciousness, she told all to Tony. Tony then divorced Marcy and proposed marriage to Jo Tate. Marcy was played by Jeannie Carson
  10. Just a reminder, Search premiered 61 years ago today!
  11. It was ten years ago today that Mary Stuart passed away.
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