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ANOTHER WORLD 212 Devin Lucas Hutchins meets Lindsay Winthrop




Devin Lucasblogentry-14971-0-70315400-1435711873_th meets Lindsay

Written by:  C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants:  ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby

The role of Gregory Hudson is now being played by Robert Scott Wilson




Stacey is sitting at her desk as someone walks in..

Stacey:  Thanks for coming.  Have a seat.

It’s Jake.

Jake:  Is everything okay?

Stacey:  No.  Not at all.  

Jake:  It’s about Lindsay right?

Stacey:  Yes.  She’s sinking deeper and deeper into this hole and I can’t get her out.  She needs your help...I need your help.



Devin Lucas is walking with Lorna.  Lorna is looking up and around.

Lorna:  Wow.  This place is amazing.

Devin Lucas:  Must be new.

Lorna:  It is.  This place wasn’t here when I lived in Bay City.  It looks great.  

Devin Lucas is despondent.

Lorna:  Thinkin about your dad aren’t you?

Devin Lucas:  You’re a mindreader.

They stop walking and Lorna faces him.

Lorna:  Honey, we can’t change the past.

Devin Lucas:  I feel so cheated mom.  Years I missed with my father.

Lorna:  And we explained why.  I was the only one who was able to come and see you.

Devin Lucas:  I know.  I’m not blaming anybody.  It’s just that now that I can come out of hiding, we learn that he’s dying of a brain tumor.  It’s not fair.  You know?

Lorna:  I know baby.  We’re gonna get through this okay.  

Lorna hugs Devin Lucas.  Meanwhile, Charlie and Lindsay are walking from around the corner with department store shopping bags.

Lindsay:  Oh my God this felt so good.  I just had to get those shoes.

Charlie:  I had no idea what to get for Carl’s party.  I loved that dress you picked out.

Lindsay:  It will look great on you.  Kirkland’s gonna love it, too.

Charlie:  Thank you.

Lindsay:  No...you’re the one I should be thanking.  You got me out of the house.  You got my mind off my situation.

Charlie:  It’s good to see you smiling.

Lindsay:  I haven’t had much to smile about lately.

Charlie:  Linds don’t let this set you back.  You can come back from this.

Lindsay:  I’m so happy you came.  You’re the only one who doesn’t tiptoe around me.  Worried they’re gonna say the wrong thing.  

Charlie:  I take it you’re talking about your mom and Gregory.

Devin Lucas and Lorna release each other from their embrace and someone catches his eye.

Devin Lucas:  Mom?

Lorna:  Yep.

Devin Lucas:  That’s my niece isn’t she?

Lorna:  Charlie Winthrop Harrison.  Yep that’s Frankie’s daughter.

Devin Lucas isn’t focused on Charlie.

Devin Lucas:  Who’s that with her?

Lorna:  That’s her cousin Lindsay Winthrop.  

Devin Lucas:  I think it’s time we’re formally introduced.

Devin Lucas gently passes his mother and heads toward Charlie and Lindsay.  Meanwhile, Gregory, drinking a bottle of water, walks up to Lorna, who is watching Devin Lucas.

Gregory:  Lorna?

Lorna:  Hi?

Gregory:  It’s Gregory.

Lorna:  Gregory Hudson.  John and Sharlene’s son?

My God you’re all grown up now.  You were yay big the last time I saw you.

Gregory:  What are you looking at?

Lorna:  My son.

Gregory:  Why is he going over toward my girlfriend?

Gregory tosses his empty bottle of water in the garbage, and Lorna puts a glove on, retrieves the bottle, and puts it in her purse.  Meanwhile, Devin Lucas approaches Charlie and Lindsay.

Devin Lucas:  Shopping?

Charlie:  Yeah.

Devin Lucas:  Hey aren’t you my niece?

Charlie:  Huh?

Devin Lucas:  Oh I’m sorry.  I’m Devin Lucas Hutchins.

Charlie:  Hutchins?  That’s my grandfather’s last name.

Devin Lucas:  Your grandfather is my father.

He turns to Lindsay.

Devin Lucas:  And you are?

Lindsay:  I’m Lindsay.

Devin Lucas:  Good to meet you.

Devin Lucas extends his right hand, and Lindsay extends her right hand through the handles of the shopping bag, and they shake.  

Devin Lucas:  You must be shopping for my dad’s party tomorrow night.



Carl answers the door and sees Russ Matthews.

Carl:  Dr. Matthews.  Come on in.  Please.

Russ:  This place hasn’t changed at all.

They walk into the living room.

Carl:  Ohh this place holds a lot of history.  I’m going to miss it.

Russ:  I came to give you some painkillers.

Carl:  No...Dr. Matthews.  I’m going to go out with grace and dignity.

Rachel walks toward the living room doors, leans on the archway, and smiles as she sees Russ and Carl.

Russ:  Carl these will ease the pain.  I know the tumor is growing quickly.  

Carl:  Somehow I feel I...deserve it.  Especially after all the pain I’ve caused everyone else over the years.

Rachel:  Don’t talk like that.  You’ve atoned for all of that.

Russ:  Rachel’s right.  Your party is tomorrow.  Let’s focus on that.

Rachel:  I agree.

Carl:  I can’t help but to think how things could have been different for everyone if I weren’t so evil.  Especially Cass and Frankie.



Christy has just made an unexpected visit.

Cass:  What the hell are you doing here?  How dare you show your face at my house?

Christy:  I know this is...this is unexpected.

Cass:  And unwelcome.

Christy:  But I’ve made a decision and I thought that Mary Frances would be the first person I told.

Cass:  Why don’t you go back to hell where you came from and send a letter?

Frankie:  Let her in.  Please.

Cass:  Frankie---

Frankie:  Let her in.  What is it that you have to tell us Christy?

Christy (walking in):  Thank you so much Mary Frances.  You’ve always been so good to me.

Cass:  Say what you have to say and get the hell out!

Christy:  I’m gonna do that Cass, all the way out of town.  I’m leaving Bay City.




Jake:  How has she been?

Stacey:  She’s been depressed.

Jake:  Well that was to be expected right?  Especially after what she found out.

Stacey:  Yeah but she hasn’t left the house in three days.  She hasn’t even showered or put on regular clothes.

Jake:  Stacey you’re overreacting.  She’s not gonna stay like that forever.

Stacey:  I hate seeing her like that Jake.  That’s not her.  That’s not the Lindsay I raised.  That’s not the Lindsay that came to Bay City determined to find you.

Jake:  Sounds like she’s gonna need professional help.

Stacey:  It sounds like she needs her father.  Jake she needs you.

Jake:  Of course I will do whatever to help our daughter get through this, but I can’t help with any depression, and honestly I think Lindsay’s gonna snap out of it on her own.  She’s a very strong willed girl.

Stacey:  I hope so.  I truly hope so.

Jake:  Come here.

Jake hugs Stacey.

Jake:  We’re gonna get through this.  Where’s Lindsay now?

Stacey:  She’s home.  

Jake:  I’ll go see her...okay?

Stacey nods her head.


Lorna:  Lindsay Winthrop’s your girlfriend?

Gregory:  Yeah.

Lorna:  Well I’m sure when Devin Lucas finds out he’ll back off.

Gregory:  She looks very comfortable with him.  

Lorna:  Is that a bad thing?

Gregory:  She’s been pushing me away.

Meanwhile, Devin Lucas talks to Lindsay and Charlie.

Charlie:  Uncle Devin as a matter of fact we were.

Lindsay:  Yep, the shopping was soooo therapeutic.  You know this girl, my cuz, it’s like she’s my sister.  She knew exactly what I needed.

Devin Lucas:  Well, does she know that you need an escort, too?

Lindsay notices Gregory out of the corner of her right eye and it gets her attention.

Gregory:  I hope my girl let’s me bring her to Carl’s party.  

Charlie:  Hey Gregory.

Gregory immediately turns to Devin Lucas.

Gregory:  I’m Gregory Hudson...and you are?

Devin Lucas:  Devin Lucas Hutchins.

The two exchange a firm handshake.

Lindsay:  Gregory, we were shopping for the party at the Cory’s tomorrow.

Gregory:  You don’t have to explain.  Looks like you’re feeling better.

Lindsay:  I...I just went shopping with Charlie---

Gregory:  Hit me up later okay.


Cass:  You’re leaving town?  That’s great, but why now?  

Christy:  I had to make sure that my child was okay.

Frankie:  Eric seems like a strong guy.

Christy:  I missed a lot of time with my son because of Douglas, and I just wanted to stick around and make sure that he was going to be fine.  I’m not certain that he’s gonna wanna come with me when I leave.

Frankie:  Well I’m glad you made this decision.  I’m sure wherever you go you’ll be able to start fresh without anyone judging you.

Christy:  I wonder how that even feels.  Here I’m the killer who got a governor’s pardon.

Cass:  That shoe fits you well.

Christy:  I completely understand why you feel the way you do Cass.

Cass:  Don’t patronize me.

Frankie:  Cass.  Listen, Christy whatever you decide I’ll support you.

Christy:  Thank you Mary Frances that means so much to me.


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Cass:  What would mean so much to us is you getting out of this house!

Christy:  Okay I’m...I’m leaving.  

Frankie escorts Christy to the door.

Frankie:  Good luck.

Frankie hugs Christy and Christy leaves.

Cass:  You could give me all the money in the world and I wouldn’t have bought that.  I know she’s your friend and all...

Frankie:  I don’t either.

Cass:  What?  You’re actually on my side with this one?

Frankie:  I think she wants to leave Bay City, but it has very little to do with Eric.


Rachel:  And Cass and Frankie have forgiven you for that.  In a way, they wouldn’t even be together if it weren’t for you.

Carl:  I did awful things to Kathleen McKinnon.

Rachel:  Stop it Carl.  Stop punishing yourself for something you can’t even change.  This brain tumor is not payback.  Ask Cory and Elizabeth.  They are devastated that their father’s dying.  Our children love you.  They’re the best of you.  I love...the best of you.  Tomorrow we’ll all honor that.

Russ:  I’m gonna head to the hospital.

Rachel:  The hospital?

Russ:  I’m gonna find out my application status for Chief of Staff.

Carl:  You deserve it.

Rachel:  Yes you do.  I always knew you’d make an amazing doctor.

Russ:  I’m gonna get outta here.

Carl:  We’ll see you tomorrow?

Russ:  Yes I’ll be here.

Rachel:  Thank you Russ...for everything.

Russ:  You’re welcome Rachel.

Russ leaves, and Carl sighs nervously and turns to Rachel.

Carl:  Tomorrow’s the big night.

Rachel:  It’s gonna be a night we will never forget.

They hug.


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Amazing episode. Loved every bit. 


I like Jake and Staceys concern. I think Lindsay will push Jake away like she has most everyone else tho.


Devin and Lindsay have met alright. Gregory felt it as much as them it seems! lol. He did go into defensive mode right away and claiming his territory. I feel for him tho and how she really is pushing him away with all the turmoil.


Christy with Cass and Frankie were my fave part. Christy is such a bullshiter and Im glad Frankie and Cass are somewhat onto her about her real intentions. Loved cass saying what would mean so much to us is you getting out of this house! LOL


Carl feeling remorse as he inches towards death. Getting very excited for this big party tho. You are building it awesomely! 

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Another great episode. So much going on.


DL and Linds meet up. And Greg already jealous. let it begin. Again so nice to see Linds just not be so depressed. She really needed this. In her hour away I can see her pushing away greg and turning to DL WHo I just love. He commands any scene he is in and I think you struck gold with the clever casting and story.


It was nice seeing Lorna with Greg BTW. Its just plain nice to see Lorna at all.


Carl is going through his I dont even know what stage its called but Rachel is being there for him. I am glad he wants to go out like a solider. 


Good luck to Russ.


And I know my girl Christy is not leaving town and it this is a ploy watch out Ms. Canyon even MF is on to you. I just love it when she calls her MF. She never isses an opptrunity. LOL!!


Another SOLID episode. The story keeps moving.


Reading all your episodes it is so nice to see this point in ur series. Uve taken charge a long tme ago and we r now into YOUR TRUE storylines new characters, the kids and new stories. AW realy does feel more youthful these days. Youve done the transition well bro. Some thing we should all aspire too.

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An excellent episode again. Simple, tight, and well-constructed.

I like that Devin is meeting everyone, and Gregory is NOT happy. That jealousy is already kicking in and we can see it playing out. Great recast with RSW, btw. Totally works. I also really liked that Lorna's still a bit sneaky, grabbing that water bottle for the DNA. Ooo, she's good at this sneaky stuff.

Jake and Stacey connecting over their concern for Lindsay was great and real. A small beat, but an important one. And it shows their continued connection through their daughter. I'm sure that's going to draw them closer and closer over the coming weeks. Great stuff.

Christy is not being honest and Frankie knows it. Glad to see she's onto her, someone has to be. The conflict between Cass and Frankie is turning and I enjoy that shift. Their energy is going to shift, though I expect they'll continue to debate how ill-intentioned her motives are.

Rachel and Russ trying to make Carl feel less guilt was great too. The beauty of it is how much history is there, and you captured it all. Very character-driven and strong writing. You really know how to write for Rachel, I have to say.


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