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  1. ANOTHER WORLD 212 Devin Lucas meets Lindsay Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson Consultants: ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby The role of Gregory Hudson is now being played by Robert Scott Wilson ------------------------------ PART 1 AT STACEY’S OFFICE Stacey is sitting at her desk as someone walks in.. Stacey: Thanks for coming. Have a seat. It’s Jake. Jake: Is everything okay? Stacey: No. Not at all. Jake: It’s about Lindsay right? Stacey: Yes. She’s sinking deeper and deeper into this hole and I can’t get her out. She needs your help...I need your help. ------------------------------------------- AT THE CENTER… Devin Lucas is walking with Lorna. Lorna is looking up and around. Lorna: Wow. This place is amazing. Devin Lucas: Must be new. Lorna: It is. This place wasn’t here when I lived in Bay City. It looks great. Devin Lucas is despondent. Lorna: Thinkin about your dad aren’t you? Devin Lucas: You’re a mindreader. They stop walking and Lorna faces him. Lorna: Honey, we can’t change the past. Devin Lucas: I feel so cheated mom. Years I missed with my father. Lorna: And we explained why. I was the only one who was able to come and see you. Devin Lucas: I know. I’m not blaming anybody. It’s just that now that I can come out of hiding, we learn that he’s dying of a brain tumor. It’s not fair. You know? Lorna: I know baby. We’re gonna get through this okay. Lorna hugs Devin Lucas. Meanwhile, Charlie and Lindsay are walking from around the corner with department store shopping bags. Lindsay: Oh my God this felt so good. I just had to get those shoes. Charlie: I had no idea what to get for Carl’s party. I loved that dress you picked out. Lindsay: It will look great on you. Kirkland’s gonna love it, too. Charlie: Thank you. Lindsay: No...you’re the one I should be thanking. You got me out of the house. You got my mind off my situation. Charlie: It’s good to see you smiling. Lindsay: I haven’t had much to smile about lately. Charlie: Linds don’t let this set you back. You can come back from this. Lindsay: I’m so happy you came. You’re the only one who doesn’t tiptoe around me. Worried they’re gonna say the wrong thing. Charlie: I take it you’re talking about your mom and Gregory. Devin Lucas and Lorna release each other from their embrace and someone catches his eye. Devin Lucas: Mom? Lorna: Yep. Devin Lucas: That’s my niece isn’t she? Lorna: Charlie Winthrop Harrison. Yep that’s Frankie’s daughter. Devin Lucas isn’t focused on Charlie. Devin Lucas: Who’s that with her? Lorna: That’s her cousin Lindsay Winthrop. Devin Lucas: I think it’s time we’re formally introduced. Devin Lucas gently passes his mother and heads toward Charlie and Lindsay. Meanwhile, Gregory, drinking a bottle of water, walks up to Lorna, who is watching Devin Lucas. Gregory: Lorna? Lorna: Hi? Gregory: It’s Gregory. Lorna: Gregory Hudson. John and Sharlene’s son? My God you’re all grown up now. You were yay big the last time I saw you. Gregory: What are you looking at? Lorna: My son. Gregory: Why is he going over toward my girlfriend? Gregory tosses his empty bottle of water in the garbage, and Lorna puts a glove on, retrieves the bottle, and puts it in her purse. Meanwhile, Devin Lucas approaches Charlie and Lindsay. Devin Lucas: Shopping? Charlie: Yeah. Devin Lucas: Hey aren’t you my niece? Charlie: Huh? Devin Lucas: Oh I’m sorry. I’m Devin Lucas Hutchins. Charlie: Hutchins? That’s my grandfather’s last name. Devin Lucas: Your grandfather is my father. He turns to Lindsay. Devin Lucas: And you are? Lindsay: I’m Lindsay. Devin Lucas: Good to meet you. Devin Lucas extends his right hand, and Lindsay extends her right hand through the handles of the shopping bag, and they shake. Devin Lucas: You must be shopping for my dad’s party tomorrow night. -------------------------------------------------------- CORY MANSION Carl answers the door and sees Russ Matthews. Carl: Dr. Matthews. Come on in. Please. Russ: This place hasn’t changed at all. They walk into the living room. Carl: Ohh this place holds a lot of history. I’m going to miss it. Russ: I came to give you some painkillers. Carl: No...Dr. Matthews. I’m going to go out with grace and dignity. Rachel walks toward the living room doors, leans on the archway, and smiles as she sees Russ and Carl. Russ: Carl these will ease the pain. I know the tumor is growing quickly. Carl: Somehow I feel I...deserve it. Especially after all the pain I’ve caused everyone else over the years. Rachel: Don’t talk like that. You’ve atoned for all of that. Russ: Rachel’s right. Your party is tomorrow. Let’s focus on that. Rachel: I agree. Carl: I can’t help but to think how things could have been different for everyone if I weren’t so evil. Especially Cass and Frankie. ----------------------------------------------------- AT THE WINTHROPS Christy has just made an unexpected visit. Cass: What the hell are you doing here? How dare you show your face at my house? Christy: I know this is...this is unexpected. Cass: And unwelcome. Christy: But I’ve made a decision and I thought that Mary Frances would be the first person I told. Cass: Why don’t you go back to hell where you came from and send a letter? Frankie: Let her in. Please. Cass: Frankie--- Frankie: Let her in. What is it that you have to tell us Christy? Christy (walking in): Thank you so much Mary Frances. You’ve always been so good to me. Cass: Say what you have to say and get the hell out! Christy: I’m gonna do that Cass, all the way out of town. I’m leaving Bay City. CAMERA PAN ON CHRISTY...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG ----------------------------------- PART 2 Jake: How has she been? Stacey: She’s been depressed. Jake: Well that was to be expected right? Especially after what she found out. Stacey: Yeah but she hasn’t left the house in three days. She hasn’t even showered or put on regular clothes. Jake: Stacey you’re overreacting. She’s not gonna stay like that forever. Stacey: I hate seeing her like that Jake. That’s not her. That’s not the Lindsay I raised. That’s not the Lindsay that came to Bay City determined to find you. Jake: Sounds like she’s gonna need professional help. Stacey: It sounds like she needs her father. Jake she needs you. Jake: Of course I will do whatever to help our daughter get through this, but I can’t help with any depression, and honestly I think Lindsay’s gonna snap out of it on her own. She’s a very strong willed girl. Stacey: I hope so. I truly hope so. Jake: Come here. Jake hugs Stacey. Jake: We’re gonna get through this. Where’s Lindsay now? Stacey: She’s home. Jake: I’ll go see her...okay? Stacey nods her head. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Lorna: Lindsay Winthrop’s your girlfriend? Gregory: Yeah. Lorna: Well I’m sure when Devin Lucas finds out he’ll back off. Gregory: She looks very comfortable with him. Lorna: Is that a bad thing? Gregory: She’s been pushing me away. Meanwhile, Devin Lucas talks to Lindsay and Charlie. Charlie: Uncle Devin as a matter of fact we were. Lindsay: Yep, the shopping was soooo therapeutic. You know this girl, my cuz, it’s like she’s my sister. She knew exactly what I needed. Devin Lucas: Well, does she know that you need an escort, too? Lindsay notices Gregory out of the corner of her right eye and it gets her attention. Gregory: I hope my girl let’s me bring her to Carl’s party. Charlie: Hey Gregory. Gregory immediately turns to Devin Lucas. Gregory: I’m Gregory Hudson...and you are? Devin Lucas: Devin Lucas Hutchins. The two exchange a firm handshake. Lindsay: Gregory, we were shopping for the party at the Cory’s tomorrow. Gregory: You don’t have to explain. Looks like you’re feeling better. Lindsay: I...I just went shopping with Charlie--- Gregory: Hit me up later okay. ------------------------------------------------------------ Cass: You’re leaving town? That’s great, but why now? Christy: I had to make sure that my child was okay. Frankie: Eric seems like a strong guy. Christy: I missed a lot of time with my son because of Douglas, and I just wanted to stick around and make sure that he was going to be fine. I’m not certain that he’s gonna wanna come with me when I leave. Frankie: Well I’m glad you made this decision. I’m sure wherever you go you’ll be able to start fresh without anyone judging you. Christy: I wonder how that even feels. Here I’m the killer who got a governor’s pardon. Cass: That shoe fits you well. Christy: I completely understand why you feel the way you do Cass. Cass: Don’t patronize me. Frankie: Cass. Listen, Christy whatever you decide I’ll support you. Christy: Thank you Mary Frances that means so much to me.
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