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ANOTHER WORLD 199 Rachel discovers Carl's secret




Rachel discovers Carl’s secret

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, beebs, DRW50


A fully dressed Carl

blogentry-14971-0-13309800-1433387662_th buttons up the last button on his shirt, then he looks over at a sleeping Rachelblogentry-14971-0-69674600-1433387711_th covered in a blanket. He walks over to her, kisses her on her forehead, and leaves. Rachel, however, was not sleeping. She immediately opens her eyes and throws the covers off of her. Not only is Rachel not sleeping, she’s fully clothed. Rachel stands up and flashes back…


Rachel: I wonder how she got away from us.

Carl: We were careful.

Rachel: We left her only for a few minutes.

Carl: It reminds me of when you and I took care of Perry. He was an adventurous lad. We had to watch him every single second. If we turned our backs, he would disappear.

Rachel flashes back to the present. She notices Carl’s laptop open. She turns it on and sees the “transfer complete” notification. She then notices an empty container of pills in a wastebasket. She picks it up and notices that it was prescribed to Carl Hutchins.

Rachel: I’m gonna find out what’s going with you Carl.



In an exam room, Carl is connected to an IV talking on his cell phone.

Carl: My darling daughter. I have never called Frankie that. How’s school? I was wondering if you could come home. I’m throwing a dinner party. A family gathering. Good. I’ll see ya then my dear.


blogentry-14971-0-38416200-1433387762_th walks in looking at his phone, which has Bay City General Hospital’s job site on it, but he presses a button, the screen goes black, and he puts it in his pocket.

Carl: Dr. Russell Matthews. Anything interesting on your phone?

Russ: I could have asked you the same thing.

Carl: I was talking to my daughter Elizabeth. I’m having a dinner party, and you’re welcome to come.

Russ: I don’t know if I…

Carl: It wasn’t a request Russell. I’m gonna need you there. Everyone else is gonna be there. As soon as press send on my phone, everyone should have their invitation.

Russ: Including Sharlene?




blogentry-14971-0-12686700-1433387798_th opens the door and Frankieblogentry-14971-0-11446900-1433387814_th walks in.

Sharlene: Hey you.

Frankie: Hi.

They hug and Sharlene shuts the door.

Sharlene: I haven’t talked to you in a while honey. How are you?

Frankie: I dunno. I mean I should be fine right? My daughter’s a newlywed. Cass and I got back together, but for some reason all the pegs don’t quite fit.

Sharlene: Is it Christy?

Frankie: Surprisingly no, not this time.

Sharlene: Wow you seem really bothered by this. I know what time it is for you.

Frankie: Chamomile please.




blogentry-14971-0-01720100-1433387859_th is sitting at her laptop desk in the living room staring at the wall, and Mitchblogentry-14971-0-24917600-1433387881_th walks in from the bedroom.

Mitch: You barely slept honey.

Felicia: Wow how can you tell?

Mitch: Not only that, you’ve been sitting at that desk and your laptop’s not even open.

Mitch walks over and massages her shoulders.

Mitch: You made a hard decision, but you can’t let it eat you up. Your business choices have nothing to do with your friendship with Rachel. She’ll understand.

Felicia: I didn’t want to hurt anyone. KBAY offered such a sweet deal. I couldn’t say no Mitch. They’re going to do a worldwide marketing campaign. That could lead to more movies and more book deals.

Mitch: But…

Felicia: I hated turning down Matt and Amanda. I remember when they were kids. I remember Mac, you know? Now they’re struggling to keep his company afloat.

Mitch: Maybe it’s...time for them to move on.

Felicia: What are you talking about? Mac built that company from the ground up.

Mitch: I know, but all good things…

Felicia: I can’t believe you would even say something like that. Rachel is one of my best friends. When she finds out what I’ve done, she’s gonna deeply hurt.

Felicia gets up from the chair and walks away.

Mitch: Listen why don’t we go to the Center for a while. Might make you feel a little better to get some fresh air.



Rachel puts it in park.

Rachel: A hospital? What’s Carl car doing here?




Sharlene and Frankie are sipping teas in Sharlene’s living room.

Frankie: This might have been what I needed.

Sharlene: I love chamomile tea. Calms my nerves. So what’s got you all worked up?

Frankie: Cass, Charlie and I just came from the Corys.

Sharlene: You saw Rachel?

Frankie: Yes we...we went over the accounts of that night...that night of Josie’s shower.

Sharlene: The night you were attacked by Fax Newman. It really is a miracle that you’re here. Sometimes I still can’t believe I went out with that man. All the while he was a cold blooded killer.

Frankie: I’m kinda glad we...all got to hear it. It’s all out in the open; all on how I survived that night.

Sharlene: You know Josie was very devastated about what happened. She loves you very much.

Frankie: Charlie took it surprisingly well.

Sharlene: It’s really the first time you’ve told her about it right?

Frankie: Yeah but she asked an interesting question.

Sharlene: About?

Frankie: Where I’ve been all this time? I stayed away from Bay City for years.

Sharlene: Well Cass decided to marry Lila. You stayed away because you wanted Charlie and Cass to be happy.

Frankie: There are some things that I left out.

Sharlene: Frankie are you in some kind of trouble?

Frankie: No, nothing like that. I didn’t tell them that I planted that bogus story about Anne O’Donnell representing Newton Fairchild.

Sharlene: Why did you do that? What are you hiding from your family?

Frankie and Sharlene get alerts on their phones and they pick them up.

Sharlene: This looks like an invite.

Frankie: I got one, too.



Mitch and Felicia walk slowly arm in arm…

Mitch: See they got the roof open. Smell that fresh spring air.

Felicia: Yeah, you always had that knack.

Mitch: For what?

Felicia: For making me feel better. I can’t lie though. That was one of the toughest decision I've ever had to make.

Mitch: And you don’t have to explain it to anyone. Not me, not Rachel, nobody. Business is business.

Felicia: A part of me does hope she’ll understand.

They stop walking and Mitch faces Felicia…

Mitch: Stop worrying your pretty little head about it. I have a feeling everything’s gonna work out the way it’s supposed to.

They kiss. Meanwhile, from a short distance, Christy

blogentry-14971-0-51571300-1433387987_th watches them. Suddenly, their cell phones chime and they look at them.

Felicia: I’m invited to a party.

Mitch: So am I.

Felicia: You got the same thing?

Mitch: Carl is throwing a party at the Corys.


Russ sighs.

Carl: What’s going on?

Russ: I um...saw the results of your last MRI.

Carl: Let me guess, it’s growing.

Russ: Yes...really fast.

Carl: So how much...time do I have left?

Russ: Have you gotten all of your affairs in order? For your children? Your wife?

Carl: How much time...Russell? Months? Weeks? Days?

Russ: I can’t narrow that down.

Carl: We all know I’m dying of a brain tumor that’s growing every day.

Russ: Carl I’m sorry. I really wish there was more we could do.

Carl: I know what you can do for me. You and Rachel used to be pretty close.

Russ: We were married.

Carl: Look after her. Please. She’s gonna need your friendship after I’m gone.

Russ nods his head in agreement.

Russ: I’ve heard a lot about you Carl.

Carl: I surmise that most of it is negative.

Russ: Yes mostly, but that’s not what I’ve seen from you. You’re nothing what people said you are.

Carl: Rachel changed my life. She made me a better person.

Russ: Funny thing is that’s not the Rachel I used to know.

Carl: She’s a devoted mother, friend and wife.

Russ: I’m sure she told you the reason she and I got married.

Carl: Jamie.

Russ: I thought he was my son, but he turned out to be Steve Frame’s.

Carl: Did you love her?

Russ: I’m always gonna care about Rachel. I’ll...I’ll honor your wishes.

Suddenly, Rachel appears and walks in.

Rachel: Russ? Carl? What wishes are you two talking about?

The two men stay silent.

Rachel: Russ it’s been years since I’ve seen you.

Russ: You’re still as beautiful as ever Rachel.

Rachel: Why is my husband hooked up to these tubes?

Russ: Maybe I...should leave you two alone. Carl, it’s time.

Rachel: Time for what?

Russ walks out and shuts the door.

Carl: Darling.

Rachel: It’s back isn’t it? The tumor’s back.



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Well it has finally happened. Rachel is learning the truth. Still liking Jed Allen as Russ and the history less with he and Rachel. Ill get back to this story in a bit.

Felicia struggling with her decision seems very realistic and I am glad Mitch is being there for her. You know I love me some Iris so I am really looking forward to how this works out with and plays out with Felicia and Iris. And then there is Christy just for added drama.

Sharlene digging into Frankie possibly hiding something. But they be cut off at the wrong time. Wonder what that is setting up for the future. I am intrigued.

Back to Rachel. I really do think you have set this up great. Right on time for the big 200 episode. The fall out should be amazing and emotional.

Awesome job!

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Man u took me to place i wasnt ready to go. The emotion the build up thhat scene. My emotions r running right now. I feel so bad for Carl and Rachel. Man. For her to find Russ with Carl. Carl getting everything in order and learning his tumor growing faster everyday. It was also a very nice trip down memory lane briefly touching upon history and feelings. Wow man. We are here. I really dont know what else to say but this could be the saddest moment on this blog yet.

Im glad you showed once again how truly conflicted Felicia really is over her decision and that Mitch was being there for her trying to make her feel better. Wonder what Christy ass up to. Any time she on the scene she up to no good.

Another great scene was the one with Sharlene and Felicia and them dealing with that infamous night. Sharlene sure did date Faux, I remeber that but had forgotten that. I'm glad its dealt with and they all can move on..

Another great show!!

Great episode and bring the 200th show. Ive read EVERY ONE and COMMENTED ON EVERY ONE and its been a great journey that continues to grow build and thrive!!

I just did a Casey on u LMAO!!

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What an great episode!

Sharlene/Frankie: These were some good relaxing scenes. It was very nice to just go ahead and listen to what they have to say. I wonder what is going on with Frankie though. I started to wonder if you are working up a Fax Newman return???

Mitch/Felicia: First of all, Christy get over yourself LOL!!! Anyways, I love how you write them. When they are in the episodes, I just see how much you love this soap opera for some reason. You do well with their stories.

Carl/Rachel/Russ: I can't tell you how much this truly does break my heart. I can't believe that Rachel is going to have to say goodbye to another love. I feel so sorry for her. I also feel sorry for Carl. I can see that he doesn't want to leave Bay City and his family behind. I can't wait to see what happens at this party.




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Lots of great moments here. Frankie and Shalene was a great beat to play. As always, good to see those families mingle. Great to see them going over what happened to Frankie all those years ago. And of course, the party invite. Gotta love all these soap parties lately. Haha.

Carl sneaking off to see Russ in hospital, and Rachel following him. It's so very Rachel. I'm glad Russ and Carl had that sort of...passing of the reigns, so to speak. Carl asking Russ to take care of Rachel.Very good history there, and I'm glad you're introducing Russ again. I also love that Rachel is just...so intuitive about the whole situation, a great note to end things on.

Can't wait to see how this party goes down. Sounds intense!

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Wonderful work as always - slow and steady bubbling up about Frankie's secret, showing the differences between Mitch and Felicia even as he's trying to support her, and then the heartbreaking reveal to Rachel. I also like how you dealt with Russ' past with Rachel. Great dialogue.

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