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ANOTHER WORLD 200 Carl reveals all to Rachel



For those of you who have been following, I hope that my first 199 episodes have been able to capture some the love, lives, laughs, and losses that Another World brought you for 35 years.

And now, the 200th episode of my fanfic/blog,


Kelley Missal

blogentry-14971-0-37889700-1433896235_th appears as Elizabeth Hutchins

Carl reveals all to Rachel



Someone rings the doorbell and Cory

blogentry-14971-0-02405500-1433896250_th walks to the door.

Cory: Gosh why couldn’t my parents hire a maid?

He is surprised to see Elizbaeth at the door.

Cory: Lizzie?

Elizabeth walks in with a bag.

Cory: Don’t you have a key?

Elizabeth: Well hello to you, too brother.

Cory: You didn’t tell anybody you were coming home?

Elizabeth: Dad called and asked me to. He’s throwing a dinner party.

Cory: Really? He didn’t tell me about that. What’s his deal anyway?

Elizabeth: What do you mean?

Cory: Mom’s been worried about dad.

Elizabeth: Where is mom anyway?



Suddenly, Rachel

blogentry-14971-0-38144300-1433896314_th appears and walks in.

Rachel: Russ? Carl? What wishes are you two talking about?

The two men stay silent.

Rachel: Russ it’s been years since I’ve seen you.

Russ: You’re still as beautiful as ever Rachel.

Rachel: Why is my husband hooked up to these tubes?

Russ: Maybe I...should leave you two alone. Carl, it’s time.

Rachel: Time for what?


blogentry-14971-0-71296800-1433896346_th walks out and shuts the door.

Carl: Darling.

Rachel: It’s back isn’t it? The tumor’s back.

Carl: Rachel…

Rachel: When we were on our way to Kirkland and Charlie’s wedding reception, you mentioned that...we took care of Perry. Perry’s been dead for almost thirty years, but the problem is that we never raised Perry. You also left your laptop open, too. I saw something about a transfer, and then an empty bottle of pills. It all made sense to me.

There’s an awkward silence, then Rachel kneels by Carl’s beside and pleads with him.

Rachel: Carl please...please tell me what’s going on? Tell me that I’m wrong about what I’m thinking.

Carl: About the tumor returning? No darling, unfortunately you’re correct. It’s back.


blogentry-14971-0-16483400-1433896401_th...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG.



Rachel gets up, turns toward the door, and momentarily covers her face with her hands, almost as if she’s lost her cool for a moment, but then re-gathers herself.

Rachel: Not again.

Carl: Yes Rachel. I have been diagnosed with glioblastoma.

Rachel takes a deep breath.

Rachel: That’s a very aggressive brain tumor.

Carl: And it’s inoperable.

Rachel: What about a second opinion? Russ should have encouraged you to get one.

Carl: I saw the films. It’s there, and it’s growing more and more.

Rachel: There’s gotta some type of treatment we can try. Maybe we can to Europe.

Carl: Don’t you think I’ve tried that already? In St. Croix, where Evan, my son, was keeping me alive.

Rachel: We thought you were dead. Your son robbed us. He robbed Cory and Elizabeth.

Carl: He brought me back to you and our children.

Rachel: So are you telling me it just came back out of nowhere?

Carl: The doctors in St. Croix managed to shrink it, but it never truly went away.

Rachel: Was it the...neurotoxin that Janice gave you? Was that the cause of it growing again?

Carl: No that had nothing to do with it.

Rachel: Carl you’re accepting this. You’re accepting imminent death. Well I’m not going to.

Carl: We don’t have a choice. That’s why I’ve been...making things right...for all the terrible things that I’ve done.

Rachel: Making things right? Does this have something to do with the transfer?





blogentry-14971-0-28255400-1433896486_th puts wood in the fireplace and joins Frankieblogentry-14971-0-08516100-1433896511_th on the couch. Frankie then snuggles in Cass’s arms, and they both look at the fire.

Cass: Who thought we would need firewood this time of year?

Frankie: The universe is definitely acting strangely.

Cass: Is that what it told you?

Frankie: Caaaass…

Cass: Okay okay I promise not to make fun of your sixth sense.

Frankie: Wouldn’t you agree with me though?

Cass: Things have been a bit off. Lindsay’s situation.

Frankie: And Carl. There’s something...weird about it.

Cass: How so?

Frankie: The way he was talking to us. It was like...he was saying that time is running out for him or something.

Cass: Yeah I...caught that, too.

Frankie: You know in a weird way Carl brought us together. I mean I...don’t condone anything he did to Kathleen, but you and I probably never would have met and fell in love.

Cass: And had Charlie…

Frankie: We have him to thank for the life we’ve got. Who’da thought he’d turn out to be my father.


Carl: The transfer?

Rachel: I saw it on your laptop. What was it about?

Carl: I paid them off. Their final payment.

Rachel: Paid off who? I don’t understand.

Carl: Remember in 1996, when I went to Chicago?

Rachel: Yes.

Carl: Well I never went to Chicago. I went to Washington, D.C.

Rachel: Why?

Carl: I turned over evidence to the feds of the impropriety at Charter Elm. Mostly caused by Lucas when he was working for me. He made a lot of enemies. The evidence did not convict everyone. The ones that were left were threatening…

Rachel: Oh my God, they were threatening Cory and Elizabeth? Were they in any danger?

Carl: No. They were threatening Lucas’s grandson.

Rachel: Grandson? Did Jenna have a child?

Carl: No, but Lorna did.

Rachel: Lorna? Felicia never mentioned a grandchild.

Carl: Because she doesn’t know.

Rachel: Carl you’re not making any sense right now. Why does this concern you? Why were you paying Lucas’s enemies off? Wait a minute. Is that who you were talking on the phone to yesterday?

Carl: I told Lorna it was safe now. As soon as he entered the world, he was in danger. I had to protect him. I had to protect my son.

Rachel: Your son? Oh my God. You and Lorna had a son?

Carl: Devin Lucas Hutchins. I had Lorna put him into hiding before she came to Bay City the first time.

Rachel: After all these years, you couldn’t trust me enough to tell me about him.

Carl: It wasn’t a matter of trust my dear. If I told you, you would’ve been in danger. Of course I couldn’t do that to you, your children, or ours.

Rachel sighs.

Rachel: Is there anything else you want to tell me?

Carl: I’m having a dinner party. That’s when I’m gonna to announce to all of our family and friends. I was going to tell you first.

Rachel: People are gonna be devastated. Paulina, Vicky, Donna. You’ve had a positive impact on their lives.

Rachel: I can’t believe this is happening again. We’re going to lose you all over again.

Rachel sits on the bed next to Carl.

Carl: You will have all of your family and friends to support you. Russ will be there, too.

Rachel: After everything we went through to be together; after all the opposition.

Carl: The pursuit.

Rachel (chuckling): Yes...New York.

Carl: I came after you…

Rachel: Relentlessly.

Carl: I had to be with you. You made me a better person. After everything I had done to you and Mackenzie, I’m still amazed that you fell in love with me.

Rachel: That’s why Amanda was so against our marriage.

Carl: I understood it.

Rachel: Iris tried to kill you.

Carl: But she failed to separate us.

Rachel: But your brain tumor will...this time.

Carl puts his hand on Rachel’s chest.

Carl: Not even death will separate us. Our love will be there.

Rachel: In my heart.

Rachel leans on Carl’s lap.

Carl: Our love will never die.



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Very nice opening and Ive read every show. Very great series u set the bar high.

Rachel's life was turned upside down. ALl the whammys shes got. Devin Carl's dying. When Rachel ran down that list of people I started to think damn. THis is gonna be so sad. Everyone is going to be sad.

I love the special opening. I look fwd to see how this plays out....

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Man, you got me at the end. Tugging at my heart strings and [!@#$%^&*] lol. I felt it. Those last couple of lines. The emotions are coming.

As always nice history coming through in the dialogue. This is going to shatter a lot of the canvas.

This whole story has been set up beautifully. It is going to have one big emotional imprint on the readers i can already tell. never was a avid AW viewer but I felt it in this episode and leading up to those final lines. Beautiful.

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What an amazing 200th episode of ANOTHER WORLD!

I can't believe it has been long enough for you to have this accomplishment. Congratulations to you!!!


I had a tear stroll down my face LOL.

I loved the Cass/Frankie scene. I see a future for them. I hope you do to.

Rachel and Carl. We are going to have to say goodbye soon. This is just to sad. However, you are managing to do this with the correct balance of drama/romance/mystery. Hats off to you. It is truly a wonderful storyline.

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HERE IS TO ANOTHER 200 (and beyond)!

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Beautiful episode, Cary. What a great tribute! Very touching and with a light touch. You didn't go overboard with flashbacks and kept the story moving. What a great balance!

I loved the scenes with Frankie and Cass. Frankie had a feeling something was off, and I like how you played her 'gift' as being something of a blurry line between being clairvoyant and simply being able to read people's emotions. Just a great little connection.

Carl and Rachel and the reveal of Carl's secret son. Good move. Again, not done for shock value, very delicately delivered. Fantastic.

I'm glad to see Elizabeth coming back. Gonna be interesting to see her interacting with everyone in this tough time.

FANTASTIC show, Cary. Congrats on coming this far!!

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Beautiful work. That last segment with Carl and Rachel is such a wonderful tribute to them. 


200 chapters. I'm in awe of your dedication and talent, even as many treat these types of stories as a fad or a whim. You truly love AW and you have truly done it proud. Thank you.

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