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ANOTHER WORLD 198 Iris makes another move




Iris makes another move

Written By: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, beebs, DRW50




blogentry-14971-0-85639500-1432773709_th and her agent, Mason, sit at a table across from each other. Mason and Felicia both have laptops.

Mason: I sent you the email from KBAY’s executive team.

Felicia: Iris.

Mason: Well did you see it?

Felicia: Is it about the movie deal? I’m not taking it.

Mason: Let’s see, how can I put this? You’d be stupid not to take it.

Felicia: Iris is only out to hurt Cory Productions and I’m not going to participate in that.

Mason: This isn’t about personal relationships Felicia.

Felicia: Of course it is. Rachel is my friend. I would never hurt her or her children.

Mason: KBAY is offering three times as much as Cory to produce your movies.

Felicia: I’m not doing it.

Mason: It’s a very lucrative offer.

Felicia: Why would Iris overpay to produce these films?

Mason: Who cares about the reasons why she’s doing it?

Felicia: I do.

Mason: Apparently you didn’t read the rest of the offer.

Felicia: I did. The marketing part is something that Cory Productions is not offering.

Mason: Bingo. KBAY is planning an aggressive, worldwide marketing campaign. Think of all the exposure you’re going to get.

Felicia: And they only want ten percent of whatever monies that the movies bring in.

Mason: Cory Productions isn’t offering that are they?

Felicia: I’m going to go meet with them after this.

Mason: If they can’t meet or exceed KBAY’s offer, then I would encourage you to strongly consider this. This deal could lead to other deals, with larger companies, which means...

Felicia: I know I know.

Mason: See, I knew you were a businesswoman. So you’ll consider KBAY’s offer?

Felicia: I will call you later.

Felicia leaves, and then Iris

blogentry-14971-0-92688800-1432773744_th walks up to Mason as they both watch Felicia walk away.

Iris: What did she say?

Mason: She’s gonna consider it.

Iris: I need her name on the dotted line.

Mason: You offered her quite a bit. I can’t believe you’re going to front all worldwide marketing costs. I mean only ten percent of movie profits. What if you have losses?

Iris: When you have Spaulding money, there is no such thing as losses.

Mason: What is it that you want anyway? Why are you pushing so hard to get Felicia to do this deal?

Iris: What I want isn’t any of your concern. You just get Felicia to sign the movie rights to KBAY, and everything else will take care of itself.




blogentry-14971-0-08068600-1432773801_th sits at a table and Bridgetblogentry-14971-0-69056400-1432773821_th meets him.

Cory: Hey there.

Cory kisses her and Bridget sits down across from him.

Bridget: What’s up?

Cory: Just wanted to see you before we went to the movies.

Bridget: And do that thing that people do in the back?

Cory smiles.

Cory: Hmmm.

Bridget: What time does it start?

Cory: About an hour.

Bridget: Well this’ll be a good getaway.

Cory: Let me guess...your mom.

Bridget: She kicked me out again. I’m back living with my grandparents.

Cory: The cycle never ends.

Bridget: My mom is crazy. She’s breaking up with dad because of what she did. How stupid is that?

Cory: Wow. Both your sisters are right in the middle of that.

Bridget: Lindsay and Michele.

Cory: Michele came to my house earlier.

Bridget: I figured that’s where she went.

Cory: She said she was cool with us.

Bridget: Us meaning you and me...a couple? Really?

Cory: Yeah. I was just as surprised as you are.

Bridget: There’s only one problem. I don’t believe it for one second.

Cory: What do you mean?

Bridget: Clearly she hasn’t been herself since she came back. She’s got it in for me.

Cory: Do you think she’d hurt you in some way?

Bridget: I don’t know. She cut herself on her arm with scissors at the hospital and blamed it on me.

Cory: When? I didn’t see any cuts on her...she was wearing a long sleeved shirt.

Bridget: She’s trying to turn everyone against me, and I’m not gonna let her get away with it.

Cory: She went to see Marley.

Bridget: She’s probably going to get a little history lesson. Wonder if it’ll do any good.




blogentry-14971-0-08018600-1432773933_th walks in, sticks her key in her purse, and doesn’t close the door all the way. Marleyblogentry-14971-0-92102900-1432773949_th lies on the couch on her back.

Donna: Oh my you look like you’re about to pop. My grandson is ready to enter the world.

Marley: I’m ready for him.

Donna: Where’s Tyrone?


blogentry-14971-0-74023400-1432773983_thblogentry-14971-0-74023400-1432773983_th walks into the living room.

Donna: Hey there. I see you’re taking good care of my daughter.

Tyrone: Of course.

Marley: I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. One of those twenty four month elephant pregnancies.

Donna: As long as you’re doing what the doctor says you should be fine.

Marley: You know I’m glad you came over.

Donna: I’m always up for a visit with any of my girls.

Marley: This one in particular. I need your assistance. Both of you.

Someone opens the front door, and it’s Michele

blogentry-14971-0-31840200-1432774199_th with her sleeves rolled up.






blogentry-14971-0-15128800-1432774016_th, Mattblogentry-14971-0-53505500-1432774040_th and Felicia are in Amanda’s office. Felicia has shown them KBAY’s offer.

Amanda: Iris is turning up the heat isn’t she?

Matt: I’m...I’m shocked.

Amanda: It appears that she’s not even looking to recover any of the marketing costs.

Matt: And we really can’t afford to do that.

Felicia: Is there something you can do? Maybe do some maneuvering of the numbers?

Amanda: Felicia we can lower our request for the profit percentage to twenty.

Felicia: KBAY only wants ten percent.

Amanda: And of course we’re gonna market on social media. It doesn’t cost much to do that.

Felicia: What about the billboards, television stations, and digital radio stations that KBAY promises to do?

Matt: We can get some more research done and find out when the top viewing times are.

Amanda: And strategically purchase some prime time spots for the television side overseas.

Felicia: What about the United States?

Matt: Felicia please work with us. You know we’re a bit cash strapped.

Felicia gets up and sighs.

Amanda: Please. Your movie deal will bring in lots of revenue for us, and you.

Felicia: I love you all, and Rachel dearly, but I have to make a business decision.

Matt: You’re gonna...go with KBAY’s offer?

Felicia: I’m sorry Matthew.

Felicia leaves the office and Amanda turns to Matt.

Matt: There’s got to be something we can do.

Amanda: Iris has pulled out all the stops to get her to do this movie deal, and she knows that we need the revenue. Guess there’s only one thing left to do.

Matt: No...no we’re not selling.

Amanda: That’s not what I had in mind little brother.



Iris is on her cell phone with a mystery person.

Iris: You’re coming to Bay City soon? Wow. We’re gonna have to keep things very discreet. I am very close to getting Felicia to sign her movie rights to KBAY.



Felicia is on her cell phone with her agent Mason. She takes a deep breath, a bit conflicted over not choosing Cory Productions.

Felicia: I’ve...decided to take KBAY’s offer.




blogentry-14971-0-06543400-1432774106_th makes a phone call.

Joy: I’m giving you an update. She looks like she’s gonna have the baby any day now and I’ll know exactly when it happens. Someone almost caught me planting that camera. Please, don’t hurt Thomasina. I will do what you ask.

Joy hangs up, opens her laptop, and sees

Donna, Tyrone, Marley and Michele.


Donna, Tyrone, Marley and Michele are unaware of a camera outside the front window that Joy is watching them on.

Michele: What is this? I’m leaving.

Donna gets up and touches Michele’s left shoulder.

Donna: I didn’t know you were coming.

Michele: But you knew Aunt Marley called me.

Marley: I promise you I...didn’t tell Donna you were coming.

Donna: Look I’ll...I’ll go in the kitchen, not that I know my way around a kitchen.

Marley: Thanks. Tyrone?

Michele: No…Tyrone can stay.

Donna leaves the living room and Michele sits across from Marley and Tyrone.

Michele: They told you didn’t they?

Marley: Told me what?

Michele: What I did to the living room at home.

Tyrone: What happened?

Michele: Oh come on, don’t act like you don’t know.

Marley: I...I talked to Victoria. She ransacked the living room at the McKinnons, and threw Bridget’s picture frame.

Tyrone looks at Michele as if he’s reliving the past.

Tyrone: It’s happening again. It’s you and Vicky all over again baby.

Marley: Even without you doing that, I wanted to talk to you.

Michele: About Bridget?

Marley: No. About you. I’ve been where you are.

Michele: I don’t know why everyone is so worried. I’m fine.

Tyrone: Marley was saying those same things. She came back to Bay City and was very angry with Vicky.

Michele: I heard the stories Tyrone.

Marley: And we don’t want you to go through the same thing. I regret what I did to your mother. I was fortunate that she and Jake forgave me, and that Tyrone stood by me when everyone was against me.

Tyrone: Marley got the help she needed and she’s better now.

Michele: Oh my God! Did grandma Donna put you up to this?

Marley: No honey. I just know what it’s like to be angry at your sister, and to want to hurt her like she hurt you. I understand the root of your anger, but please...don’t do what I did. I hurt a lot of people.

Tyrone: Marley’s right. Maybe you can talk to your brother about it.

Marley: Or at the very least he can recommend someone.

Michele: You all act like I’m crazy.

Marley: That’s what Etta Mae called me after I locked Vicky in the Love Mansion basement. Tyrone: Vicky almost died.

Marley: Please Michele...if you’re angry at Bridget…

Michele: I’m not angry at Bridget! Why does everyone think that I’m angry at my own sister?

Marley: Through everything I was doing to your mother, deep down I loved her, and I know you love your sister.

Michele: I am not going to hurt Bridget.

Marley: Wait, what’s that cut on your arm?

Michele: Oh I...I was trying to cut a thread off my shirt and I cut myself instead.

Tyrone: I don’t want Marley worrying about you.

Michele gets up and rubs her aunt’s thigh, and softens her tone.

Michele: And she doesn’t have to. Aunt Marley I promise you. I’m not going to do anything to Bridget.

Marley: I don’t want you to end up like I did. What I did to your mother was a big mistake. I just don’t want you to do the same thing.

Michele: And I’m not. You just worry about little Roman okay. I gotta go.

Marley: I love you. I love all of you. We need to be a tight family.

Michele: I love you, too.

Michele leaves, and Donna walks back into the living room. Tyrone gets up and takes Donna into a private corner.

Tyrone: Is there anything you can do? It’s not good for Marley to worry about her nieces.

Donna: I know, and we can’t let her know what’s going on.

Tyrone: Well I’m glad that Michele promised her that she wouldn’t hurt Bridget.

Donna: I heard it through the door.

Tyrone: You were eavesdropping?

Donna: Michele's lying. I'm wondering when the other shoe is gonna drop.

Tyrone: Are you serious?

Donna: I’m not a doctor, but Michele’s behavior; her state of mind; it reminds me so much of Marley after the fire. I’m afraid of what she’s gonna do.


Outside, Michele keeps thinking about Marley saying that she knows that Michele loves her sister, and it echoes in her mind. She covers her ears and grunts her teeth, as if to not hear Marley saying it over and over again.



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You know I always love seeing Iris and she is making her moves. I like that Felicia is taking her offer though I wonder if this deal with Iris and Felicia will have its consequences in the future. I also love how Iris always gloats about her 'spaulding money' lolol

Being #teamMichele I hope something tears Cory and Bridget apart.

As for Michele her breakdown seems to continue as it echoes Vicki and Marleys past. On one hand I know she should take Marleys advice but on the other hand I dont want her to! While it seems Michele is having a breakdown I cant help but root for her to get as nasty as she needs to..

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What a WONDERFUL episode!

Felicia: She has some big choices to make these days about her stories. I am glad that you kept on with the core of her character, which is to write. But, judging by the title of this episode, we all know that Iris is up to something!!!

Joy/Iris: Both interesting phone calls. Joy, such a crazy character. I am still trying to figure her out. I wonder who is coming to Bay City. This should be interesting. I am sooo ready!!! LOL!

Tyrone/Donna/Marley/Michele: I am so worried for Michele and her future with Bridget. We can all see why Donna was so worried. She has every right to be! I am worried myself!

Great episodes lately!!!

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A great episode as always. You always deliver.

I loved the parallel with Vicky, MArley and Vicky's own twins. I love the scene with Michele and Bridget. I really hope Marley's words resonates with Michele. I really do. Donna is right though. SHe's been there and much wiser and can see the signs.

I LOVED THE BUSINESS SCENE and Felicia's confliction with choosing her friend or the bottom line. I really did not now which way she was going to go but she choose the bottom line and business is business. Im glad Matt and Amanda went bitter about it nor did they give up. Power house players in one story. I just love it and Iris my beauty is def up to something.

Bridget is right in thinking that Michele is lying about her feelings.

GREAT SHOW!!! Lot's of mystery and speaking wtf is Joy up to.. that camera its odd and wonder whom Iris is working with. Another Mystery.

Great Work!!

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I wrote a massive comment on this episode and it ate it all, so this won't really capture everything, I'm sorry to say. Loved the scenes with Marley and Michele. Loved the reference to how long Marley's been pregnant, good little quip ;) Donna is very intuitive about this, and that's good. Bridget is in danger, I can feel it. But so is Marley and the entire family. Joy and those cameras are up to no good for sure. Loved iris and Felicia's negotiations. Is iris really gonna sink her own father's company? I can't wait to find out. Great stuff yet again, Cary. You're doing great!!!

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Awesome last scene with Michele spiraling and struggling.

Love all the business drama with Iris and the Corys, with Felicia in the middle.

I'd forgotten about Joy's plans against Marley. On the edge of my seat.

Great work.

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