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ANOTHER WORLD 195 Grant surprises Kirkland




Grant surprises Kirkland

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, beebs, DRW50



blogentry-14971-0-63491200-1430871418_th and Staceyblogentry-14971-0-86850000-1430871467_th hold vigil while Lindsayblogentry-14971-0-23744200-1430871488_th sleeps. They both are looking at her proudly.

Gregory: She looks so beautiful when she sleeps.

Stacey: Just like she’s always been since she was a baby. Boy she used to scream her little head off. She was a demanding little girl, and I had to curb some of that, but I loved giving her everything she ever needed. She’s gonna need you Gregory. She’s gonna need both of us to get her through this.

Gregory: I will do whatever I can. Lindsay’s in good hands.

Stacey: I wonder how she’s gonna deal with the fact she can’t have children.

Gregory: I’m glad you talked her into having the surgery.

Stacey: She would have been at a great risk for ovarian cancer. Those polyps could have killed her. Thank God I managed to convince her that she still has a lot of life left.

Lindsay opens her eyes slowly.

Lindsay: Mom.

Stacey: Honey hi.

Gregory: Hey babe. How you feelin’?

Lindsay: Like I’ve been punched in the gut really hard.

Stacey: That’s to be expected after the surgery.

Lindsay: Thank you for staying.

Gregory: Why wouldn’t we?

Stacey: We love you.

Lindsay: Where’s Jake?

Stacey: He’s gonna be along shortly.




blogentry-14971-0-63085700-1430871839_th and Paulinablogentry-14971-0-62017600-1430871857_th are sitting at a table, and Paulina has placed her hand on Jake’s.

Jake: Appreciate that.

Paulina: We haven’t always had the most savory relationship you know.

Jake: I wouldn’t call you shooting me a nurturing building block.

Paulina: But you blackmailed me so you can get a cut of my inheritance.

Jake: Oh come on. You’re still holding that against me?

Paulina: All you could think about was Marley, and you ended up marrying her sister.

Jake: And you married Joe Carlino, the anti me.

They both laugh.

Paulina: And because of Vicky you have two wonderful daughters.

Jake: And you got a good son. Hey I saw you and Jack Snyder at Kirkland and Charlie’s wedding. How’s that going?

Paulina: I...couldn’t really tell you. I don’t know. I haven’t gotten any phone calls or texts from him since that night.

Jake: Have you called him?

Paulina: Yes. I’m gonna go down to the station. Maybe it’s because Carly showed up.

Jake: His wife?

Paulina: Yeah, and suddenly I don’t hear anything from him.

Jake: From what I hear they have a lot of history, and two daughters.

Paulina: What was I thinking? Maybe I really have no chance. How can I compete with what he and Carly have?

Jake: You really don’t have any control over how Jack feels about you.

Paulina: I came on a little strong after the wedding.

Jake: You? Naaaah.

Paulina: We kissed.

Jake: Wow that...that is strong. Come on Paulina he’s still married.

Paulina: I know that, but I can’t stand to watch Carly keep jerking him around.

Jake: Carly will only do what Jack allows.

Paulina: Do you know how long it has taken me to move from Joe’s death?

Jake: That’s understandable. He was your husband and you share a child.

Paulina: I always felt like I would be betraying him if I fell in love with another man.

Jake: Paulina no...please tell me you’re not in love with Jack.




blogentry-14971-0-73307800-1430871896_th is in his office when Toniblogentry-14971-0-23258600-1430871925_th walks in.

Toni: Did you get my email?

Jack: About the police detail at the Center?

Toni: Yep that one. It’s all set.

Jack: Grant’s press conference.




blogentry-14971-0-26724300-1430871965_th hums while tying his tie, while his publicist talks to him.

Grant: I’m going to be officially accepting the seat as Bay City’s representative for the State of Illinois.

Publicist: Maybe it’s good you didn’t win the mayoral election. We’ve gotta get you ready to answer some questions.

Grant: Oh it’s nothing I probably haven’t heard before. Jobs, the economy, crime prevention.

Publicist: Yes all those, and the religious freedom law.

Grant: I’ve seen that all on the news. I’m ready for that, and all those questions.




Paulina: You can’t help who you fall in love with.

Jake: However true that is, you need to protect yourself against falling for Jack Snyder.

Paulina: Is it because he’s married to Carly?

Jake: You’re not only competing against Carly, but the history they have.

Paulina: Jack and I have history, too, way before Carly ever entered the picture...way before I ever came to Bay City, and Carly doesn’t seem like she wants to work things out.

Jake: And you’re gonna be there to pick up the pieces? You’re setting yourself up for a fall.

Paulina: Like I did with you all those years ago?

Jake: That was different.

Paulina: You were in love with Marley, among other things.

Jake: And you weren’t in love with Grant.

Paulina: Jack is not going to hurt me like you and Grant did.

Jake: Listen, just be careful okay. He’s going through a rough patch with his wife. Believe me, I know what those are.

Paulina: I’m going to help him through that.

Jake: I don’t think you’re considering the possibility that Jack could go back to Carly. You need to be ready for that.


Toni: Another one.

Jack: Yeah unfortunately.

Toni: He gets his Senate seat back but he continues to get away with crimes.

Jack: He is a slippery one.

Toni: I’m gonna make sure everything is set up. I’ll be in my office.

Jack sifts through papers on his desk and suddenly has a flashback…


Jack: You heard the lady.

Grant: I was having a conversation with Paulina.

Jack: She doesn’t need you in her life, neither does Dante.

Grant: And that’s because you’re the alternative?

Jack: I’m not gonna let you hurt her again.

Grant: Just like you’re doing to your wife.

Then he has another flashback when Carly approaches Jack at an Oakdale Hospital when Carly tells him that she is pregnant with their second child...and then he has another flashback.


Jack: Ladies! This isn’t getting us anywhere. Paulina let me talk to Carly alone please.

Carly: Oh no need for that. I had to see for myself how close you two have gotten, and I’ve seen enough. When I get back to Oakdale, I’m gonna call Jessica Griffin and file for divorce. This marriage is over! Happy homewrecking Paulina. You can marry Jack since it looks like you caught the bouquet.

Paulina: Bitch!

Carly walks off. Jack calls for her and begins to go after her, but Paulina stops him.

Paulina: Jack wait. Don’t go.

Jack: I gotta talk to her.

Paulina: She’s made up her mind. Don’t chase after someone who doesn’t want to be with you. Stay with someone who does. I love you Jack.

Paulina pulls Jack into a passionate kiss.

Jack flashes back to the present then makes a phone call.

Jack: Paulina, can you come to the station? We have to talk.


Grant and his publicist continue to commiserate in preparation for his press conference in Bay City Center. Grant has his back to the door as Kirkland

blogentry-14971-0-86431800-1430872098_th walks in.

Publicist: Well you know they’re gonna ask you about your views on this religious freedom law and how it might be used to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

Grant: I will be sure to express my views about that.

Kirkland: Dad.

Grant and his publicist are startled a bit by Kirkland’s presence.

Grant: Son. Hi.

Kirkland: I’m anxious to know what those views are.

Grant (signaling to his publicist): Umm can you give us some privacy please? Thanks.

Kirkland watches the publicist leave and he turns to Grant.

Kirkland: So?

Grant: So what? You wanna know how I feel about the new laws being passed regarding religious freedom?

Kirkland: Let me guess you’re all for it.

Grant: I think your concern is bigger than that. You’re really wondering how I feel about how businesses in some states are going to use this law to discriminate.

Kirkland: And you wonder why people won’t come out of the closet.

Grant: Are we talking about other gays...or you?

Kirkland: Of course I’m not talking about me, but this is another thing that’s gonna keep people closeted.

Grant: Well...son...you’re right, I am for religious freedom. That’s one of the foundations that this country was built on.

Kirkland: Like I thought.

Grant: But I don’t support discrimination of any kind. I will not support any business in Bay City, or any city, that uses this religious freedom law as some type of permission to not serve gays and lesbians. Everyone is entitled to the same rights, no matter what their orientation is.

Kirkland is stunned by Grant’s admission.

Kirkland: You...surprise me sometimes.

Grant: Kirkland, did you really think that I would support a law that encourages discrimination? I can’t believe you!

Kirkland: I guess I...didn’t have enough faith in you.

Grant: No you didn’t, and for the record, I still think you need to tell your wife about your past. I don’t support you keeping your secret from her.




blogentry-14971-0-22934100-1430872148_th, Cassblogentry-14971-0-27035200-1430872189_th and Frankieblogentry-14971-0-27140000-1430872217_th walk into Lindsay’s room with flowers, where Stacey and Gregory hold vigil.

Charlie: These are from Kirkland and me.

Lindsay: Thank you. Where did he go?

Charlie: He went to see his dad. I think Grant’s gonna have a press conference soon.

Cass: We don’t need another one of those.

Gregory: My mom witnessed a shooting.

Stacey: Well, we’re gonna think happy things now. Positive things.

Frankie: We’re all here for you Lindsay, whatever you need.

Lindsay gives a tight smile.

Lindsay: Yeah thanks.

Cass: Well...uh we’re gonna head to the Corys.

Stacey: Oh. Gonna go see Rachel?

Frankie: No, Carl called and asked to meet with me. I’ll be honest I got a bit of a weird feeling about it.

Cass, Frankie and Charlie walk over to Lindsay. Cass kisses her on her forehead, and Frankie and Charlie follow up with hugs.

Cass: We’ll see ya kid.

Charlie: Love you.

As Cass, Frankie and Charlie leave, Jake walks in. They all greet each other.

Jake: Hey. How’s my kid?

Lindsay: I’m kinda tired.

Jake: Yeah you just had surgery.

Stacey: Get some rest honey. Jake can I talk to you for a minute outside?



Jake: How is she?

Stacey: I’m...concerned about her.

Jake: What did John say?

Stacey: They had to do an emergency full hysterectomy.

Jake: Well that’s good right? The polyps have no chance to turn malignant.

Stacey: Right.

Jake: So what’s the...my God...she can’t have kids. Marley went through the same thing twenty five years ago, but she got pregnant.

Stacey: This is altogether different than Marley’s situation was, and she’s taking it harder than she’s shows. I’m worried about her Jake. This could send our daughter into depression, and she’s gonna need both of us, and...I’m gonna need you, too. I’m really really worried about her.

Jake: I’m gonna be here for Lindsay...and for you.



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Love how you brought up the religious freedom law. Very timely. Always good to see Kirkland and that was a very nice moment with him and Grant.

I think Jack might be coming to a realization of his situation with Paulina but more importantly his feelings for her too. And Paulina certainly seems to feel the same way.

I do wonder how Lindsay is going to deal with this. I hope she doesnt push Gregory away too much

Solid episode as always built on some great interactions with complex characters!

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  • Members

What a great episode!!!!!!!

Lindsay/Stacey/Gregory: I am loving this storyline! It is really good drama, and very true to what Another World would do if they were still on TV. I feel so sorry for Lindsay though.

Jake/Paulina: I feel like Paulina's life is going to take a GIANT leap forward in the next couple of episodes. She has some loving that needs to be decided. I wondered if that is why Jack called her to the station.

Gregory: I ADORED how you worked the religious freedom act thing in. It was a very smart move, and was classic soap. You brought talks about social issues back into the fold. Can't wait to see what Gregory says!



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I love how you wrote the whole freedom of religion act into your fan fiction of Another World.

Another World was always one of my fave soaps.

I am glad there is a fan-fic for this.

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Another good show. I enjoy reading the veiws on this religious freedom law act as it is a very hot debate right now and I can honestly see both sides of the issue. nice way of keeping ur story topical

Strong scenes from Jake/Pualina/Jack. I do wonder how this will all end up. I like Jack and all I just dont think the excite each other. Carly is jack's fire and Jake is Pualina's or Grant..

It's always good to see Grant.

I'm also glad that Linds will be ok.

Good show Cary!!

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Really enjoyed the talk between Jake and Paulina. Loving but tough and honest - just as they always were.

Is Kirkland gay or bi? I can't remember. Either way, kudos to you for using the characters to discuss and humanize an important topic, and show another side to Grant.

My heart breaks for Lindsay.

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