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ANOTHER WORLD 196 Carl makes another secret move




Carl makes another secret move.

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, beebs, and DRW50


Outside the front door, Frankie

blogentry-14971-0-37638000-1431478495_th rings the doorbell as she waits with Cassblogentry-14971-0-44775400-1431478516_th and Charlieblogentry-14971-0-76913100-1431478544_th.

Frankie: I wonder what Carl wanted.

Cass: Maybe he wants to get to know his daughter.

Charlie: And his granddaughter.

Frankie: I’ve been bad. I haven’t even reached out to him since he got back.

Cass: Maybe this is the perfect opportunity for you to bond.


blogentry-14971-0-99959100-1431478630_th opens the door, and Frankie hugs him.

Matt: Wow...what was that for?

Frankie: I never thanked you did I?

Matt: For what?

Frankie: I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.


blogentry-14971-0-35449200-1431478654_th and Rachelblogentry-14971-0-46841600-1431478677_th walk up to them.

Carl: Thank God.



Reporters gather and set near their chairs while Grant

blogentry-14971-0-23216200-1431478706_th is near the podium. He is signaled by Christyblogentry-14971-0-69439500-1431478730_th. They slink off into a secluded corner.

Grant (whispering): What the hell is wrong with you? We can’t be seen together!

Christy: Is that any way to treat the lady who’s gonna get your lady for you?

Grant: I have a press conference shortly. What is it?

Christy: This is everything.

Grant: Everything?

Christy: Everything you’re going to need to get Jack away from Paulina.

Christy gives him a jump drive.

Christy: I had all the evidence moved to this.

Grant: Hmm. How do I know this is what I’m looking for?

Christy: Well you’ll need to look at it won’t you? Hurry, you’ve got a press conference coming up.

Christy sneaks away unseen by anyone.




blogentry-14971-0-87910700-1431478769_th walks into Jack’sblogentry-14971-0-91945000-1431478798_th office.

Jack: Hi. Sorry. I didn’t mean to keep you waiting. Just making all the detail was in place for Grant’s press conference at the Center.

Paulina: Right.

Paulina sighs nervously.

Paulina: So...what did you want to see me about? Could it have something to do with our kiss?

Jack closes the door and pulls Paulina into a kiss.

Jack: Now...what was that you asked me?

They continue to kiss, then Paulina stops him.

Jack: Hey. Is everything okay?

Paulina has a flashback while looking at Jack’s face.


Jake: Listen, just be careful okay. He’s going through a rough patch with his wife. Believe me, I know what those are.

Paulina: I’m going to help him through that.

Jake: I don’t think you’re considering the possibility that Jack could go back to Carly. You need to be ready for that.

Paulina flashes back to the present.

Paulina: We can’t do this. This isn’t right.




Grant is back at home, and he plugs in the contents of the jump drive that Christy gave him at the Center...and grins with pleasure...with Christy in the background.

Grant: Gotcha Jack.

Christy: What’s your next move?

Grant: You first.

Christy: Well you know I can’t do that. You’ll have to wait just like everybody else.

Grant: Just know that whatever Jack and Paulina think they have, it’s going to be over.


Jack: What do you mean?

Paulina: I’ve been doing some thinking. You’re still married to Carly.

Jack: On paper.

Paulina: And you two have a long history together.

Jack: So do we.

Paulina: And you have two daughters. I can’t come between everything you have with Carly.

Jack: This is a competition?

Paulina: You still love her don’t you?

Jack: A part of me is always gonna love Carly.

Paulina: Is the same part thinking about going back to her?

Jack: Where am I?

Paulina: Here.

Jack: Yes...with you. That’s who I wanna be with...you.

Paulina smiles.

Jack: Carly is the mother of my children, but you are the woman I...I love.

Paulina: Jack? Did you just say…?

Jack: Paulina Cory Carlino, I love you.

They kiss.



Cass, Frankie, Charlie, Carl, Rachel and Matt are gathered in the living room.

Carl: Thank you for coming Frankie. Glad you’re here, too Cass. Charlie, my beautiful granddaughter.

Frankie sighs nervously.

Frankie: I’m glad you called, but I can’t help but wondering what this might be about.

Cass: After all this time, you called Frankie to come over.

Carl: I owe you an apology. I owe you both...an apology.

Frankie: I don’t understand.

Carl: I caused a lot of pain in your lives in the past...with what I did to Kathleen McKinnon.

Frankie: Especially the first time we met.

Carl: I threatened Cass’s life.

Cass: Well Carl I can speak for Frankie and myself on that. We forgive you.

Carl: You just never know when...when you're time is. So you want to spend as much time as possible with the people you love. However, there’s something else. I wasn’t here for you when that stalker tried to kill you.

Matt: We’ll leave you three alone.

Rachel: I have some errands to run.

Frankie: No please. Stay...both of you, especially you Matt, and you, too Rachel. I wouldn’t have been able to reunite with Cass.

Frankie clenches Cass’s right hand.

Frankie: I wouldn’t have been able to see Charlie get married. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

Matt: Frankie you don’t have to…

Frankie: Yes, Matt, I do. I never thanked you and Rachel...for saving my life.

Rachel: Dr. Wu saved your life. He gave you a life saving injection.

Matt: He came from Salem. I called him right before mom and I walked the grounds.

Rachel: I heard you screaming.

Matt: We both did, but I didn’t want mom in danger, so I told her it was our old dog Adelaide.

Rachel: We had to let everything play out.

Matt: As we walked toward the ice house I knew the stalker was near when we heard him slam the door.

Frankie then begins to recall the events of that horrific night.

Frankie: I confronted him, and ripped his mask off. I couldn’t believe it was him. Then...I begged him not to kill me.

After Fax tried to kill me, I was only able to carve part of an F in the rock. After I hunched over, I felt an injection, but I.... I couldn’t move, but I was alive. I couldn’t say anything, I couldn’t do anything.

Matt: The drug that Dr. Wu gave you gives you the appearance that you were dead.

Rachel: It also slowed down your pulse.

Cass starts to rub Frankie back in support.

Cass: I was frantic. I knew you were in danger. I had no idea what to do.

Frankie: I’m so sorry Cass that I put you through that.

Cass: You didn’t do anything wrong honey.

Frankie: I heard you in the morgue when you were holding me. You told Felicia that you wanted to take me home. She and John talked you out of it, but I heard everything you said. Cass: Rachel, if you knew Frankie was alive, then why didn’t you tell us?

Charlie: Dad was devastated. I was, too. Why didn’t you say anything?

Rachel: Charlie, honey, If Fax had found out that your mother was still alive, he probably would have come after her or your father, or even you.

Matt: We couldn’t take that risk.

Rachel: Shortly after that, he was captured.

Cass: But Frankie you didn’t come back.

Matt: Fax Newman came from a very rich and powerful family.

Rachel: And a corrupt onee. We didn’t want to risk them doing anything to you because of their son.

Charlie: But you did come back...as Anne O’Donnell.

Matt: His family died before 1999, and it was safe for Frankie to come back.

Carl: And I’m very happy about that.

Carl gets an alert on his cell phone.

Carl: I’ll be right back. I have to take this.



Carl leaves through the glass double doors and looks at the alert on his cell phone which reads: TRANSFER COMPLETE. Then he makes a phone call.

Carl: It’s me. It’s finally over. It’s safe now.



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So i absolutely love the Jack and Paulina angstttt. I can feel their feelings of uncertainty but wanting each other and trying to fight it. And there is Grant and his deviousness to add another layer to the story. Gonna be veddy interesting to see where this leads. And then Christy seems to be a wild card herself.

Nice to learn more about the back story of Frankie surviving death. And I love the nod to history with Carl apologizing for some of his past deed. Alluding to his impending passing. But hmmm what could that call at the end be about..

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Hmmmm interesting episode.

Jack/Paulina: I LOVE where this is going. I love them together. It gives them a whole new start in life.

The Cory Family: I love that you mentioned the stalker. Very few things get mentioned like that. And if they do, then it is a quick one. But, you explained the stalker and Frankie and Fax. I really enjoyed that. It was nice to hear that all over again. Great Job!

Christy/Grant: I wonder what Grant found exactly. Christy... she is a type of bitch that is special LOL. LOVE HOW U WRITE HER!!!!!!!



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Wow what a power house episode. All that rich history of the Bay City Stalker and Frankie survived all of that. YOu filled in a lot of gaps and I thank you for that.

Wow ur descriptions of events are very good as it took me right back into time when the story was running and what a let down it was that the culprit turned out to be lame ass Fax.

It was so nice to see some closure on that chapter and thanks being given.

Also I love any time CHristy makes an appearance. SHe always stirs the pot. I wonder what is on the flash drive I was hoenstly looking forward to a speech from Grant..It had such a nice build up. I was set. But it's cool. SO Jack told Paulina he loves her.. We'll see.

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Dr. Wu! Wow. Is it too much to hope Vivian might make an appearance someday?

Great contrast of Jack/Paulina coming together just as Grant and Christy (loved her dialogue in this) are about to destroy them.

Poor Carl.

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