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ANOTHER WORLD 194 Jake confides in an old friend




Jake confides in an old friend

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, beebs, and DRW50



blogentry-14971-0-76429900-1430181468_th opens the door and sees Stevenblogentry-14971-0-59543700-1430181489_th.

Vicky: Hey honey come on in.

Steven: I see you got everything cleaned up.

Vicky: Yeah.

Steven: Why are all these suitcases here?

Vicky: Because Donna is coming to get Bridget.

Steven: Mom not again.

Vicky: Bridget is going to go live with your grandparents at the Love Mansion.

Steven: Did you kick her out?

Vicky turns around.

Steven: What’s going on around here? First Jake and now Bridget?

Vicky: Bridget tried to hurt Michele, and I’m not gonna give her another chance.


blogentry-14971-0-64205300-1430181635_th appears at the top of the stairs.

Steven: Where’s Michele?

Vicky: She went out.

Steven: Can you tell me where?

Bridget: Come on mom is it that hard to figure out? She went to see Cory.




blogentry-14971-0-40750400-1430181703_th and Micheleblogentry-14971-0-12969600-1430181724_th are in the living room.

Cory: It’s...good to see you. Are you okay?

Michele: I’m fine. Never better.

Cory: Good.

Michele: How’s...everything here?

Cory: Everything’s good.

Michele: How’s your relationship with my sister?

Cory: Michele...we...I’ve been meaning to tell you.

Michele: When were you gonna tell me Cory?

Cory: I didn’t know what I was gonna say I....

Michele: You could’ve moved on with anyone else, but with my sister?

Cory: We didn’t mean for it to happen. We thought you were dead.

Michele: I wonder how she did it.

Cory: She didn’t do anything. She missed you Michele. It took her a long time to forgive herself for what she had done.

Michele: And you, being you, helped her through it, right?

Cory: If you’re expecting an apology, you’re not gonna get one. I like Bridget a lot, and I wanna be with her.

Michele: And I don’t plan on standing in your way.

Cory: What?

Michele: You heard right. If you wanna be my sister’s boyfriend, go right ahead. I’m cool with it.




blogentry-14971-0-29316300-1430181760_th is driving with Donnablogentry-14971-0-31491700-1430181778_th.

Donna: We’ve gotta talk Victoria out of this. Sending Bridget to live with us is not the answer.

Michael: I don’t agree.

Donna: How could you not Michael?

Michael: Maybe it’s best for now.

Donna: The only thing that’s best is that Bridget and Michele mend their fences and for Victoria to let Jake come home so they can work things out.

Michael: I guess you didn’t see what happened at the hospital.

Donna: After everything Bridget did before, I wonder if she really did attack Michele.

Michael: And after that you don’t think it’s best for them to be separated? What are you on?

Donna: They need to be a cohesive family unit, and they can’t be that when Jake and Bridget aren’t living there.

Michael: It’s not our place to dictate our daughter’s marriage.

Donna: You know how Victoria is. She just needs some...convincing. She loves Jake. She’s always loved Jake.




blogentry-14971-0-03275200-1430181807_th sits at a table and has a flashback.

(Episode 180 at Kirkland and Charlie’s wedding)

Jake: Vicky I’m not doing this here.

Vicky: Doing what? I just asked you to dance.

Jake: I still don’t trust you. I don’t know if I ever will.

Vicky: You want to throw away everything we’ve meant to each other?

Jake: You did that when you decided to keep the truth from me about Lindsay.

Vicky: You’re never gonna forgive me for that are you?

Then he has another flashback (Episode 184)

Vicky: So you...you’re not gonna stay.

Jake: You gave me an ultimatum before we went to the wedding, remember?

Vicky: Yeah I know, and you’re deciding to not fight. We watched Kirkland begin his marriage today, and you’re ending ours.

Jake flashes back to the present and rubs his right hand on his forehead as if to cope with the stress of the peril that his marriage to Vicky is in.

Jake: What the hell am I gonna do?

Then suddenly, Paulina

blogentry-14971-0-28622300-1430181835_th touches Jake’s right shoulder.

Paulina: How about talking to an old friend?

Jake looks up and smiles.

Jake: Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes right now?



Part 2

Michael and Donna are in the McKinnons living room talking to Vicky and Steven.

Michael: Where’s Bridget?

Vicky: She’s upstairs getting the rest of her things.

Donna: Victoria, having Bridget to come live with us is not the answer.

Vicky: It’s the only one I could come up with right now. I have a lot to figure out.

Michael: This is when you need your family here.

Vicky: We just got Michele back, and I am not going to lose her.


Cory: What did you just say?

Michele: I understand. I really do. You and Bridget thought I was dead. What were you gonna do? Not move on? That’s pretty unrealistic for me to expect.

Cory: What did you feel when you saw us kissing at your brother’s wedding?

Michele: Okay I’ll admit...I was pissed off at first.

Cory: Pissed enough to do what you did to Bridget’s picture?

Michele: Okay I was a little mad, but I’ve had to think about it, and I’ve accepted it. If you and Bridget wanna be together, then you should.

Cory: Are you sure?

Michele: I’m totally cool with it.

Cory continues to look at her with doubt, but his skepticism begins to fade slowly.

Michele: Really. I am. It looks like Bridget makes you happy, and that’s all I really want for you...and her.

Cory: If you...say so.

Michele: Why don’t you believe me?

Cory: We all grew up together. You and I said we were gonna be together forever when we were in eighth grade.

Michele: We had no idea what we were talking about. We were kids. Besides, things have a way of working themselves out. Maybe you were really meant to be with Bridget. Come here.

Michele and Cory hug as Michele talks to Cory in his left ear.

Michele: Everyone deserves happiness, and all of us should get what we deserve right.

They end their embrace and they walk to the front door. Their embrace is interrupted by a text.

Michele: Oh...I’m gonna leave. That’s my Aunt Marley.

Cory: How is she?

Michele: I’m about to find out.

Cory: Hey Michele...thank you.

Michele: Anytime Cory.

Michele leaves and after Cory shuts the door…

Michele: Oooh, Bridget is gonna get everything she deserves.



Steven: Is Michele okay?

Vicky: She’s fine.

Donna: She said Bridget attacked her at the hospital, and your mother’s overreacting.

Vicky: Oh for God’s sake, I can’t believe that you can’t see what’s going on. Bridget is still jealous of Michele. Did you forget everything she did?

Donna: Of course I didn’t, but I just have a hard time believing that Bridget would ever attack her own sister with a pair of scissors.

Michael: Steven why don’t you help your old grandpa with Bridget’s luggage.

Steven: Sure thing.

As Steven and Michael take Bridget’s luggage out to the car, Donna turns to Vicky.

Donna: Victoria is there anything I can do to change your mind?

Vicky: Hmm let’s see...no.

Donna: You’re making a mistake.

Vicky: I have a lot going on Donna.

Donna: And you shouldn’t be going through this alone. Where is Jake? He should be helping you through this.


Paulina: Lot of police officers around and a podium. Looks like there’s gonna be a press conference. So what’s going on with you?

Jake: What’s not going on?

Paulina: It can’t be all bad right? I mean, Michele’s back home isn’t she?

Jake: Yes and I’m very happy about that, but she’s not right.

Paulina: What do you mean?

Jake: She is out to get her own sister, and short of locking her in a room somewhere, I don’t feel there’s a lot I can do to stop her. I don’t know what she’s gonna do next. This is Vicky and Marley all over again.

Paulina: Oh...you’re talking about when Marley locked Vicky in the basement of the Love Mansion. Do you think Michele had some psychotic break like Marley did then?

Jake: Probably. It hurts like hell to see my daughter like that. Hurts even more to see all the animosity between my twins. Then my other daughter Lindsay might have...might have cancer.

Paulina: My God Jake I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do?

Jake smiles.

Jake: Unless you can fix my marriage, you’ve done more than enough.

Paulina: You and Vicky? What’s going on?

Jake: She knew the truth about Lindsay and kept it from me, and now this whole thing with the twins. I can’t trust her anymore.

Paulina sighs almost in agreement.

Paulina: Can’t have any kind of relationship without trust right?

Jake: Right.

Paulina then flashes a smile.

Paulina: You’ve changed so much Jake. You’re a family man, and a husband.

Jake: Given what we did in the past you’d never thought you’d see the day huh? We both had to do some maturing.

Paulina: We did. You did. If you need anything, please let me know.

Paulina puts her left hand on Jake’s right hand…



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Hmmm nice touching moment with Jake and Paulina. Good that theyre still close.

Michele was the star of the episode again! I love her and all this scheming. All this wanting her sister to get what she deserves. I wonder what she is going to go and do however..

The whole family dynamic is still so complex with so many different angles. Donna is trying her heart out to make things work out well. You have set up an amazing dynamic with that family!

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  • Members

I did love this episode, as always!

You have set up a lot of good future things.

Bridget/Michele: This is getting good! I love this whole new twin rivalry going on! Because, I think it is a easy way for history to come up again and start some new history!

Paulina/Jake: I think Donna was right with all she said to Vicky. Vicky needs to get her man back before it is too late.

Keep up the good work!!!

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What a great episode. Very simple, and dynamic. The scene with Michele and Cory was excellent. So subtle but so much bubbling underneath the surface. I'm loving it, and I love what's to come, I can just sense it. Can't see what direction you go with it!

Donna is really pushing to keep the family together, and yet is so skeptical of what's going on. Ever the meddling mom, but there's an awareness I haven't seen from Donna much. Good angle to pursue.

Paulina and Jake's scene was lovely. Their history is so deep, and I like that Jake has a bit of a confidant in Paulina. He needs that right now. Very good stuff.

As always, fantastic episode, can't wait for 195!

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A very nice episode Show casing all of Jakes feelings and what he is going through was a nice touch. Jake does have a lot on his plate. Im glad hes keeping it together. It was also a nice trip down memory lane between the two and sort of nice the captured history.

Michele is really setting up Bridget pretty good. Even Cory is a bit put off

And its always good to see Donna and Micheal put things into prespectivve for the Mckinnon family.

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Love the Paulina and Jake interaction, and Donna being torn, and Michele's scheme. I wonder if any of her plans are Reginald's work.

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