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Spring Previews!



"The first six months of story will really be a transition period," explains Head Writer Drew Hamilton. "There's a big milestone coming in the fall that will celebrate 50 years of the show's history. To be able to honor that properly, everything needs to be in a certain place by the time the anniversary gets here. Spring is just the beginning. We'll touch on young love, secrets from the past and shocking revelations."

Aiden/Hope: Aiden took a big step admitting the truth to Hope. In a way, it solidified their relationship. However, something happens that causes Aiden to question his decision to call Salem home.

Doug/Julie: Doug and Julie come home to support their family. Julie also has a bone to pick with another character in Salem, regarding money from the past.

Eve: Eve and JJ nearly get caught in the act. The near-miss knocks some sense into Eve and she puts an end to her trysts with Jack's son. Look for her to start interacting with other characters, particularly one who she strikes a friendship with.

JJ/Paige: Paige wants to move on from JJ, but she finds it difficult. JJ has an equal hard time trying to push his ex away. Especially when they start working close together at St. Luke's annual carnival. The carnival's kissing booth has history of bringing reignited young love in the past. Will it work for these two?

Theresa/Brady/Melanie: When Theresa's job at the hospital is threatened, Brady offers to speak on her behalf as part of the hospital board. Despite what Theresa's done in the past, Brady was moved by her decision to stop Anne's trick. Melanie notices this change of heart on Brady and starts to wonder if she should be concerned that their blossoming romance might be threatened. Also, look for Theresa to develop a questionable medical condition.

Justin/Adrienne/Lucas: Will's affair has effects on all three. Lucas stands by his son. Justin wants to stand by his, and lashes out at his son-in-law for her misdeed. Adrienne feels torn. She wants to support Sonny, but her past and recent actions cause her to understand Will.

Daniel/Nicole: Nicole puts her foot down with Daniel. If they're going to move forward together, Daniel needs to commit and be okay with Nicole, flaws and all.

Eric/Serena: Serena becomes desperate to get the elephant statue in her hands. There's more to the statue than just fine art. It connects to a very popular DAYS storyline from the past. Eric will remain in the dark about Serena's agenda, while offering to help her search for the statue, which finds its way around town from hand to hand.

Sonny/Will/Paul: Sonny makes a big decision that leaves Will crushed. Will realizes he's more like his mom than he ever imagined and he has a hard time with this. All Will wants to do is save his marriage and family. Meanwhile, Paul questions how stable the marriage ever was when he notices cracks within the union.

Chad/Abigail/Ben: Chad sets his sights back on Abigail, which was an apparent plan Stefano sent him back to Salem to execute. Chad gets instructions to follow that he doesn't necessarily agree with at first. However, he soon realizes his father was right when Abigail sees the DiMera in a different light. Meanwhile, the outcome of Ben's hearing has lasting effects that brings out a dark side in the man.

Rafe/Jordan: Jordan gets an exciting opportunity she cannot pass up on. Unfortunately, the opportunity will send her out of town. Salem has become home to Jordan. There are people she's going to miss, like Rafe. These two shared something special once upon a time. Look for that to be touched upon again before Jordan leaves.


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