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Sister Pat vs. Miss Jenkins! # 122



Pasadena City Court House100_1391.jpg

nymom_gesture2.gifSister Patterson is seen with her lawyer, none other than Lisa Ray, as the District Attorney Jack Nicholson is right across from them. Jack smirks at the two, but Lisa just rolls her eyes and looks at him for a moment.


“Don't be so sure of yourself, councelor. I have represented numerous people in countless cases here in Pasadena, and have gotten people off the hook for crimes they didn't commit many times. If you can lose a case to the craziest woman in Pasadena, I hope you don't think that you'll do better against me.”

Jack, laughingjack-nicholson.jpg

“All of those times that you won cases you were going up against District Attorney Stacy Dash, who doesn't nearly have the good record that I have. And I think your streak of luck has been wearing thin, didn't you lose in the custody battle of Arianna Roberts over in Salem a few months ago?”


“Oh please. That wasn't a normal case, and my client got custody of Arianna at the end of the day. And I have gone up against many district attorneys in my day. I don't see whats so different about you. Mona is a murderor, a rapist, a drug addict, hell an evil mastermind, and you still couldn't get her the maximum senten-“

Sister Pat, standing up and slapping Lisa

“Now you just stop right there! I won't have you spreading such ugly words about my daughter. She's done some awful sins and she tried to take over my God’s house but I still ain't having my own lawyer bashing her. Lord have Mercy...I was so worried I didn't even go back to my own home last night! What would Miss Jenkins say?!”

Jack just laughs, and Lisa turns to Pat, sighing.


“Sister Pat, I know of all your antics, but I am going to have to kindly ask you to tone it down, just for today. If you want to go free so you can spread the word as you claim you do, you can't be having all these over the top outbursts. Thats what got you here in the first place. And as for Miss Jenkins, we're going to here alot of what she has to say. She's testifying today!”

Sister Pat, looking at Lisa in shock

“WE WON”T BE HAVING NONE OF THAT TODAY! I can't let Miss Jenkins come in here in front of everyone like that! Oh she needs to just stay in her house! Its for her own good! I still gotta pray all that vileness out of her!”

Lisa, looking at Sister Pat in shock

“Madea is your mother. Your mother that no one heard from for years and years. I think the prosecution wants to use her against you, but if I can turn it around, she may end up helping us greatly in this trial.”

Sister Pat slaps Lisa, this time even harder.

Sister Pat

“Don't know one talk about Miss Jenkins! Lord, how many times must I tell you people?! You act like my Miss Jenkins is some high school gossip topic and you know I’m not having that!”

Lisa sighs, sitting down and going through her paperwork

“Well, if Mable Madea Jenkins doesn't help us, I do have someone else that could.”

Sister Pat

“And who is that? Everyone in my life has deserted me! OH LORD WHY?!!?


“I did some research and discovered your half-sister: Celeste Perrault. I called her here today.”

Sister Pat's jaw drops at the thought of Celeste and Miss Jenkins being reunited, and Celeste finding out about Miss Jenkins being sealed up inside her house for so many years, as well as all the ongoing chaos between Pat and Miss Jenkins. She cannot believe this is happening.

Sister Pat

“Thrid eye come on.., work for me. I need a refund on my third eye. It is obviously broken, Lord Have Mercy. Celeste is coming here?!”


“Yes, yes she is. I arranged for her to fly in from Salem today.’

Sister Pat has to sit down and take a drink of water as she thinks about this mess.

Judge Hatchett soon comes out.JUDGEHATHET.jpg


“The trial of Patterson Williams vs. Pasadena is beginning! Honorable Judge Hatchett presiding!”

Sister Patterson

“That’s Sister Patterson. I beg your pardon. How dare you!?”


“This is not going well. We are going to loose.”

Judge Hatchett, sitting down

“Thank you, baliff. Now, I return here today because of Sister Patterson Williams various antics, such as acting out in court the other day during her daughter, Kelis Williams', trial. Sister Pat already has a small criminal record, apparently. Her own husband arrested her well over a year ago for her assaulting a man named Rufus. “

Sister Pat, standing up

“Now you just don't understand, your honor!It was a he she. I mean a she he. You know, one of those man woman’s thangs. My God called upon me to act that day. The tranny had to be stopped. That nasty thing was trying to tea up my God's world, and oh you know I don't go for that! Dressing up as a woman, that sinful man or whatever he calls himself!”

Judge Hatchett

“Order in the court! Miss Williams, if you continue to act like this, I assure you that you will lose this case!”

Sister Pat sits down, and Lisa looks at her, irritated.

Lisa, whispering

“Calm down, Pat! We can't have this! Stay quiet and let me handle everything!”

Judge Hatchett

“Now, does the prosecution have an opening statement?”


“We do, your honor. We find Sister Patterson Williams a danger to society here in Pasadena, and while we are not necessarily pursuing prison time, we're leaving that as an open option, but we intend to pursue Sister Patterson to be confined to a mental asylum, possibly for the rest of her life.”

Judge Hatchett

“Does the defense have an opening statement?”


“We do, your honor. While Sister Patterson's actions may not have been ideal, we feel that she is just passionate about her opinions and viewpoints, and is not insane in the slightest, nor does she deserve any punishment for expressing herself in public or private.”

Judge Hatchett

“Lets begin, then. Prosecution, call your first witness.”


“Prosecution calls to the stand: Myrtle Jean Jenkins!”

madea.jpgMyrtle Jean AKA Mable Madea "Miss" Jenkins walks into the courtroom, walking right up to the witness stand, glancing at Sister Pat as she does. Miss Jenkins takes oath before Jack gets started.


“Now, Miss Jenkins, you are Sister Patterson Williams' mother, correct?”

Miss Jenkins

“Yes, I am.”


“Could you say that you have a good mother/daughter relationship with Sister Patterson?”

Miss Jenkins

“Hell no!”

Jack, grinning at Sister Pat

“And why is that?”

Miss Jenkins

“Well that demon child is out of her cotton picking mind! I regret to this day ever giving birth to her. Boy, if we had abortions in my day, you know I would've been at that clinic first thing in the morning! She is a crazy old bat that shouldn't be running around on the streets!”


“Now, Miss Jenkins, can you tell us more about Sister Pat's conception and birth and why you have such views on her?”

Lisa, standing up

“Objection, your honor, this has no relevance to the case!”

Judge Hatchett looks at Jack.


“Don't worry, my point is coming.”

Judge Hatchett

“Overruled. Continue, counselor, but get to the point.”

Miss Jenkins

“Well, you see, it was a cool Atlantan night...I stumbled onto a man called "the Deacon", and well, you probably can figure out what happened. I got pregnant, but that bastard soon left me. So I was all alone with a child, and I never wanted another after I had my sane child: Celeste. So I had this child that I never wanted. And as she grew up, she just got crazier! She acted like she was obsessed with me but she did so much to me!”


“And what did she do to you?”

Sister Pat, standing up suddenly

“Miss Jenkins, PLEASE, no! You don't understand!”

Miss Jenkins gives Sister Pat a very cold, dark look. Almost as if she doesn't care or give a damn about what she's about to reveal.

Miss Jenkins

“Once that lunatic got to adulthood, her and I moved here, to Pasadena. We found a house and that ugly face immediately started hunting for some rich man. How she got that nice looking police commissioner with her glaring ugliness I will never know, but she did. So while she and him were all happy, she locked me up in my own house! That crazy ass woman trapped me there and would never let me out! She held me captive, and snuck me food in the middle of the night, yet she acted like she didn't do nothing wrong! Then after she thought that my granddaughter died, she started babbling on and on about God and the Bible and all of this. She just got more insane as the years go on.”


“So what you are saying is that this woman, Sister Patterson Williams, held you captive in your own house and never let you out?”

Miss Jenkins

“Thats exactly what I'm saying! She would've never let me out if it hadn't been for that man or woman or whatever getting his manhood chopped off and crawling up for help! Sister Patterson, the great Pasadena saint, would've left me to die!”

Sister Pat, jumping up

“MISS JENKINS!!! HOW COULD YOU SAY SUCH THINGS ABOUT ME?!!? MISS JENKINS, I HAVE ALWAYS DONE THE BEST I COULD FOR YOU, I'VE LOVED YOU SO MUCH AND DEFENDED YOU SO MANY TIMES!!!!! OH MISS JENKINS WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?!!?!??! Even when you beat me as a child, if I did something so small as not take the trash out, I loved you and didn't let no one talk about you! Don't know one talk about Miss Jenkins! DON'T KNOW ONE TALK ABOUT MISS JENKINS!!!”

Miss Jenkins, getting angry as she stands up

“You dumb slut! You never loved me...you locked me up the first chance you got! You sealed me off from the outside world for years and years! I never even got to meet your own husband until after he was dead, and I am just now meeting my grandchildren! I have not even seen Celeste for years! And maybe I was so hard on you because I knew you'd turn out as what you are today: A crazy, pathetic excuse for a mother dirty little WHORE!!!!!”

Judge Hatchett, astounded at the huge situation unravelling before her

“ORDER ORDER in the court! You all had better calm down or Sister Patterson you will lose this trial and Miss Jenkins you will be held in contempt!”

Sister Pat sits down in her chair, completely silent for a moment.

Sister Pat, contantly muttering this as she flashes back to her painful childhood

“Don't know one talk about Miss Jenkins...don't know one talk about Miss Jenkins...”

Jack, relishing in his triumph

“Prosecution rests.”

Judge Hatchett, taking a breath

“Would the defense like to cross examine the witness?”

Lisa looks around at everyone in the courtroom...out of all the chaos she's seen in courtrooms, she has no clue how to continue this or save Sister Pat now, not after all of Sister Pat's antics around Pasadena and the shocking revelation that she held her own mother captive in a house for decades on end.


“No...your honor...”

Judge Hatchett

“You may step down”.

However, as Miss Jenkins is getting off the stand, suddenly the doors open...and none other than Salem's very own Celeste Perrault walks in! Everyone turns to look at her.Tanya-Boyd.jpg

Miss Jenkins, shocked at her elder daughter standing before her after not seeing her for so many years

“Celeste...Celeste, honey...is that you?!”


“Who is this?!”

Sister Pat's eyes go wider and her worries only grow as she sees her sister has now entered the courtroom after this insane trial!


Episode 122: Sister Pat vs. Miss Jenkins!!!

Written by: Tara Smith

Story Editor: ML Cooks

Downtown Pasadena, Pasadena City Police Station,cityhall2.jpg

Sharan walks up to Sabryn's cell. Sabryn smiles at seeing her old friend Sharan.


“Hey, Sharan...nice to see you come by to visit me again. I really need it.”


“No problem, . How are you?”

Sabryn, looking around

“Well as good as I can be in here. You? You look a bit shaken.”


“Well...um...I had..an interesting night.”



Sharan, leaning in to the bars so no one else would hear

“Well....last night...Daniel and I had sex.”




“Shh! Shh! Keep it down! I don't want anyone else finding it out.”


“Oh, sorry, sorry...its just shocking. You and Daniel?”


“Yes. Kevin came to me all angry last night...he was really weird, and he was furious! I have never seen him like that before! And so I went to Daniel and he consoled me about it and it just sorta happened!”


“But what about Dre?”


“Girl, I don't even know what my status with Dre is...and Kevin...he didn't understand that I just can't be with him right now. Not after what Mona did. But Daniel experienced similar torture with me. He was there. He and I know what we have gone through, so with him its just been different kind of nice. I mean....its hard to explain. ‘”


“It sounds to me like you and Daniel may have a connection going on here. But why don't you seem that happy about it?”


“Well...I...I don't know....”


“What is it? You can tell me. Its not like I have that many people to tell in here anyways.”


“I really enjoyed last night, but at the same time...that is the first time I had sex since Mona raped me. It was a long time ago, but the pain is still there...and it feels so weird to even...touch anyone like that...engage in that activity after what she did. It almost scares me. I hate to say it, but I actually can see how being molested night after night by Abe screwed her up so much...I was only raped once and its taken its toll enough on me!”

Sabryn, nodding

“What you went through was very traumatic. What Mona went through was horrifying. But here's the difference between you and Mona: Mona has gone so far down that road of darkness and insanity because of what Abe did to her, there's no turning back. I'm sorry, but I think that woman is too far gone. Sharan, honey, you still have a chance at a normal life. And it may be hard...but this was your first time after Mona raped you that you actually had sex. As time goes on, if anything more develops between you and Daniel, it will get easier and better in time. Now, what about Kevin and Dre?”

Sharan, tears welling up in her eyes as she thinks about all that has happened

“Sabryn , I don't even know what to say about those two. You know, I love them both so much...hell, I called out Dre's name while I was having sex with Kevin! But the thing is is that after Mona held me captive and raped me, it changed me. It changed me forever...I am not the same Sharan I was before that. People may look at me and talk to me and think I'm the same Sharan Johnson thats always been here, but the truth is, I'm not. And to be honest, especially after I found out that Mona was Kevin's sister...I don't know. I don't think I can be with either of them. And after what Mona did to me...how I feel towards them isn't the same. I don't think I feel what I once did.”


“I understand, I really do. Its kinda similar to me and Bryan, actually. After what went down with Ashley and Natalia, I don't think him and I can ever be together again.”

Sharan, crying as she thinks about this tangled mess

“And I told Kevin that. I refused to lead him on, I told him that straight up...and he got so angry, it scared me. I mean it scared me...and Sabryn, I just have had this feeling ever since last night that something bad has happened.”

Back at the Courthouse

Sister Pat, Lisa, Jack, Judge Hatchett, and Miss Jenkins all look as Celeste Perrault from Salem barges right into the courtroom!

Miss Jenkins

“Celeste?! Oh Lord I must be dreaming! Finally the one daughter I actually am proud of has arrived! Oh thank the Lord!”


“Who the hell is this?!”


“Your testimony is no longer needed, Miss Perrault....things took a very unexpected turn.”

Miss Jenkins, shoving past everyone

“Damn right they did. Let me see my daughter! We have alot to talk about.”

Celeste, looking at her mother in shock

“Mother...Miss Jenkins...what...what is going on? The last person I expected to see here is...you....”

Miss Jenkins

“Your crazy bat of a sister, thats what happened!

Sister Pat sits and watches in horror as her sister is about to learn what she did to their mother for years. However, she jumps up and approaches them.”

Sister Pat, breathing heavily

“Now Celeste, you have to understand that I was on the path for my God and just trying to protect Miss Jenkins! I was doing my God’s work. ”

Judge Hatchett

“What the hell is this?! I am going to be so glad once I am done with this family. You all are too crazy for me.”

Miss Jenkins

“Celeste...lemme tell ya all of what your crazy sister here did to me! She locked me in my house, sealed me off from the world for years, it took a damn man that got cut into a woman to get me out of there!”

Celeste, very confused

“Wait, dahling, what? I don't understand any of this...Pat, when you visited Salem, you never told me Miss Jenkins was here. When I asked about her you slapped me!”

Miss Jenkins

“No surprise there. She's a crazy old lady! Do you know that because of her my poor granddaughter murdered her own uncle? Of course she thought he was her father, but since Pat cheated on him with his own brother, turns out he was her uncle that molested Kelis for years!”


“Dahling, I am so confused.”

Miss Jenkins

“She locked me in my house, Celeste!”

Celeste, looking at Sister Pat

“She did WHAT?!”

Miss Jenkins

“ Damn it girl can’t you hear? Do you not understand the words that are coming out my mouth? Do you want some q-tips to attend to the waxxy build up in your ears? She locked me in my house and didn't let me out until recently! And I've seen how crazy she has become, always babbling about God.”


“This doesn't make sense. Dahling, when you visited Salem, I noticed that you had grown even crazier over the years, but did you really do this?!

Sister Pat looks at her mother and her half-sister. She has to clutch her chest as she tries to take deep breathes. “

Miss Jenkins

“Answer her damnit! Tell her all of what you did to me!”

Tears begin to run down Sister Pat's cheeks as stress overtakes her.


“Dahling, what did you do to our mother?!”

Sister Pat, suddenly grabbing her Bible and shoving past Celeste


Sister Pat rushes out of the courtroom, obviously dissolving into a complete mess as she tries to deal with the anxiety of everything about Miss Jenkins being exposed in court!

Huntington Memorial Hospitalbig_hospital_pic.jpg

3128734.jpgNatalia sits with Mark Jr., refusing to leave her baby's side after he got shot by her former drug dealing employee Suga.


“You really are a fighter...just like your mommy. They say you're going to be just fine...”

Bryan suddenly walks in.m_3e9fd0f278c9370e3793ebbbf2d98f41.jpg


“Well well well, look who finally decided to visit his son!”


“What the hell, Natalia?! Suddenly I hear about my own son being shot by some woman YOU knew?”

Natalia, standing up, scowling at Bryan

“Excuse me?! I tried to call you, you bastard, but you didn't pick up. Probably too busy getting drunk since Sabryn is done with you. You know, I should sue for custody of Sabryn's son, too. I can't believe he's going to have to grow up with two whackjobs like you two as parents.”


“What happened to my son? Why did he get shot? Since when do you hear of babies getting shot?! Did Ria finally lose what sanity she had?”


“You a.s.s.hole! Ria was the one that kept Mark Jr. alive. As for the shooter, it was just some madwoman that broke into my house. I found her and so she shot Mark Jr. on accident. But she's locked up now.”


“Oh don't give me that bullsh!t. I know you know her somehow. And she's not locked up! I checked and apparently they cleared her of all of her charges in Salem and Pasadena!”

Natalia, her eyes widening

“What?! That can't be possible...does that mean that she's back here...in Pasadena?! Who in the hell gets off for shooting a baby?!”


“They say she has amnesia, so you don't have to worry about her exposing your dirty little secrets, but you're lucky I'm not so busy or I'd track her down and make sure she'd face charges.”

Natalia, not wanting Suga to recover her memory and expose her for hiring her to stab Dahlia

“As much as I despise the bitch for shooting my baby, just let her be. We have more important things to worry about. And I have no clue what you're talking about. She was just some crazy psycho who broke into my house. Stop being so paranoid, Bryan, and start focusing on how to be a better father.”


“I don't let children get shot!”

Bryan walks over to Mark Jr...he stares at him for a moment, relieved by the fact that his son lived through such a horrifying incident. Natalia smiles as she looks down on her son as well.


“He really is beautiful, isn't he?”


“Yeah, he...he really is. “

Natalia and Bryan actually have a moment of peace as they lean in close and continue to stare at their son.


“You know, Bryan, if I had lost him....after just getting him back...”

Natalia chokes up, and Bryan actually puts an arm around her.


“I know....I know.”

Natalia, looking at Bryan

“You know, Bryan, I know that Mark Jr. wasn't concieved in the best way...but he is still the most important thing in my life. And I hope its the same for you.”


“Natalia...I will promise you one thing: No matter what happens between us...whether we are fighting like cats and dogs or not...I will always love him with all of my heart, because the bottom line is that, he is my son. And what went on with Ashley, and us, and everything...none of it is his fault.”

Natalia and Bryan actually continue their tender moment and lean on each other as they look down on their son....


Jasmine's officeLivingRoomRegencyPark.jpg

Jasmine and Daniel sit together as they begin their next session.


“So, Daniel, how are you feeling today?”


“Kinda...I don't know. I feel kinda happy, but kinda weird at the same time....”


“Why is that?”


“Um, well....something happened last night...”


“Oh really?”


“Sharan came over to my house...apparently she and Kevin had some big argument...she was really in pain over it, and I ended up comforting her over it....”




“And we ended up...having sex.”

Jasmine looks at Daniel in pure shock.


“You...you had sex? Just right then and there like that?”


“Yeah...believe me, it wasn't planned...it was just something that felt right...but spur of the moment, you know? At the same time, it didn't feel right....”




“Well....I like Sharan and all...but she seemed really tense...which is understandable. This happens after her and her ex has some blow out fight...and not to mention...its so soon after Lauren's death, I am still pre-occupied with thoughts of her sometimes....its like it really did feel right, but it was so sudden and so soon...I'm just not sure. And I'm not sure whats going to happen between Sharan and I now.”



Daniel, looking up at Jasmine, concerned

“Jasmine, is something wrong?”


“You...you know what, Daniel, I just realized, I have another appointment somewhere else.”

Jasmine gets up and quickly rushes out of her office as the tears stroll down her cheeks at Daniel having sex with Sharan, and his problems with Sharan and Lauren, but no mention of her.

Daniel, getting up to go after her,

“Jasmine, wait!”

But its too late...Jasmine rushes off as Daniel sighs....

Williams HouseRaw00052.jpg

Sister Pat sighs, trying to calm herself down after the huge blowout at the courtroom, as she walks into her house. She closes her eyes and takes yet another deep breathe.

Sister Pat

“It all gonna be just fine...I...I got God with me, and Miss Jenkins...Miss Jenkins...everything gone be fine with her too...oh Lord, please help me...”

However, when Sister Pat opens her eyes, she is stunned to see her living room trashed! While some of the furniture remains intact, she sees other things thrown around and overturned. She drops her Bible on the floor as she looks around.

Sister Pat

“What happened here?! Oh Lord whats happened to me now?! Lord, up there in Heaven, be with me.....what sinners are trying to get to me now?! Devil why are you here?”

Sister Pat turns to see if anyone or anything is upstairs. She slowly begins to walk up the stairs...after getting upstairs, she sees Kevin's door is open....she slowly walks towards it, and she suddenly gets a dark feeling....

Sister Pat

“Oh Lord what could be happening to me now?! I've asked forgiveness for all of my sins and tried to do the Lord's work...what could happen now?!”

Sister Pat continues to approach the room...finally, she gets to the doorway...and walks inside. Her eyes go wide and dark as she sees everything in the room trashed..."Bye Bitch" written in blood on the wall....and a dead Kevin hanging from the fan as it spins!

Sister Pat SCREAMS as she sees her firstborn, her first son, dead right in front of her eyes!

Sister Pat


Sister Pat begins to have an emotional breakdown as she approaches her son's hanging body....02_h.jpg


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Loved it! From beginning to end. I cannot wait to find out how Kevin's death will impact the cast. And Sister Patterson... a TRIP. Love her. More of Sister Patterson. LMAO. And Kevin leaving that final message ("Bye Bitch") to Sister Patterson was hilarious.

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  • Members

Celeste is Sister Patterson sister, good crossover character from the Days canvass. Liked the backstory we got to read about Sister Patterson and her mother. Sister Patterson finding Kevin was very sad, but a strong ending.

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  • Members

Thanks guys for reading. brandon you have really missed some truly classic moments with sis patterson. She came on at the very beginning of season 2 and she has never looked back. She will be less funny, and more emotional in the coming weeks.

Kevin's death effects the entire cast in some way.

It has been perfectly written by Tara.

I'll read yens blogs tomorrow or so

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  • Members

Damn classic Sister Pat!

Ooh Celeste.

This courtroom stuff is getting even better. :)

Opening scene was a little long but was still a good read.

Nice scene with Sharan confiding in Sabryn

Wow very intense at the courtroom

It was nice to see Natalia and Bryan put it all aside for a moment for the boy.

WOW! Very powerful ending with Sister Pat finding her son's dead body after killing himself! Very emotional.

Very intense and exciting episode.

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  • Members

This was the episode where Sister Pat got her day of reconing. It was truly so many years in the making. I love how much you captured Celeste from DAYS. Will she be psychic or psycho? Miss Jenkins is my new favorite. I love the Madeaisms.

You and I are so similar when it comes to writing Nan/Nat. They both are bitches who will do anything to keep what it is they want. Bryan is just a dumb guy caught in the middle.

Hey Sharan, you don't want anyone hearing about your sexcapades with Daniel, then don't go blabbing it at the jail house.

Good ep.

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