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Goodbye Braveheart! #121



Miami Dade County International Airport miamidadeairport.jpg

As Alexis and Santino are being screened through security, Alexis looks over at Santino and notices he has a distant look on his face, Alexis speaks.

“You haven’t said a word on the flight, is everything okay?”

les4.jpgSantino looks back at her and says,

“Just thinking about my situations back at home”

p82-1.jpgAlexis look back at him,

“I hope everything works out for you, I really appreciate you being here for me,

I didn’t want to look for my mother by myself, this is so emotional for me. If there is anything you need from me, don’t hesitate to ask.”


“Thank you, I appreciate that. I’m just really at a crossroads of what I want in life.”

He says as they are now outside the airport and flag down a taxi .

They get in a taxi and Alexis speaks to Santino.


“Talk to me Santino, what’s going on? You’re helping me so let me help you, what’s on your mind? “

Santino, sighing ,

I’m conflicted with my love for Jenn.”

Alexis puts her arm around him and says,

“I kbow how you feel, Karim and I are going through some rough times.”


“Listen, I don’t want to spend any more time on this trip talking about our sorry love lives. This is Miami mamista. Let’s enjoy the scenery and get focused on our mission.”


“Right, like finding my mother, so I can find out who and what happened to my brand new sister.”


“Where are we going anyway? We never told the cab driver.”


“Oh yea. We need to go to a place called Shady Pines. It was the last place I’ve known my mother to be.”


“Sounds like some type of nursing home.”


“Sord of. It’s a place for people who need mental rehabilating.”

Santino, now understanding Alexis mom may sound like a nut ,

“Oh, I see.”


“I know what you’re thinking, my mother is crazy. And you’re right, she is. I think that’s where Ashley got some of her craizness from. “

The taxi pulls up to Shady Pines.


“Well I guess this is it.”


“Gosh I am so nervous. I haven’t seen my mother in over a decade. I have no idea what to expect.”


“I am ssure it will be overwhelming but I’ll be right here next to you, supporting you through it.”

Alexis, paying the taxi cab driver and then stepping out the car,

“Ok, let’s go see my mother and find out who my long lost sister is.” Alexis begins her descent toward the building, wondering how this reunion is going to turn out.


Episode 121: Goodbye Braveheart!

Story by: ML Cooks

Teleplay written by: Tara Smith

Story Editor: J. Lee Becker

For the Birds Mental Rehabilitation Center peoplesoftbuilding.jpg

blocks_image_0_1.pngKiko looks at his smother in shock.

“Mother, you know Mona?! She’s a madwoman. She’s insane!”


“I don’t know Mona. I just know that Mona woman is carrying the blood of the slut, that damned whore and that ugly Bitch.”


“The blood of, you mean like a child, a daughter?”

Lynn, beginning to cry ,

“Oh son, I am not ssure. Please don’t pressure me. I am trying so hard.”


“Mother it’s ok. Just calm down.”


“NO! It’s not ok. I have to kill that slut whore bitch.”


“STOP saying that!”


“ I can’t help it son. Truer words have never been spoken.”


“Mother, Mona’s mother is Sister Patterson Williams. Do you know her?”

Lynn stands up, upset and screams her lungs out,

“The nastiest slut, the dirtiest whore, most ugly bitch. I am gonna kill that Bitch. I HATE HER!!!!!” The entire estasblisment comes to a halt and look at the scene Lynn and Kiko are causing. Kiko sits his mother back down in her wheel chair and then pushes it into her room for more privacy.


“Mother you have to stop this.”


“It’s her. Patterson. How do you know her!? Where is she? Bring her to me! I am going to kill her!”


“Mother wait a minute, let me get this straight. Sister Patterson is the woman my father had an affair on you with?!”


“Yes Don did. He betrayed our marriage. He hurt me.”


“Oh, I don’t believe this! Don! Don Williams! DC!”


“Oh son, you know him? Where is he?”


“So DON IS MY FATHER? Mona is my half SISTER!!??”

Lynn, breaking in more tears,

“Yes son. It’s all true.”

Kiko is so taken aback he just walks out of Lynn’s room without saying anything else.

Lynn, yelling,

“You’re going to leave just like that? Just like your father did?”

Kiko does not respond and is not out the building.


“It doesn’t matter. The time has come. It’s time to kill, kill, kill the slut, the whore, and that Bitch…. Mona is her name is it?... Well Mona you’re about to meet Lynn, a woman scorned and a score to settle.”


Apple and Mona’s Room,

Both Apple and Mona finish up having sex, each of them putting their clothes back on.


“Wow...I don't think anyone has given it to me that good except for my Sharan.”


“Well, Mona, it can be quite enjoyable...I'm glad you liked it. There’s a whole lot more of where that came from.”


“Women are so much more better than those pigs they call men.”


“Oh, I agree. I've been there far too many times...men are awful, they beat you, they rape you, they use you, they molest you. You did the world a favour when you killed Abe.”

Mona, raising an eyebrow,

“How the hell do you know that?”


“I think you should know by now that I know alot about you, Mona. I know your name, I know who you are, I know what you did.”


“I still don't get you.”


“Oh, but you will, my dear, you definitely will. We're going to have to work together now. No one understands us, no one cares about us...but we're going to turn the tables on the people who have hurt us.”


“Did anyone hurt you, Apple?”


“Lets just say that I have a few of my own secrets that could turn this town upside down.”


“Like what?”


“You'll know in time.”


“So you can know everything about me but I can't know anything about you? “


“Just be patient, Mona, patience is key. And you should focus on yourself. Everyone in this town thinks you're down for the count...but instead, you're just going to get stronger in here...we're going to get stronger...together, my Mona, we're going to get stronger and take on the entire town of Pasadena!”


“Good, we better. I am going to make sure my family pays for everything they've done to me....you know, I was so excited about meeting my mother...Sharan and I were going to do it together...but Sharan betrayed me, and my mother turned out to be a whore.“

Apple, putting her hands on Mona's shoulders,

“I know, I understand the pain...but don't worry, we're going to make Sister Patterson pay too. And all of your other enemies.”


“Like that idiot Daniel.”

Apple, pausing for a moment,

“You know, watch out for that man. I get the feeling that he's going to do more wrong to you than you know.”


“That man's a fool. I am locked up inside a padded room, what is he going to do to me?”


“I'm not sure. Just be careful and be on the lookout.”

Westwood Park, Daniel's Housenightviewofwestwoodpark.jpg

Sharan is visibly shaken after her weird encounter with Kevin earlier, and she walks up to Daniel's door and rings the doorbell.

CAUX68ONCAO2SC70CAKBFHFBCAIRPRAPCAU.jpgDaniel, answering the door,

“Hey, Sharan so good to see you....whats wrong?”

l_ebfed896bd0cf0ad015fabffadaf4959.jpgSharan, shaking her head,

“No, nothing, I'm fine...”


“No, something's wrong...come in.”

As Daniel and Sharan walk in, Daniel closes the door behind him.


“It...it was Kevin. He just barged into my shop earlier and he was so angry...I told him I didn't want to be with him because of what his sister did to me, but he just got angry and started accusing of me cheating on him with Dre....I couldn't believe it! He was so angry...I told him I loved him, which I do...I love Kevin so much, but Mona has put me through so much pain and horror, I don't think I can be with him! At least not right now.”


“Wow...I never knew Kevin that well but I knew he and Lauren were close...I never heard of him acting like that.”


“He never does! Never! And...and....”

Daniel, noticing Sharan getting more upset,

“Sharan, whats wrong? Did Kevin do something else?”


“He...Daniel, he...he grabbed my arms...he held them tight...I know it seems stupid but its just...I have never seen Kevin like that...I have known and loved him for so long and I mean never....”

Daniel, shocked,

“I can't believe this...did he hurt you...are you alright?”

Sharan, wiping her eyes,

“Yeah, I'm fine, I guess I'm just worried about him...and...well maybe this'll seem selfish so I shouldn't say anything.”


“No, what is it?”


“Its like everyone who I love gets screwed up one way or another...Kevin has been going around acting like a madman, Dre's been so distant lately its confusing, and Mona raped me! Not that I ever loved her, but still...why can't people be more like you?”

Daniel, shaking his head,

“No, really, you're too kind. I'm pretty much a drug addicted idiot.”

Sharan, looking into Daienl’s eyes,

“No, you're not...you're sweet, you're kind...you're everything a woman would want.”


“Believe me, Sharan, I have my problems...I'm just trying to be a better person now because its what Lauren would want.”


“But everyone has their problems...you worked with the most evil woman in Pasadena and the biggest mob boss, yet you turned your life around...I mean, its amazing.” Looking into each other’s eyes, and wanting to taste each others lips, feeling desire and passion, Daniel and Sharan slowly lean in and...KISS! They begin kissing passionately, not being able to hold back on their feelings....

Meanwhile, outside, Lauren walks up to Daniel's house, in a disguise so no one will figure out it’s her.

ldkvna.jpgLauren, taking a deep breathe

“Well...Daniel...here I go. I have to leave Pasadena...I have to, but I just want to see your face one last time. Afterall, I don't think I'll ever be able to return to this town again....”

Inside, Daniel and Sharan constantly kiss as they head into Daniel's bedroom. They begin to take each other's clothes off as Sharan kisses Daniel's neck, and his lips run up and down her body....the two fall down onto the bed, getting naked as the sex continues...

Lauren slowly and quietly opens the door to Daniel's house...she steps inside, looking around, not seeing Daniel anywhere, so she decides to check his bedroom. She heads into his bedroom...but as she peeks in, her eyes go wide when she sees Daniel and Sharan having passionate sex! Lauren quickly turns and darts out of the house, running out onto the street as tears run down her cheeks.


“I need to get out of here...Daniel's moved on, he doesn't care about me anymore...”

Lauren rushes out on the street, but she suddenly hears a horn honk and jumps as a car stops in front of her! None other than Dre is seen getting out.


“What the hell you doing here, Lauren?!”

Lauren, tears still coming,



“Whats wrong?”


“I came here one last time to see Daniel, and....”




“He's moved on, Dre...he's in there having sex with....with Sharan!”

Dre looks at Lauren in pure shock.


“Oh hell naw.”

Dre stomps up to the household, Lauren trying to stop him.


“Dre, its obvious they've moved on! We can't stop it!”


“I know it ain't Sharan in there. “

Dre walks into the house, and goes in the direction of Daniel's bedroom...Lauren follows, and Dre sees it for himself: Daniel and Sharan continuing to have sex. Dre closes his eyes as he watches.


“Its over...its all over now.”

Dre turns to leave the house, Lauren following. Both of them walk out, leaving their lovers behind as Daniel and Sharan move on from their past loves....

Williams HouseRaw00052.jpg

02_h.jpgKevin storms into the Williams household, completely empty at the moment as everyone else is out...though at this point, not many people are even living there. He has a bottle of beer in his hand as he gets drunk.


“They're all gone....Pops is dead....my uncle and mom are both whores...Sharan doesn't love me....Karim's in the hospital...Lauren's dead too....I've lost everyone, haven't I?! All because of my stupid ass sister!”

Kevin drunkenly throws the coffee table in the living room in a fit of rage as he takes another drink.


“No, not because of my sister...she's the spawn of my mother and DC. They're responsible. My mom...that slut cheated on my Pops. Going all around talking about stupid sh!t like God and Miss Jenkins...acting like she's better than everyone! She created that bitch Mona and gave birth to her...and of course she still love her and supports her, even though she killed Pops!”

Kevin takes yet another drink and begins to throw even more things around.


“This is all my mother's fault...ALL OF IT! I lost my Sharan because of her...my Sharan. She loves that ass Dondre....that pathetic, poor, good for nothing criminal Dondre...and I never did anything to her, but she still won't be with me! How could Sharan do that to me?! And she called out Dondre's name while we were having making love....”

Kevin yells out in anger as he drinks the last of the beer and throws the bottle across the room. He then heads up to his old bedroom.


“And my pops...my pops didn't do nothing wrong either but everyone hates him just like they hate me! My pops was a good man that tried to help this city, but no one is freaking grateful! I don't have anything left to live for! Those bastards...my mother...Mona...DC...Dre....I'm going to show them all.”

Kevin storms into his bedroom, tossing things around in there as well. He gets a spare knife lying around, and immediately begins cutting his arms! He cuts both of them as blood begins to go everywhere, Kevin laughing and crying at the same time.


“This is for you, Dre...why'd you have to take Sharan from me?! All you've tried to do is hurt me...just trying to take Sharan from me all this time! You never even cared, you took my brother's girl, and then you took mine!”

Kevin then cuts his right wrist.


“And this is for you, Sharan...why can't you just love me?! I love you more than anything! But you can't love me....you only want to have sex with Dre!”

Kevin cuts his other wrist.


“And this is for you, DC...you fat ass bastard...you think you're my father, and you helped ruin your own brother's life! If it wasn't for you, Kelis would've never been here....my pops is my father, not you!”

Kevin then takes all of this blood...he walks over to the wall, and begins writing something.


“And this, mom...this is for you.”

Kevin writes "Bye Bitch" in his own blood on the wall of his bedroom....he screams out again as he throws the knife away, and he goes over to his nightstand, writing a note as he continues to rant.



Kevin then puts the note on his nightstand and does the unthinkable.... He takes a chair and puts it under the ceiling fan. He rips his shirt off then makes a rope. He ties it to one of the fan blades of the ceiling fan. He then ties the other end of the makeshift rope to his neck and then gets on the chair. He then turns the switch on to the fan, kicks the chair from out under him and is now being chocked to death as he spins around the room. Kevin hangs up in the air as it spins around and its grip on him tightens more and more....he chokes and chokes....

Kevin, managing to get out one more word,


He continues to choke as it gets harder to speak and breathe.



Kevin then takes his final breathe, and Kevin Williams dies after committing suicide.

All over Pasadena, a cold chill and burst of wind is suddenly felt.

Daniel's House

Lauren and Dre, still outside Daniel's house.


“What...what was that?”


“I don't know...but it felt weird.”

Inside Daniel's house, Daniel and Sharan continue to have sex, but Sharan suddenly stops.


“Did you feel that?”


“I did....know what it was?”


“No....but....I feel like something very horrible just happened....”

For the Birds Rehabilitation Center

Inside Mona and Apple's room, the chill is even felt.

Mona, looking around,

“What the hell? This room doesn't even have any windows! Where did that come from?”

Apple, staring off into space

“It....it is done. Lives in Pasadena will never be the same.”

Next time on S.T.E.A.M.:

Pasadena is stunned about Kevin!


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  • Members

Shady Pines in Miami, reminds me of "The Golden Girls", fun reference.

Lots of surprises here. I never would have thought Lynn was DC's wife, but that was a nice twist. The ending was well done and very unexpected, the characters feeling a chilling was nice touch.

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  • Members

I love it, such passion such confliction, such emotion!.

Well done.

Kevin's death was well written, and the emotion of his death, brilliant.

The cold chill everyone felt also was.

I loved it. :)

-J. Lee Becker

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  • Members

I liked the nice simple scene with Alexis and Santino to start with.

Whoa really good intense stuff with Lynn and Kiko finding out Mona's his sister.

I'm still liking Apple and Mona. :)

I'm excited to see what Apple has in store for us.

Whoa Sharan and Daniel, WOW! What timing Lauren! Didn't see that one coming.

WOW! OMG! Kevin just killed himself. That was such an intense ending. And I love how Pasadena could feel it.

Great episode.

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  • Members

Wholly crap! Kevin's death was the most disturbing yet moving scene I've ever read in the series. For once I felt bad for bro hoe. I loved how his death sent shockwaves through those who have hurt him the most. It was creepy hearing Apple say her last line.

I love Apple and Mona together. They're both crazy. They're both lesbians. And they're both ape [!@#$%^&*] crazy. A match made in padded hell.

Lauren deserved it. The way I feel about Lauren is the way you feel about Alicia. But I understand when a writer likes their characters. I kind of hope she goes for good. Take bro hoe number two with you.

I thought Kiko's mom Lynn just had terrets (maybe she does) but it only because of Sister Pat. Who hasn't this woman done wrong to? Earth to Lynn. You want revenge against Pat yourself? A.) Act sane, get released, get even. B.) Act desperate, convince Kiko, get even. Now that Don is Kiko's father, he's doomed. Just wait until he finds out that Ria slept with his bio father. Good stuff here!

The whole time I wanted Daniel and Sharan to be together. Two people hurt the most deserve each other. IT was definitely icing on the cake to have Lauren and Bro Hoe #2 find them in bed. How sweet karma is.

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