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Ashley Shares a Secret! #117



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Downtown Pasadena, Court House100_1391.jpg

Ty takes his seat on the witness stand. Mona continues to smile at him. Ty vows to himself to keep his cool, never being one to do so other wise.


"State your name for the court to hear."


"Tyler Christopher Hutchins."


"Now, Mr. Hutchins, can you do this court a favor and tell us about our meeting we had about 4 years ago."


"Can you clarify the question?"


"Most certainly. You remember the conversation we had about 4 years ago. We met in a bar, the bar at a hotel you own TC Hotel. I asked you, did you know a man named Abe Williams. You stated you did. You asked why I was looking for the police chief, which he was at the time. I answered back with I wanted to destroy Abe and his entire family."


"I remember. And I told you maybe we could help each other out."


"Indeed you did. And like the say, the rest is history. You and I came up with this master plan to take down the Williams family. You funded this entire operation. So tell this court right now, why you wanted Abe and his family out of the picture."


"I needed my own person in the job of being police chief. So I could do what I pleased."


"Do you mean sell drugs and kill people?"


"I had an empire to run. And none of this would be happening to us now if you had just stuck to the script you damned lunatic. You were never to try and kill Daniel. You messed up and blew everything."


"I did no such thing. I got tired of being your lackey. I had my own goals. You were moving to slow for me. You told me you would help me. And what did you do? Plot and scheme to pry Jenn away from Mike. That was all you was worried about. You get to have all the fun while I had to creep around town."


"This plan was so delicate, it could not be rushed. We could not afford to make a mistake. But you didn't give a damn about that. So this is it huh Mona? You're finally about to burn in hell for your crimes and you want to take me with you huh?"


"You catch on quick. Your in this just as much as I am."


"Fine, I won't let you be the one to do it then. I'll do it to myself." Ty then looks at Judge Hatchet.

"Your honor, I was in on it from the start. I helped Mona with some of her crimes. I funded her whole operation. But I had no idea she was making clones of Daniel and God knows who else."

Judge HatchetJUDGEHATHET.jpg

"So your admitting you were an accomplice in this grand scheme?"


"Yes your honor. That is what he is saying. He took advantage of my emotional state for his own personal gain."


"You were more then willing. In fact you were more thirsty than I to take out the entire Williams clan."


"I was looking for Abe only. You had other ideas."


"Alright enough. Mr. Hutchins, is to be put into custody immediately."

Police officers rush over to Tyler as Karl and Jenn stand up in shock.


"Your honor, this is a mistake. Mona is lying."


"Order in the court."

Jenn and Santino are stunned.Alicia_Silverstone.jpgles4.jpg

Karl, walking up toward him

"Wait before you take my son away. I have to say something please!"


"Alright, wait a minute. Let this man say what he has to."

Ty look confused at his father.


"Son, Jenn and Santino have been sleeping with each other behind your back."

Ty is stunned as Karl looks back at Jenn and Santino.

"You didn't think my son was going to jail and you two would have it scott free did you?"


"Alright enough. Take Mr. Hutchins into custody." The police escort Ty out of the courtroom. Ty is unable to take his eyes off of Jenn and Santino. Ty is now out of eye sight as the Judge tries to gain order back after being disrupted by the announcement of an affair. Jenn and Santino look at each other. Jenn then leaves the courtroom. Santino walk up to Karl.


"That was a low blow."


"Just as low as you got with Jenn? You didn't think I was going to make it easy for you two to be together did you? Just because my son is going to jail doesn't mean nothing. I know my son and he will seek revenge on you and your little blonde slut."


"I know your son too. And I bet you won't escape his wrath either. Especially after I tell him you knew about Jenn and I and failed to tell him. Not so smart after all are you dummy?" And then Santino walks off to find Jenn, leaving Karl to think about what Ty will say to him when he learns he already knew about the affair.


Episode 117: Ashley Shares a SECRET!

Written by ML Cooks, Tara Smith and J. Lee Becker


Huntington Memorial Hospitalbig_hospital_pic.jpg

untitledvv.jpgKarim lies on his hospital bed, unconscious but alive after being hit by Ashley and run over by Sabryn, as LaDonna slowly walks in. She looks around, making sure she's alone, and then she slowly runs her hand across Karim's arm, as she flashes back to the horrifying moment when she found Karim's body on the side of the road.


"Oh, Karim….you don't know how glad I am that you're still with us….the blood transfusion was a success, and hopefully you'll be fine…"

A tear drops from LaDonna's eye when she looks at his heavily bandaged face.


"You don't know how much it would've hurt me if I lost you….you mean so much to me, Karim. It may not seem like it, but you do. Working together all the time at Ivory…there's no one out there like you…I love it…."

LaDonna looks away for a moment, but slowly turns her head back to Karim.



LaDonna pauses as she stares at Karim.


"I love…you….Karim.

Tears are seen in LaDonna's eyelids as she confesses this.


"Maybe its awful of me, maybe I shouldn't, but I do. Ever since we met, there's just something about you….I know you have Alexis, and I've held back…yes I claimed to not have anything for you, maybe I wouldn't admit it to myself….but this situation made me realize…I do love you, I can't lose you, Karim…."

LaDonna lightly touches his face…


"But…I guess I will…because I know you and Alexis are together….I know you love her…and I'll step aside for her, as long as you're happy….but I wish you could know….that you're the one for me, Karim. You always were…there was no other man in my life like you, no other man for me….you're the man for me, you are the one, Karim, you have been, and you will be forever…"

LaDonna begins to cry as she clenches her fist, trying to remain in control but she can't.


"And I'll always love you….I always will….and yes, I will let you and Alexis be together, you two can be happy once you recover….but I don't know if I can watch you two much more…not after this. I'm sorry, but its so hard….its breaking my heart every second. And that's why, I'm leaving Pasadena…I just can't deal with it…its not your fault, its mine….but I will, and you can continue with your life like this never happened….just never forget me, Karim, please…don't forget me."

LaDonna stands, and as she silently cries, she turns around and begins to walk away, leaving Karim behind, but suddenly….she feels something on her hand, and turns to see Karim grabbing her hand!




The Blue Notebluenote.jpg

Karl walks in and grabs a seat at the bar. He orders a scotch. As he drinks, he thinks back to yesterday when the guards were escorting Ty away in cuffs. He then wonders what his son will say to him now knowing he already knew about the affair Jenn was with Santino. This is a conversation Karl is not looking forward to. His thoughts are interrupted when the bartender deliver Karl another drink. Karl drinks it. He looks over at the entrance and sees Patti Labelle. Karl is stunned, and decides to get up and greet her.


"The wonderful and lovely Patti Labelle."


"Thank you darling. I remember seeing you at the triple funeral. Now correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Ty is your son right?"


"Indeed he his. And you got two girls, Ria and Jasmine."


"Those are my babies."


"That's nice. I just came over to tell you how much of a fan I am."


"Thank you darling, I really appreciate that. Would you like to have a drink Mr. Hutchins? I am having dinner with my girls but it looks like they are not here yet."


"Please, call me Karl, and I would be delighted to have a drink with you." Karl escorts her to the bar. Patti sits first then Karl does the same. Patti orders a glass of champagne when the bartender approaches her.


"So Karl. What do you do here in Pasadena?"


"I help my son run his hotel. TC Hotel."


" Yes, I have heard lots about it. It's a really fancy 5 star hotel. Didn't your son just get arrested yesterday?…


"Yes he did. But he won't be in there for long. TC Hotel is sitting very nice right now. Being only open for ten years now. I am also in the processes of diversifying my assets. Going to be investing in local companies here in Pasadena. Now is the perfect time with the economy in shambles."


"I know about it honey. My ticket sales have been down for the last few months. People can't afford to see Miss Patti sing. So I had to get a job here singing from time to time. Daniel was so nice to hire me."


"I would love to hear you sing."


"Can you sing Karl?"

Karl, chuckling,

"You're funny. I couldn't hold a note if my life depended on it."


"You have a nice smile Karl."


"Not more beautiful than yours."


"I tell you what Karl. I like you. I think we should go on a date. Miss Patti will sing for you darling."


"It would be my pleasure."


"How about tomorrow evening. You can pick Miss Patti up around 8. "


"See you then." Karl leans in and kisses Patti on her cheek as Jasmine walks in and sees this sweet scene of affection. Patti gets up and walks over to her table as Karl sips on the rest of his drink, happy, he scored a date with the infamous Patti Labelle.


"You still got your touch old man." He says to himself.



Downtown Pasadena, TC Hotel103632369_6cfe8fd0e6.jpg

Alexis darkens her room and closes the drapes after just having taken a shower. She lights some candles and pours herself a glass of wine. She then takes her glass and sits close to her balcony sitting her glass down next to a book that lays on an end table. She takes a seat and picks up Ashley's diary. She studies it, it being her sister's diary. She sheds a tear.


"I wish you were here sister. Maybe I'll learn something about you. And maybe I can find out if you wrote in here about me helping you when everyone thought you were dead. If that were to get out I would lose Karim for sure. And I got LaDonna breathing down my neck." She takes a sip of her wine and then opens the diary to begin reading a few entries. As she reads it, she is baffled and puts the pieces together on why Ashley was the way she was.

January 18th... 1988

Dear diary, another day of pain, mom's new boyfriend Charles raped me and molested me, I hate it, I wish that I could just run away, where there will be no more pain, where I can just be free to do whatever I want, I told mom about it, like she gives a fu(k, she said she doesn't believe that Charles would do that to me, God, I wish I could just kill myself and end my pain.

Why can't things get better? I'm a good girl, I do well in school, and I treat everyone really nice why can't they do the same back?

When I came home from school mom yelled at me and hit me, because I forgot to do the dishes before I left for school

May 18th 1988.

Dear diary, here is a poem expressing how I feel right now.

Broken tears and broken hopes, no one takes me seriously, they think it's a joke, wishing to end my sh!tty as s life, finishing off the pain and strife, why can't I just die instead of cry,

pain and agony is all I see, misunderstood is what I'm cursed to be, I should just hang myself, and end the pain, no more tears and no more gain.

They won't rape me anymore, and no one at school will call me a whore, telling me that I just want more.

I' wanna

do it tonight, I'm done with the sh!t, I'm done with the fights.

July 21 1995...

Dear diary, I am 16 today, fu(k it, I'm going to run-away, I have an aunt in Pasadena that knows me, and wants me to come live with her. I'm getting out of Detroit, I'm done!!!!!!!!!

So, hopefully once I move there, things will get better, and I can finally live a good and happy life, like I've always wanted to.

September 29, 2004

I met Bryan today, he is the love of my life, and I hope to get married with him one day, we hooked up at a bar in Pasadena, that was 3 days ago, he hasn't called me back since then, he might be busy with work, I'll just wait by the phone for him to call.


May 5, 2007

Dear Diary,

I am getting fed up with Sabryn…she is the only thing standing in the way of me and Bryan being together! She has him wrapped around her little finger, I know who he truly loves. I hate so many people…Natalia, all those pigs who raped me, but Sabryn is the worst. She's a bitch…she gets to have everything that she doesn't deserve! Bryan, all that money, a wonderful mansion…why can't I have all those things?! Why do I have to be the one who's out in the cold?! Well, not for long, I am going to bring that gutter snipe down a few notches! By the time I'm done with her, Bryan will be mine, and she'll be squealing for mercy.

I don't know why everyone in this town loves Sabryn…why did Bryan even fall for her?! What makes her so special?! Bryan's the only one who ever showed me compassion, yet everyone else just sees me as the psycho who got ran over….not for long, though! I'm excited for the day she'll be out of the picture, and Bryan and I will be together.

May 17, 2008

Dear Diary,

My sister Lexis knows I'm alive now…I revealed myself to her and she got out of jail…she's one of the few friends I have in this world. She's been a big help, she's been babysitting little Bryan Jr., and she hasn't told anyone that I'm alive. She's even been keeping it from that guy she likes: Karim. I'm glad Lexis never had to go through what I did with those guys our mom dated, the only problem is that I don't think she entirely sees the great love Bryan and I have…but she's been very willingly assisting, and with her help, I can be reunited with Bryan in no time! She can have Karim, and I'll have Bryan.

May 29th, 2008

Dear Diary,

Today I did something I expected to do someday, but…it felt weird, and it feels like everything's different after this. I killed Dahlia Salem, she was a woman Natalia hated even more than Sabryn or me…she even hired some drug dealer to try to kill her once, I think. I don't have any problems with Dahlia, diary, I really don't…but I had to kill her. She caught me in Natalia's hospital room, I had no choice…so I kidnapped her, took her down to the train tracks, and just let a train plow her over…I wanted Natalia to die when I shot her, and I plan to kill that bitch Sabryn if I need to, but its just…I've never killed anyone before…it felt good, but to watch someone's life just leave them because of me…I mean, wow. I almost don't know how to explain it, and maybe a part of me wonders if I shouldn't kill anyone more…wait, no, I can't think like that.

I don't care. I'm going to kill whoever gets in my way, whatever it takes!


June 6 2008

Dear Diary,

I never really told you how Dr. Diego nursed me back to health after I was ran over, did I? Well, Diego's not the best guy in the world, he's sort of creepy but I came to him after I nearly died….this was when I began to hatch my plans to become the "Lady in Red". I had to be under his care for awhile, and he is a good doctor, and helped me set up my "death". Diego was also the one who helped me steal Natalia's baby, but I'll talk about that later.

Sept 10 2008

Dear Diary,

You know, I'm really going to be happy when I can reveal myself to Bryan and Sabryn…its gotten so boring stalking them. For months and months, all I've been doing is spying on him, and mainly Sabryn…observing, plotting…its been useful but tiresome at the same time. I'm just glad Sabryn's dumb enough not to notice me, and that I'm smart enough to keep Bryan from seeing me. I guess I can thank my partner-in-crime, Mona, for that…she's taught me a lot, I've sort of been working with her, she just hasn't directly assisted me in anything. But anyway, soon this whole stalking game will end, and I can destroy Sabryn's life!


Sept, 11 2008

Dear Diary,

Another thing I really never had the time to write down was how I learned about Natalia and Bryan sleeping together…during my time as the LiR, I overheard Bryan and that gross tranny Rufus talking…apparently, Bryan slept with that stuck up bitch Natalia, and she filmed it all! She took advantage of my man, when I found out about that little particular detail, I discovered I may have a little more competition…I was infuriated, and couldn't stand Natalia. Sabryn's worse, but Natalia isn't something to preach about…but after that, I knew what I had to do. Maybe I'll tell you about that another time.

Sept 17 2008

Dear Diary,

After finding out about Natalia and Bryan and telling Lexis I was alive, I hatched such a great plan…it's a plan that got me the wonderful baby I had today, but I'll get to that later on. Basically, I hate Natalia, I mean how could she sleep with my man?! I knew Natalia was hosting a fashion show with her company that she's tried to take from my sister, Divine Design, and by this time Natalia had a lot of enemies. I went there, and watched everyone, especially Natalia. This was where I'd exact my revenge on her for sleeping with Bryan…when she was on the runway, I took a gun, and shot her! Nearly killed her…I wish she had died, but there are so many suspects since so many people were attacking her that day, I'll never be discovered!


Sept 25 2008

Dear Diary,

I shot Natalia, like I told you the other day, but this wasn't the end of my big plan. You know how Diego's been helping me, well, I concocted a devious plan with him: Since Natalia was shot, he'd use that as a way to help send her into premature labor…it was obvious that the baby she was carrying in her stomach was Bryan's, not that other guy Mark's, so I knew that I'd get her out of the picture, and this would for sure give me more of a chance to get Bryan…Diego successfully sent her into labor, stole her baby, gave it to me, and just told her and Mark that the baby died! Oh its so great, now I have my little Bryan Jr…he's my son now, not Natalia's!!!

And the time is coming so close to when I can reveal myself to Bryan and Sabryn…I think I'll crash their wedding, maybe! Hopefully the next time we meet, diary, Bryan will be mine!

Sept 26th, 2008

Dear Dairy, today I feel so good. Today is the day I expose myself to the world. I am going to stop Sabryn's wedding to my man. I am going to get my man back and I can finally have the loving family I dreamt of for years. Nothing is standing in my way any longer. I can't wait to see the look on that Bitch's face when she sees me. I win again bitches. Ashley has come out on top again. I am no longer a loser. If only my other sister could be here to share in this day. I wish I could of met her. I wish I could have told my other sister about her. Mom told me if I told Alexis, the golden child, about her giving up her first born he would kill me. But more about this later diary, my man is waiting for me. The next time we meet, I'll be writing to you as Mrs. Bryan Datillo. Sounds so heavenly!

Alexis finishes reading Ashley's diary and is in shock and awe.

"I have another sister out there!"




Back at the Blue Note

Jasmine walks over to Patti's table and kisses her on her cheek.


"Hey darling. How was work?"


"It was fine, Had another session with Daniel today. Where's my sister?"


"I don't know where that knuckle head is….Oh wait here she is now." They both look over and see Ria walking over to them.


"Hey darling."


"Hello. Hey Jazzy."


"Hi your self. You're in a great mood."


"I am. I had me some good ass dic-" She pauses, almost forgetting her mother was in her presence.


"Don't you dare say it. You better watch your mouth. Miss Patti don't want to hear my baby girl talk like a tramp."


"Relax. I caught myself. I meant to say I met me a nice man."


"That's good. Where is he?"


"Damn you nosey girl."


"I want to know too. "


"Love to be all up in mines. Anyway, he's back in Springfield."


"What is a Springfield?"


"That's where he is from, Springfield, Illinois."


"I don't understand. If you met him, why is he there and you are here?"


"Look , damn it, that's enough. Yall getting to nosey for me. It was just sex ok?! That's it, that's all."

Patti, gasping

"Don't get your mouth washed out with soap. I didn't raise Miss Losey Goosey. You are a Labelle! We have a reputation to uphold. You can't go out here and be spreading your snacks out to every one."

Ria, rolling her eyes,

" Let me live my life. I am damn near 35 years old. I don't need you to be telling me how I need to live."


"Don't talk to momma like that."


"Well you ain't doing something right! Yes, you are 35, and single, no children and you don't even have a job. It's a good thing Momma Patti is here."


"Can we just eat? I'm hungry as hell."


"I don't know where you get all this attitude from girl."


"I got it from that song you did back in the 80's. New attitude."


"Don't be getting fresh with Patti."

Jasmine, interrupting before things could get any more tense.

"I got a date tomorrow."

Ria and Patti both look at her.


"A date? Damn you just got here to town. I barely can get one. Who you got a date with?"

Jasmine, smiling from ear to ear,



"Daniel,…? Jazz, I thought we already talked about this."


"Daniel? He's white! What you dating a white man for? They're nasty."

Jasmine gives Patti a look. Patti arches an eye brow.


"Don't you talk like that. I didn't raise you to be a racist. White, Black, brown, or purple, we are all God's children's."


"I don't like white people. It's plain and simple. They created crack to destroy our peoples."


"Give me a break."


"They hosed us down and got their dogs on us. Hell our country fought a war to keep us enslaved."


"All that has passed us now. You're so naive."


"Not at all. I just will never forget what white people did to my people. People act like now that Obama is our new half black president, everything is ok. White America was quick to clamor, " Martin Luther King's dream has been fulfilled" Please!… I bet White America will never elect an all black president. He got some white in him. Hell they had to bankrupt the country before they gave it to some body with some color."


"I am really sorry to hear you feel like this."


"I am just glad my daddy ain't white like yours."


"Now that's enough. I will not hear no more of this."


"Look at what you did Victoria! You're upsetting momma."


"Oh, here we go. I'm the loud ignorant one. I'm the ghetto one huh?"


"You know you are! I can't believe you would use my father's race as a negative thing to use against me!"

Suddenly Ria's breast begin to itch like they never have before. It's an itch she's never experienced before. So bad is the itch, Ria put's her hand down into her strapless dress and begin scratching them, in public, as everyone watches her, leaving her mother and sister to look at her in total shock.


"Have you no shame? What the hell is the matter with you? You better take that nasty mess to the bathroom! How unwomanly of you."


"Is it my fault my breast been acting funny lately!?"


"Sounds like you need to have an exam."

Ria pauses, realizing her breast has been acting funny lately. She really ponders going to have a breast exam. Ria get's nervous.



Back Downtown, Pasadena City Court

After a recess in the trial because of Sister Pat assaulting Judge Hatchett, the court is called back into session. Miss Jenkins, at this point, is the only Williams there, and Jack and Mona both sit in their respective seats as Judge Hatchett comes back out.

Judge Hatchett, sitting down in her chair

"Will the defense please stand?"

Mona nods, lightly smiling, and she stands up

Judge Hatchett

"After the events today, and the witnesses questioned by both the prosecution and the defense, and examining any evidence we have, I've made a decision on the verdict and sentencing of Kelis Williams."

Jack, Mona, and Miss Jenkins all listen intently as the Judge announces Mona's verdict…

Judge Hatchett

"Kelis Williams, the city of Pasadena hereby declares you guilty on all charges presented here today!"

Jack grins, and glances at Mona, who is still smiling eerily. She even winks at Jack

Judge Hatchett

"And now, your sentencing: Kelis Williams, the city of Pasadena and I hereby sentence you to some time in a mental institution. No jail time, and all you will have to do is spend time in a mental evaluation ward. After hearing all these testimonies today, I feel that you may not be fit to go to prison, nor is there enough evidence to give you the death sentence. You need some serious help my child"

Jack, angrily standing up

jack-nicholson.jpg"Your honor, I-"

Judge Hatchett

"My decision is final! If and when Miss Williams gets out of the mental ward, all charges will be void."

sisterp_throw.gifSister Patterson, suddenly bursting back into the courtroom,

"Say WHAT NOW?! My daughter, the devil, this woman, has committed so much sin-"

Judge Hatchett, standing up as well


Miss Jenkins, turning towards Patmadea.jpg

"Now honey, my granddaughter didn't deserve no jail time, this is for the best. "

Baliffs approach Sister Pat once again, but she holds out her Bible.

Sister Patterson

"Don't you touch me! I got the Lord on my side!"

Judge Hatchett, groaning

"That's it, Sister Patterson will report back to this court in 36 hours for sentencing. Charges, disputing court proceedings, menacing, assault, and mental instability. this trial is over! Court dismissed!"

Judge Hatchett leaves the courtroom, and Mona laughs in success, as Jack stands around in fury and disbelief.

Sister Pat, sitting down in shock, chest beginning to hurt,

"How can this be?!!?!?! My daughter who will now be known as the devil, just got off scot-free for every single sin she committed!"

Next Time on S.T.E.A.M.

Life goes on for Mona!


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I had a feeling that Mona was going to get off easily, it will be interesting to see what direction she goes in. Thumbs up to the back story with Ashley and the back story with Ria's family, back story is a plus on soaps.

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Thanks Redd I really wanted to get into who Ash was and why she was the way she is. THat's where the diary came in. And u really though Mona would get off easily huh. I hope her skipping jail time would have been a shock to everyone. But of course, Mona has big things coming up

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  • Members

It all seemed to happen really fast in the beginning. I had a feeling Mona would get out of it.

Really emotinal stuff with LaDonna

WOW! Big stuff with Ashley's diary! I wonder where this is going. I liked how we got to read the diary entries with Alexis.

LOL! Patti tells it like it is.

Worried about Ria.

Good episode. :) I'm excited to see where everything is going.

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OMG so much has happened in such little time but I loved every second of it. I actually felt sorry for Ty. He goes to jail because of Mona and then finds out about Santino and Jenn's infidelity. Those two are a nice couple but sort of cowardice.

I'm liking Karl and Patti Labelle together! Very interesting and inticing.

I was screaming YES the whole time for LeDonna to telling Bro Ho that she wanted him. Good for her.

I can't believe Ashley has another sister out there. That was definitely an OMG moment. I thought that it was going to be the end but the ending in the trial was also good. Mona for sure deserves to be put in a mental instituion. Surely she'll escape or make friends on the outside.

Can this be the thing that makes Ria a non-slutty, non-racist, human? I hope so.

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