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Meet Applelonia! #118



Williams HouseRaw00052.jpg

sisterp_throw.gifSister Patterson is sitting in her living room, with her reading glasses on, sitting in her living room reading the bible. She set's it down as her mind begins to drift thinking of all the pain she’s caused to the peoples she loves, Abe, Kevin, Karim Miss Jenkins and Mona. She thinks of how could it be that her insane daughter was able to get off scott free for all her crimes. Then she wonders what punishment Judge Hatchett will dish out when she appears at court again. Her thoughts are interrupted by a pounding at the door

She gets up off the couch and walks over to open it.

“It's my time with the Lord! Who on earth would take me away from that? “

She sees Kevin on the other side when she opens it,

"Son, oh my dear Kevin, Come in here boy, you might catch a cold with that evening chill going through the air" She ushers him in.

4.jpgKevin barges into the Williams household, visibly angry as seen on his face, and he even seems a bit more violent than usual with how he stomps in. He looks at Sister Pat

"How could you ruin that trial today?! Your outburst at that judge probably is why that freaky bitch got off for all her crimes....she would have been thrown in jail if it wasn't for you! Like usual, you have ruined things for this family. This is all your damn fault, I am confronting everyone who's tortured me, I ain't taking no more crap, and you're one of the people who has hurt me most, my Pops would be alive right now if it weren't for you and your lover."

Sister Patterson

“Baby I know I hurt you. I never meant too. I have ruined this whole family. You just don't know how I feel. I have chest pains every day, Lord have mercy. I lost Abe, too!!! I learned he was the devil. I mean My God I was sleeping with the devil. Now I got my mother breathing down my neck. It's not easy for me either Kevin. I am hurting just like you are. I am sorry OK! I MAD MISTAKES AND I AM SO SORRY. If I could take every thing back I would. Kevin I love you. You are my son."


“Oh please, I use to think you felt bad, but now I don't think you do. You don't love me, you probably just see me as the complication to you being with DC and the only one who loves Pops. You say he's the devil, everyone suddenly says he's this evil man because of what one spawn from an affair said. He did not do those things, I know it, he is dead for nothing, AND HE IS MY FATHER! Not that pig DC, I'll never believe that for a second. My Pops loved you and you tore his heart out, I loved you, I loved you so much, but you tore my heart out too. I respected you, gave you and Pops all the love in the world, but you turned on me. But you don't care, I'm sure after this you'll just go sleep with DC or go have fun with your new daughter."

Sister Patterson

“He don’t like it one bit. Ugly you are! You are being so ugly and you know my God don't go for that. I LOVE YOU. You better know that boy! I gave birth you. I GAVE YOU LIFE. I am not perfect and I never said I was, Lord have Mercy. I am trying to make things right here. But I can't do this by myself. That affair with Don happened years ago. I was young and stupid and not with the Lord. I was not on the battlefield for my God! You are my pride and joy. I LOVE YOU. I never asked Abe to kidnap your sister and rape her. OH GOD. ABE RAPE MY BABY GIRL I can't believe I have to say that." She begins to break into tears.

“ Kevin, please don't shut me out. We have to be a family, we have to be there for each other. We almost lost Karim. We lost Abe, the devil is trying to break us up. We can't let the devil win. He is all around us. Trying to get in us and take over us like he did Abe and Kelis. The devil was in me when I had an affair behind Abe's back. All that I can say is I repent and I am sorry for all my sins"


“"One of Pops last moments on this Earth was when he walked in on you and DC in this room having sex! So much for it being years ago! You guys probably do it behind everyone's back still. And stop talking about the devil and God, after all this, I have stopped believing in that pile of crap you DISH OUT”

Sister Patterson

"YOU WILL NOT TALK ABOUT MY GOD LIKE THAT!! HOW DARE YOU!!!! I will beat you with my bible boy. I ended my affair with DC YEARS AGO. That fat greasy Bastard came back to Pasadena and tried to seduce me. I got weak in the knees and almost fell for it. Lord I am a failure. I can't do no right. My whole family hates me. I have NO ONE!! OH GOD WHY?!"" She sinks to he knees crying hysterically


“"Oh you have the idiots around you in this town. Like your dumb man-like momma, oh and there's you're daughter, DC....you all can have a happy life together! No one understands ME, even Sharan shot my own damn father. I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!! I will not take it anymore! I am going to rid this damn town of people like YOU!!!!!!"

Sister Patterson

" I don’t love Don. I don't want to be with Don. Hear me and hear me now! I just want my children, together and loving one another. We need to help each other through all this pain we are going through. And don’t talk about Miss Jenkins." She slaps him across the face with her bible.

" Don’t no one, never ever talk about Miss Jenkins. She is your grand mother and she's done nothing to you. Lord have Mercy. DEVIL I REBUKE YOU. GET OUT THIS GOD LOVING HOUSE NOW!!!! You got my son being ugly and talking about Miss Jenkins."


"There is no devil here, its just me! And STOP TALKING ABOUT THAT MISS JENKINS! She's an old crazy woman like you.....I am sick of you walking around town like you are everything! YOU'RE NO MOTHER, YOU'RE JUST....ALL YOU ARE IS....A DIRTY LITTLE WHORE WHO PRETENDS TO BE A SAINT"!

Sister Patterson is stunned and almost at a loss for words. After listening to her own son call her a slutty saint. She looks into her son's eyes, tears and eye liner running down her face along with her nose running,

"I have never been so hurt before in my life. I can't believe you will talk to your own mother like that. I will pray for you. You are the devil tonight and he is not welcomed in my house. SO GET THE HELL OUT!!!!" Sister Patterson shoves her son out her front door. She gives him one more push off the porch and he loses his balance and falls to the ground. She tosses him her bible.

" I want a 7 page report in the morning on what you read." She then slams the door in his face.

He stands up and looks at the door then hollers out....



Episode 118: Meet Applelonia!

Written by: ML Cooks and Tara Smith

Huntington Memorial Hospitalbig_hospital_pic.jpg

stacydash-1.jpgLadonna looks at Karim.

“Karim, your awake.”

jhg-1.jpgKarim, barley able to speak,

“I am”


“Thank God.” She leans in and gives him a hug.


p82-1.jpgAlexis gets off the elevator and walks over to Karim’s room. She hears a woman’s voice in the room with Karim. She pauses for a moment to see if she can hear who the woman is.

Karim gives out a little moan. Ladonna pulls back.


“I am so sorry. I am just so happy you’re awake.”

Alexis, outside the door realizes it’s LaDonna.

“She doesn’t know when to stop. Every time I turn around she is with my man. There is something going on. I want to confront her so bad right now. But not this time. I’ll just eavesdrop.”


“What happened?”


“You don’t remember?”


“No. I just remembering arguing with Alexis. That’s the last thing I remember.”


“It’s not important now. Just focus on being on the road to recovery. Everyone was so worried about you.”


“And I am worried about you.”


“About me? What do you mean?”


“I heard everything you just said.”


“Karim, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. Look I really need to go.”

Karim, grabbing her hand, stopping her from leaving. She looks back at him. He looks into her eyes.


“I know that you love me. And you have for a long time. I heard you tell me that.”


“Damn her. Damn that Bitch. I knew he wanted Karim. Alexis stay calm. Don‘t turn into your crazy sister”

Ladonna, wiping a tear

“Karim please forget I said that.”

Karim, sitting up slowly,

“I can’t.” He pulls her closer to him and kisses her passionately.

After Alexis doesn’t hear anyone talking, she leans in the door and sees Ladonna kissing Karim. Alexis is heart broken. Her heart begins to beat super fast. She is unable to speak from being in total shock. She leaves the hospital.

Karim and Ladonna continue to kiss passionately. He pulls back and looks into her eyes

“I love you too.” They kiss once more. That is until Miss Jenkins and walks in.





High Klass Hairweave-1.jpg

Kevin is storming around Pasadena after the intense trial where Sharan confessed she shot his uncle who he thought was his father, Abe Williams and after his earlier confrontation with Sister Patterson. He walks past Sharan’s hair shop, High Klass Hair, and sees his rival Dre inside. Fuming even more with anger, he stomps in.

Kevin, looking at Dre

“What the hell are you doing in here?”

DondreT.jpgDre, raising an eyebrow at Kevin suddenly bursting in

“What is YOUR problem, man? This is all I need today, I already got my brother on my ass, I don’t need you tripping on my homie. “


“Answer the damn question, why are you in here?”

Dre, holding his hands up in a motion for Kevin to calm down

“I needed a place to come and relax.”


“You have a house for that.”

Dre, rolling his eyes

“Even my crib is too stressful right now. Just lay off, Kevin, you really tripping dude.”

Kevin, getting even angrier

“No, I’m not going to just “lay off”. I know why you’re here….you still want Sharan. Setting up any more romantic breakfasts for her? Maybe you thought since I’d be mad because of the trial, this was another shot at taking her?”


“Oh please, I am not here to set up no romantic dinners. I have bigger things to worry about. And Sharan is NOT your woman pimpin. “


“And she’s yours? You’re OBSESSED with her! You’re always around, you’ll never leave us ALONE! You know, Dre, you’re the source of all my problems. You’ve done nothing but make my life a living hell….trying to blackmail me about my mom’s affair, trying to steal Sharan…”


“You got it twisted playa. Yea, I like Sharan, but she is not my top concern right now. Do you know how much bullshit I have to deal with? And here you are, clinging to the past, I haven’t done anything to you in awhile! If you want obsessive and psycho, go see your crazy sister, you know, the one who REALLY kidnapped Sharan?”

Kevin, fuming as he slowly approaches Dre

“Leave her out of this, YOU are the cause of all of MY problems! You were the first to find out about Pat and DC’s affair, you tried to steal Sharan from me, you tried to blackmail me with my one night stand with Lauren….don’t play innocent , you bastard! Sharan and I would be happy if you had never stepped in. You’ve done so much to hurt my family, you slept with Ria when she was engaged to my brother, you knew about my uncle and mother’s affair, you tried to steal Sharan, I wouldn’t be surprised if you worked with Mona, if you masterminded everything!”


“What’s happened to you? You are acting crazy bruh, what the problem is?”



Kevin then suddenly tries to TACKLE Dre, grabbing him by his neck, and shoving him against the wall, as Dre tries to get Kevin off of him.



Dre, shoving Kevin off of him, and Kevin falls to the ground

“You….need to all back homie. All you are is a pathetic little botch who whines and screams about everything. Yea, your dad got killed, I’m sorry. I never got to know mine. You never had to run away from your mother. And you got to have Sharan for awhile, for a long time, I never got her, then suddenly Mona kidnapped her….I always had to watch her with you, but that time has come and gone. And I had to sleep with Ria behind Karim’s back, hiding all the time…you don’t know what its like, you don’t know what I’ve been through. So don’t you EVER blame me for all your problems or tell me how screwed up your life is, because I know screwed up lives, and you have a fine life but your ass is too dumb to realize that. Now I’m not playing this game with you anymore, I’m about sick of it. I have not forgotten you held me at gun point once. You lucky you‘re not laying in a coffin next to your pops”

Dre walks past Kevin, and out of the hair shop, and anger is in Kevin’s eyes….he clenches his fists as he slowly gets up, and a few tears run down his cheeks, and he walks out…



Downtown Pasadena, City Jail jail.jpg

Police Chief Mike walks up to Ty’s cell.

ty6.jpgTy smirking,

“Go ahead and say it. I already know why you are here. Seeing me in jail makes your day doesn’t it chief?”

Mike 2119_984733222_79_H105440_L.jpg

“It is. I waited for this day for a long time.”


“And to think, you didn’t put me here. You couldn’t. You weren’t man enough.”


“Doesn’t matter to me how you’re here. As long as I can bask in this. And you’ll be here for a long time from what I hear. Plotting with Mona. Selling drugs. I never thought I would be thankful for a person like Mona.”


“Let’s not get to comfortable shall we? I won’t be in here for long.”


“You’ll be here in for years, just like your loser father was. Who’s a loser now Hutchins?”


“You. Down but not out. Remember that.”


“And I hear there’s trouble in paradise for you and Jenn. The woman you fought so hard to steal from me. Well looks like it was all for nothing. Oh, and Jennifer is here to see you.” Mike points by the visitor’s door. Ty looks over and sees Jenn.


“I am sure you two have a lot to talk about.” Mike says chuckling, leaving the two to talk.

Ty looks at her. There is an uncomfortable silence.


“So is what Karl says true? You’ve been sleeping with Santino?”

Jenn alicia_silverstone_08.jpg

“Yes.” She says tears forming in her eyes.


“You dirty tramp. Low down nasty Bitch. I gave you everything!”


“Wait a minute Ty. What about Santino? What about Karl? Your own father knew for months. In fact he blackmailed us with it. I am not the only one that’s wrong here you know.”


“So typical. Perfect and innocent Jenn. You’re the only one here right now. “


“Ty I’m sorry. What was I supposed to do? I was not happy. I told you how I was feeling. But you did nothing but try and buy me off!”


“Isn’t that what you wanted? All those expensive things. That’s one of the reasons you left Mike.”


“You shot me! I have never gotten over that.”


“It was an accident. I told you that!”


“You hit me.”


“ You were bad. You deserved it. You didn’t know your place.”


“That’s that crap Karl been feeding you. Where did it go so wrong?”


“The moment you decided to open your smelly cat box to Santino. You will pay for this. I am done talking about this and I am through with you. You have not heard the last of me. You will be sorry for double crossing me.”

Jenn, wiping a tear

“[!@#$%^&*] you Tyler. You deserve to be in here. Serves you right. I’m not afraid of you no longer. Your in jail and there is nothing you can do. You have nobody. Rot in this place you jerk.” Jenn then turns around and leaves an angry Ty.


“Yes, perfect, everyone thinks I am finished. I got them right where I want them. I'm not out yet."




The Blue Notebluenote.jpg

Santino is on the patio, which over sit’s a blue lit pond. He leans on a railing and looks at the tropical fish swimming beneath him as he sips on his beer. Then he thinks of the look Ty gave him when Karl announced to him he was having an affair with Jenn. Santino finishes his beer, gets up and turns around and almost runs right into Alexis.


“Alexis, I’m sorry.”

Alexis just hugs Santino.

“It’s terrible. I am about to lose the man I love.”


“Woah, slow down. What happened?”

She pulls back with tears in her eyes,

“Karim. I saw him kissing Ladonna. After he told me doesn’t feel nothing for her. After he told me time and time again, I had nothing to worry about. Then he wondered why I was always trying to keep her from him. For this reason right here. I knew she loved Karim. He told me it was all in my head.”


“Seems like everyone is having affairs around here.”


“What do you mean by that?”


“Well Karl told Ty that Jenn and I was sleeping together behind his back.”


“Oh my. I had no idea.”


“Well now you do. The secret is out. Now Ty is in jail.”


“Oh so now that means you and Jenn can be together now?”


“I don’t know what it means honestly. I mean I like what Jenn and I had. It was nothing serious but it was fun. A thrill.”


“I see.”


“Please don’t think that’s the kind of man I am. I just have not found the right one yet. You know what I mean?”


“I do. Let’s grab a drink a table. I think we could use each other’s company and it’s a good thing I ran into to you. I am going to take you up on your offer for help.”


“You mean with the Ashley’s diary?”


“Yes. I read it. And I learned a lot about Ashley and I learned something else. “


“Are you going to keep me in suspense?”


“I have an older sister out there I have never heard about. Ashley wrote about it. She wrote that our mother made her promise to never tell me or she would kill her.”


“So you have a sister that you haven’t even met?”


“I do. And after losing Ashley, I have to find her. It’s the only way I would feel anything close to being better about losing Ashley.”


“Well do you have a plan to find your long lost sister?”


“I do and that’s where I need your help.”


“Of course, just name it. Anything I can do to help.”


“I need you to go to Miami with me. That’s where my crack head mother is.”


“Sure I’ll go. When are we leaving?”


“Tomorrow night?”


“Sounds good.”


“I’ll be in touch.’ She hugs him again.

“Thanks for helping me Santino. I really have no one at this point in my life.”

Santino, smiling at her

“My pleasure.” She leaves as Santino watches her do so, checking out her nice body as she walks out The Blue Note.



On the outskirts of Pasadena,

For The Birds Mental Rehabilitation Facilitypeoplesoftbuilding.jpg

2 orderlies open a door to a room. One of them looks at Mona, who is standing behind them with cuffs.

“This is your new room.”

Mona walks up closer and stops when she sees an older red headed woman in the room.4CAOSGTRVCAGUMO0ECA4PVZEZCA6KIECTCA.jpg


“Who is that?”

Woman, walking closer to her

“I’m Applelonia. I’m your roommate.”


“Apple who?”


“You can just call me Apple for short. I am so glad you’re here.” Apple grabs her hand and pulls her inside the room.


“Dinner will be served in a few hours. You two play nice.” The guard locks the door back up.

Mona looks at Apple.

“I don’t understand, you were expecting me?”


“I was. They told me I was getting a roommate. No more of being bored or talking to myself. I knew it would be you. I knew you would come to me.”


“How do you know this?”


“Let’s just say I have a way of knowing things. And you’ve come to the right place. This is not the end of you,……. Mona.”


“How do you know my name?”


“Relax. I am not going to hurt you Mona. I am going to help you. We are going to help each other. You are at the right place at the right time.”


“Ok you’re crazy.”


“Aren’t we all? But I promise, you will see. You will see I am not crazy. I’ll show you things you’ve never seen before.”

Mona squints her eyes. As the tables have been turned on her. Somebody else is playing mind games with her. Mona has met her own woman of mystery. Mona is uneasy at this, beings she was always the woman of wonder. Who is Applelonia?



Westwood Park, Dre’s Housenightviewofwestwoodpark.jpg

Kiko unlocks the door and walks in. He looks around for Lauren but doesn’t see her.


“It’s Kiko, Lauren you here?”

one-life-live-archer20.jpgLauren comes out from the back bed room

“I supposed to be dead. Of course I am here.”


“This is not a time to be joking. I have some serious news for you.”

Lauren, grabbing a seat on the sofa

“Ok, I’m sorry Kiko. What’s going on, is it the baby?”

Kiko, sitting across from her

“It is.”

Lauren, instantly tearing up

“Kiko, just tell me please”


“Remember when you told me you were drinking earlier in your pregnancy, heavily I might add.”


“I didn’t know I was pregnant at the time, I just lost Chris.”


“Well you may lose your baby too. After running test, I found the baby is under weight, and under developed. Your baby is seriously under weight with you only being 5 months.”


“What does this mean?”


“You will give birth to a baby that will have fetal alcohol syndrome. This baby could mentally retarded or deformed.”

Lauren, standing up to turn away from Kiko to hide her guilt and tears

“What have I done?”


“A good question. That’s why I can’t keep this charade up any longer. When I leave here, I am going to the police department and telling police chief Mike that you are alive. You can’t do this to your child! You need medical attention. I am done being a part of this. I am better than this.” Kiko then gets up and leaves Lauren.

Lauren begins to panic

“NO! I can’t let Daniel find out about this child. I messed up this time. How did I get to this point? What’s happening to me?” She runs into the bedroom and packs up all her things in a suitcase. She grabs a pen and writes a note for Dre. Lauren takes one last look at Dre’s house,

“I can’t let Daniel find out about me being alive yet. I just can’t. Good bye Pasadena.” Lauren puts on a huge pair of sunglasses, along with an oversized hat to conceal her identity some what, then Lauren grabs her suitcase and walks out of house.


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I like how we seem to be seeing a more in depth side to Sister Patterson.

Uh-oh will Alexis go nuts like her sister?

Wow the Kevin and Dre scenes were really intense.

I wonder what Ty's got up his sleeve.

Ooh I'm liking Apple and really interested in where this goes. Who is she? I'm wondering myself.

Wow! Lauren needs to put her baby first. The whole faked death is interesting but I'm also interested in the fetal alcohol syndrome. That happens accidently a lot.

Great storytelling in this episode. Always leaves off making you want more. :)

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  • Members

OMG I was glued to this whole episode. One of the best. Just so you know, I plan on catching up to every episode of STEAM.

Kevin or Bro Ho had me feeling sorry for him but I loved watching him confront Sister Hippicryte and Bro Ho number two. Go him!

If Santino and Alexis hook up, then Santino needs to realize that he's just going to be used by every woman in this town. I'm thinking that Apple is Ashley and Sab's mom.

Apple seems awesome. She also comes across as Posion Ivy or something to that extent. She will for sure be someone to look out for.

Mike rubbing it in Ty's face that he's in jail was awesome. Funniest line was smelly cat box to Jenn. (Maybe that should be her new nickname). When I was readining I loved when she referenced not being able to forgive him for shooting her. In Point Palace, Sprinfield, Passadena, and Novi. That honestly seems normal.

And I loved the ending because I can only hope that Daniel goes looking for her.

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