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Slut!Whore!Bitch! #116



On the outskirts of Pasadena,peoplesoftbuilding.jpg

Kiko walks into a building with the name “For the Birds Mental Rehabilitation Center.”

He walks over to a receptionist.


“I am here to see the patient.”


“One second Mr. Whitfield.” She makes a phone call.

“Mr. Whitfield is here to see the patient….Ok.” She hangs up the phone and looks at Kiko.

“You can go back.”


“Thank you.” Kiko is buzzed through a pair of double doors. He walks into a common area with mentally handicapped people. He sees some playing tag, and others playing with Barbie dolls. He looks in the group of people and tries to find whom he is looking for. He sees a beautiful brown skinned woman. He walks over to her. He kneels down in front of her and looks into her eyes. The woman is starring off into space.


“I’m here. Do you need anything?”

The woman looks into Kiko’s eyes with a look of evilness. She speaks,

3612977419.jpg“She’s a slut. She’s a whore. She’s a Bitch!”

Kiko, shaking his head in frustration,

“You have to let this go. That happened many years ago. That’s why you are in this place now. Because you can’t let the past go.”


“A bitch! A slut! A whore!”


“What the hell am I paying this place for? You aren’t getting any better.” He stands up and kisses the woman on her forehead.

“I’ll be back soon. Please let this go. It’s destroying you.”


“Slut whore Bitch.”

Kiko just walks off leaving the woman to herself.


Episode 116: Slut, Whore, Bitch!

Written by: ML Cooks and Tara Smith

Script Editor: J. Lee Becker


Downtown Pasadena, Court House5c9b33d5.jpg

28tzvxf.jpgjenn4.jpgles4.jpgtony2.jpgTyler, Jenn, Santino, and Karl arrive at Mona’s trial in time to see

Everyone looking at Daniel, the man Mona tortured to, almost death walks up to the stand, and takes his oath. He gulps as he sits down, and Jack approaches him.


“Now, Mr.Cosgrove….you know first hand what Miss Williams is like, don’t you? This mad-woman tortured you more than she even did the previous witness…tell me, did she kidnap you, chain you up in a bunker, and torture you?”

CAUX68ONCAO2SC70CAKBFHFBCAIRPRAPCAU.jpgDaniel, vividly remembering it,

“Yes, yes she did. She’s ruthless, she’s not even a human being…she deserves whatever you give to her, trust me.”


“Can you describe to me how exactly she tortured you?”


“Oh, you really wanna know how? You really want to how she tortured me? I wouldn’t even know where to begin….the little bitch left me chained in a dungeon in a standing position, she didn’t feed me, she hit me with a shovel…you think people like Ashley Jones are bad, this woman defines the word “psycho”. And I’m damn glad to see her in jail.”


“You see, your honor. No one here wants Miss Williams to be released…they all are terrified of her! Now, Mr. Cosgrove…tell me exactly how Miss Williams kidnapped you.”


“She gave me drugs, they caused me to try to rape Lauren, the late love of my life…she called the guy who was put to death for my murder, Chris, and he came to my house to try to save her…but suddenly, it all blacked out…and that’s when the bitch herself came in….”


"Let me go! Your hurting me!"

Chris, who is now inside the house

"Don't you hurt her Daniel! It's me and you now and I have waited for you to show up. Keep screaming Lauren so I can find you" He instructs Lauren , trying to make his way through the pitch black house.

Mona, after surveying the neighborhood very well, pulls up in Lauren's driveway. She grabs an aluminum can that has a hose connected to it and gets out her car. She goes to the side window and begins to pump chemicals into Lauren's house from the can.

Daniel begins to kiss Lauren and he rips her shirt off.

"Give me some!"

Lauren tries to push Daniel off of her. Chris finally finds his way to the back bedroom where he hears Daniel and Lauren." I'm going to kill you Daniel!" Just as he takes another step, Chris passes out, followed then by Daniel and then Lauren, breathing in a secret chemical agent Mona has pumped into the house. Mona goes back to her car, and being the strong woman she is, drags one of the body-filled body bags into Lauren's house. Using a flash light to find her way through the house, she drags the body bag to the back bedroom. "Say good bye to Daniel" Mona pulls out a butcher knife from her bag of tricks.


“That crazy ass woman cloned me, and my clone was there, stabbed, and that’s how she set up Chris for my murder….when I wasn’t dead at all, she really had me chained up at some place…in a bizarre dungeon of hers on a mountain, to be exact.

Mona ashes her drugs stick against the skin of a person who is chained up in the chains and cuffs.


"Welcome to hell Daniel!" Daniel screams as the red hot cherry of the blunt burns his skin

After hearing that, even Sister Patterson is speechless and is finding it harder and harder to defend her evil daughter.


“Do you see what your affair with Don did to your daughter? You created a demon!”


“EVERYONE thought I was dead….the only people who knew I was alive was Mona, and her other prisoner Sharan. That was enough torture, being away from the woman and people I loved. She chained me up for SO LONG, I begged her to let me go, but she didn’t, and just kept on with her disgusting torture….”


"Please, I am begging you. Please let me go. I didn't hear nothing, see nothing nor do I know nothing. Just please let me go."

Mona stops digging, and wipes sweat that is rolling down her face

"No can do. If I let you go, then what kind of fun will I have? I won't be able to get my thrills."


"Haven't you tortured me enough? You shot me, got me hooked on Meth, played with my mind."


"Enough? Don't think so. I am just getting started." She takes her shovel and bashes Daniel's knee cap with it. Daniel screams out in pain.


“And after she had enough, she left me for dead, she left me there in that disgusting place! And she didn’t care that she was basically killing a guy, she just shrugged it off as she took off on her submarine! It was like I was a piece of trash, DAMN HER! My former boss Ty ended up finding me after he blew the bunker up….”

As Ty and Karl, who are about 200 ft. away from Mona's resort holds a trigger in his hand.


"I'm an old man for Christ's sake. I can't be out here in this heat slaving away placing bombs like a terrorist"


"Just shut the hell up!"


"I won't have you talking to me like this. I am your father. You will respect me. Now what is bombing this cement block supposed to do?"


" It's obvious Mona is trying to hide something. Why else would she cover her resort with cement. With any luck I hope I find some answers and Mona. When I see her, she's dead on sight." Ty presses the trigger and Mona's Mountain resort explodes with Daniel trapped inside..........


“And then…he and his father were digging through the rubble, and they found me….thank goodness they did….”

They walk over to what was once Mona's infamous Mountain Resort. Karl and Ty now sort through the steaming debris. Ty hears someone coughing.


"Did you hear that?"


"Sounds like a man coughing"

Ty and Karl move debris and rubble even faster to locate this person.


"Keep making sounds so we can find you." Then Ty ,moves the million dollar piece of debris, when he moves it he sees Daniel's face

Daniel, beginning to choke up as he thinks about what was happening at that very moment he was rescued,

“And while that happened……C-Chris….a local around Pasadena…was….he was….put to death for my….my….murder….because of that woman, she let a man….go to death row because of what SHE did, and he was innocent the whole time, he didn’t do a thing….”

The officer start's the procedure and the lethal toxin's are injected into Chris's veins, slowly paralyzing him. Chris's eyes shut for the very last time. His last sights are of police officers standing all around him waiting for him to die. Chris never thought he would die like this, And with that, Chris expresses his last possible thought. Chris's heart monitor tells the story of a dead heart. Chris is dead, for a crime he did not commit………


“He died, and he’s never coming back….damnit your honor, that’s why you can’t let her go! That woman, Mona or Kelis or whatever the hell her name is, let a man DIE. She cloned me, she got me hooked on meth, she hit me with a shovel, a big screen TV, taunted me, haunted me, she’s SCARRED ME FOREVER! So you cannot, and you will not, EVER let her go free! No matter what crap she dishes out! I still remember how horrified I was the freaking day she walked into the Church at Bryan and Sabryn’s wedding…”

Mona holds her machine gun in her hand as Ashley, who just officially revealed herself to be back from the dead, Sabryn, Bryan, Dre, Daniel, Tyler, Ria, her famous mother Patti Labelle, Sharan, and Kevin all look at Mona in shock. Daniel and Ty are even more stunned from the others. Daniel has flash backs of Mona shooting him and making it look like an attempted suicide, then he remembers Mona drugged him with Meth to keep him from exposing what she did, then he remembers Mona kidnapping him and holding him hostage in her dungeon then torturing him day after day. Then he remembers Mona leaving him there for dead when Mona tried to bomb her dungeon. Daniel has this raging fire inside of him. He hollers out, and not even phased by the machine gun he charges after Mona, jumping on top of her and tackling her to the ground. Daniel then begins to choke Mona, as Mona gags, and coughs.


"Fu(king Bitch! I am going to kill you!" He then grabs Mona's neck and lifts it so Mona's head is off the ground, then Daniel begins to pound Mona's head into the church’s hard wooden floor.


“I wanted to murder her, I really did! I hate her so much, she’s not even a human being….maybe that’ll show you how evil she is.”


“I think I’ve proven my point with Mr. Cosgrove. No more questions, your honor.”

Judge HatchettJUDGEHATHET.jpg

“Defense, would you like to cross examine the witness?”

thArtist379_nr1orig.jpgMona, standing up and smirking at Daniel

“Certainly, your honor.”

Mona walks towards Daniel, who’s anger flares up just at Mona being inches away from him.


“Now, Mr. Cosgrove….you told the prosecution all about how I kidnapped you and tortured you in this underground bunker. But of course, you left out that you helped me with a lot of things, and it was also mentioned that you were hooked on meth. How do we know that, with you on drugs, anything you claim is true? You may be lying, you may be remembering totally wrong! Who‘s to say you‘re not high now?”


“EXCUSE ME?! What the HELL are you talking about? YOU got me hooked on meth, and everything I said was as true as it gets! Sharan was there, she can confirm it!”


“Oh I think I already made it clear that Miss Johnson can’t be the most trusted witness here. And neither can you…Mr. Cosgrove, anyone who was on drugs at the time of their supposed kidnapping can’t be trusted on the stand! Not to mention, you tried to commit suicide by shooting yourself.”

Daniel, who is fuming now and wants to lunge at Mona but holds himself back

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, EVERYONE knows that you did that! EVERYONE! YOU shot me and made it look like I tried to kill myself, you dirty bitch!”

Daniel then flashes back to the incident…

Inside of Daniels car, Daniel is drinking heavily on a bottle of whiskey. He has a gun laying on the passenger seat. He looks at Laurens house and begins to sob.

"I messed up again. I lost Lauren and my freedom." He downs some more alcohol, as he drinks, the Lady in Black, wearing a black glove, reaches in the passenger seat window, grabs the gun and shoots Daniel point blank. The lady in black flees the scene leaving gun shot victim Daniel to die........


“It was all you, Mona, all you! I didn’t do a thing.”


“Says you! You claim I shot you, who knows if you actually shot yourself after all? Again, no one can trust anything you say on this stand! Not to mention, you did help deliver things to me for Tyler Christopher Hutchins.”

Ty(leaning closer into Daniels ear to keep their conversation on the low)

"One of my men dropped off a package on the bed in room 420. I want you to get it, try it out and if it is good go back to room 420 and then there will be a woman will be waiting for you."


"A woman? What the hell is a woman gonna do with a pound of weed?


"Don't asks questions when we are getting money!"


"....Bet. I hope it some good good, I need a lift right now."


"Now I must warn you, that the person buying this package is dressed in all black with a black veil. Don't be alarmed! Now she is to give you a stack. And please Daniel, don't mess this up and don't lose none of my money. I need all my chips!"


" Ty relax man, you will get all 10 of your Ben Franks. I have never messed up any deal before have I?"


"Just go get my money. Time is money!"


“You can’t pin any of this on me like you did Sharan, and I won’t let you make me look like some meth-addicted floozy who’s word is taken for nothing! Because DAMNIT, you DID do all that stuff to me! I should kill you right here and now for it, and how you’re trying to turn it around on me in-”

Mona, interrupting

“There you have it, Mr. Cosgrove’s outburst only proves my point. Defense has no more questions.”

Judge Hatchett

“Mr. Cosgrove, you may step down. “

Daniel, enraged at how Mona totally changed things around on him, gets off the stand and charges out of the courtroom. Outside, he sees Sharan sobbing.

Daniel, sighing

“Are you alright? “


“I….yeah, I am. I’m sorry, its just….Mona put me on full blast up there. She made it sound like to everyone, including Kevin, that I had a blast shooting Abe.”


“If its any comfort, she did the same thing to me. I thought my testimony would be enough to take her down, but then, she swooped in and acted like my meth use totally discarded the testimony, and she also used how I helped her against me.”

Sharan, shaking her head

“I…I can’t believe she’s doing this, she’s such a monster. To do that to both of us…I can’t go back in there.”


“Neither can I, not after this. How about…I take you to get some lunch?”

Sharan, smiling lightly

“I’d like that.”

Sharan stands up and Daniel takes her hand, and they both walk off…



Back in the courtroom, the trial continues.

Judge Hatchett

“Prosecution, call your next witness.”


“Prosecution calls to the stand…Sister Patterson Williams!”

CA06D0OACA5867X9CAUPN3H2CAO27DVSCA9.jpgSister Pat, immediately jumping up,

“And its about time! I’ve been hearing all this talk up here, and my God is displeased with all this! My sinner of a daughter has just been tormenting all these poor people on the stand, its time for me to make everything right!”

Sister Pat walks up to the stand, and the baliff comes over for her to take the oath, and he holds out the Bible.

Sister Pat, shaking her head

“Oh no, sir, I brought my own Bible today. And not to mention my Holy Water. I always come ready for battle “

Sister Pat pulls out her faithful Bible and Holy Water. The baliff shakes his head and walks away as Jack walks up to the stand.

Sister Pat, scratching her chin, looking at Jack,

“Hmmmm….my third eye tells me there’s something off about you. Your honor, whatever happened to District Attorney Stacy?”

Judge Hatchett

“Lets just say she wanted a bigger role in the occurrences here around Pasadena.”

Sister Pat

“Well, I refuse to give my testimony to this man! All is not right with him, my third eye and the Lord are telling me so! And I do the Lord’s work and only the Lord’s work I do.”

Mona, standing up

“Objection, your honor: This woman is too mentally unstable to be questioned by the prosecution or the defense, I say she needs to step down. “

Judge Hatchett, looking at Sister Pat for a moment

“Sustained. Sister Patterson Williams, please step down.”

Sister Pat, looking at Judge Hatchett, confused, totally shocked as is the courtroom but a little happy they won’t have to be forced to listen to Sister Patterson put words and sounds together that amount to a hill of beans.

“EXCUSE ME?! Your honor, I have come here today to set the record straight for the Lord, to give my daughter the justice she deserves-”

Judge Hatchett

“Its my ruling that you are unfit to be on the witness stand. Now, please step down!”

Sister Pat, standing up, but she doesn’t get off the witness stand

“YOU need to stand down if you are so insistent on destroying the Lord’s work! I am a servant of the Lord, I only do what he asks!”

Sister Pat suddenly grabs her Bible and her Holy Water, and she JUMPS up and tackles Judge Hatchett! Judge Hatchett lets out a scream as Sister Pat pours Holy Water all over her, and begins to beat her with the Bible!

Sister Pat


Sister Pat then THROWS Judge Hatchett out into the middle of the courtroom, and Miss Jenkins scowls as her daughter causes chaos.

Sister Pat, sitting in Judge Hatchett’s chair

“Now its time to PRAISE the Lord! Everyone get down on their knees and PRAY!!!! PRAY!!!! Especially you, Kelis, for you have committed so much sin! It was I who had to stop you from vandalizing my God’s House!!!!!!!!”

Then out of no where, they hear a scream come from second floor balcony. A person, climbs up on the chandelier and swings across the air like George from The Jungle.


"Look, it's bird!"


"Naw, momma, that's a bat!"


"It's my mother!"

Sister Patterson jumps off the chandelier and lands on top of Daniel, knocking him off of Mona.

Sister Patterson

"Damn you devils! All this violence in my God's house. The devil is a liar. Every one stop this madness NOW!…. Yens all going to hell!"

Sister Pat

“And she is so evil, she won’t repent! We all gotta praise the Lord to show Kelis the error of her way-”

Suddenly, Sister Pat is wrestled out of the judge’s seat by two bailiffs, and she struggles and screams out, but they both finally overpower her and begin to escort her out of the courtroom as everyone looks on in shock. But everyone stands up and gives out applause as they see Sister Patterson being escorted out. As Sister Patterson walks past her mother, Madea reaches out and smacks her up side the head.

Judge Hatchett breathlessly gets up and goes to sit back down in her chair, and Holy Water is running down her hair and onto her suit.

Judge Hatchett

“That’s it, I’ve heard enough today. I do not believe anyone has anymore witnesses.”

Mona, standing up and interrupting the judge

“Your honor I have one more witness.”

Everyone in the courtroom are confused, especially Jack.


“Objection, I was not notified about this. This is some sort of trick.”


“I am fighting for my life here. I have a right to defend myself. And this witness was last minute. “

Judge Hatchet

“Overruled. Call your witness Miss Williams.”


“Thank you your honor.” Mona turns and looks out into the crowd with a broad smile. People wonder if they will be the one she calls upon.

“You’re Honor, I call Tyler Christopher Hutchins to the stand!”

The courtroom is shocked, chatter begins to increase. Ty is stunned that Mona is going to call him to the stand. Ty’s face begins to feel warm, as he sweats.


“Boss what is she doing?”


“She’s going to take me down with her. It’s over. The game is finally over. I’m going to jail. And if I do, you better make sure you kill the Williams family.”

Jenn is stunned after hearing Ty say that. She’s convinced it’s time for Ty to get what’s coming to him. Ty stands up and he has a stare down with Mona. He slowly walks up to the stand and prepares to tango with Mona.

Next time on S.T.E.A.M.:

Mona’s VERDICT!!!!!!!






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Good edition of Lynn Whitfield to your cast. I'm glad Mona's verdict is going to be in the next episode, I like how the trial moved at a fast pace.

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  • Members

Thanks Redd. I am glad Lynn is a hit already. She is about to become involed in a MAJOR storyline. I had a feeling she would be a fit.

To me, I though Mona's trial moved slow. But I am glad u didn't think so. I was worried how would readers feel about a trial strected out over 3 episodes. There was so much mmore I could have done with it.

Beacsue the size of the trial and the amount I had to cover, i also didn't know how these last few eps would turn out considering I could only write in a limited number of scenes to balaance out the trial.

Thanks for reading Redd. It's nice to know I have not lost my touch.

Just know I am working towards a new umbrella plot, that will end up being the biggest thing to ever hit STEAM.

Redd where ur seires at? I see you got a new one

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  • Members

I do have a new series coming up, but I am going to get Varied Lives re-started before I start the new one. I haven't had much time to right the past few months, but I'm working on a new episode of Varied Lives now.

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  • Members

OMG! Great cliffhanger!!

Very good episode, seemed shorter.

I can't wait to see what happens with Ty and Mona.

Great courtroom stuff. Very good story.

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This whole episode was so nail biting. Though I have to say a gavel won't shut up these people in court. Can't wait to see how Mona grills Ty to the bone about their past. It really was a good cliffhanger. My favorite line was when Madea told Pat that her affair created a demon, I pictured him saying it so vividly.

I'm intrigued by this new character that Kiko's with. I hope that she hates Ria.

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