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Episode#309: Another Accomplice




Episode#309: Another Accomplice

-After Greta leaves, Jan turns to Nicole and tells her this can’t be happening…she’s not doing this, she’s not letting Greta or some crazy nurse she hired care for her! Jan says this is it, they HAVE to get out of here! Nicole tells her she agrees but they’ve been saying that for awhile, and Jan says this time she’s serious, she’s pregnant and can’t risk Greta doing something to her baby!

-Lucas asks Eugenia if she’s alright, and Eugenia continues to clutch her stomach and slowly says yes, but she again screams out! Lucas says that he needs to get her to the hospital, and he grabs her and rushes off!

-Mike tells Robin that he’s sorry, but if she’s harassing a patient, he’ll have to ask her to leave. Robin says this is so typical, especially of Mike, defending his lover! Mike snaps that he and Alexis AREN’T by any means lovers, he just happened to be the one who saved her life after she was stabbed! Robin mutters yeah right, and storms out. She walks back into the waiting room, and Greta is seen watching from a distance!

-The woman that has been watching Kayla continues to choke her, wrapping a scarf around her neck! Kayla tries to breathe and also tries to look around to see who’s attacking her, but can’t! The woman tightens the scarf’s grip on Kayla’s neck!

-Vivian is still at the Salem Jail, and she walks up to another cell….and she says that she needs his help with something huge, and she’ll be able to pay him a lot of money….the man, in a low tone, asks what she needs…she says she needs him to cause….a PRISON RIOT! The man asks how much money they are talking about, and she says the sum of 1,000,000 dollars….he says he’ll do it! The man is then revealed to be….LARRY WELCH(Andrew Hyatt Massey)!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jan and Nicole discuss breaking out of the Secret Room, but can’t find any way to…Jan however continues to vow that she won’t be held here while she’s pregnant!

-Lucas rushes Eugenia to the hospital!

-Alexis thanks Mike….and she asks if he really was the one who saved her life. He confirms it, and she thanks him for that, and he asks who stabbed her….she says she barely even knew the woman, it was some lunatic, but she’s just glad to be alive. Mike and Alexis continue to talk and Alexis soon tells him she wants to ask him something…did Jeremy show any care as to whether she lived or not when he rescued her!

-The woman finally releases Kayla, and Kayla falls to the ground, unconscious….the woman laughs as she walks off, and Kayla lies in the middle of the park…

-The man Vivian’s talking to is revealed to be Larry Welch! Larry asks Vivian why he’s coming to her, and she says its because…she has a huge plan in store for someone, and to do this…she needs a certain person out of jail, but she’s going to need someone else to facilitate it. Larry comments that all of this is awfully quick, and Vivian says that’s true, but she has to work fast! She again tells Larry that she needs him to cause a prison riot, and to deliver Sami Brady to her immediately!

-Nicole tells Jan that she may not have a choice, but….she wants to break out of here, and she won’t let this lunatic beat her! Jan and Nicole both resolve that they need to somehow break out of the Secret Room, and slowly but surely they’ll figure out a way!

-Lucas and Eugenia arrive at the hospital, and he yells that he needs help, this woman is having serious pain! Eugenia says she’s fine, its just really hurting…some nurses come to help her, and as they take her away to a hospital room to examine her, Lucas flashes back to rushing Carrie to the hospital in 2006, and how it led to her losing her baby with him…he also flashes back to helping Jan all throughout her pregnancy, which was how they fell in love….

-Mike smiles and tells Alexis that Jeremy may have genuinely cared about whether she lived or died….Alexis smiles lightly, as does Mike, and she wonders if this little incident helped his opinion of her somehow….Mike says he wouldn’t know, but suddenly he’s called away, and Alexis continues to think about her situation with Jeremy and Mike…and Robin for that matter. Greta is seen peeking into her hospital room, and whispering that it seems she lived, but no matter…she has bigger things to worry about, like Jan and Nicole!

-Kayla lies motionless in the park, suddenly, a man who’s face is hidden walks up to her and checks her pulse…she slowly opens her eyes, and they widen when she sees the man’s face! However, the man takes out a syringe, and injects it into Kayla…and she’s frozen in that position….and he slowly drags her off…

-Larry asks Vivian why she wants someone like Sami Brady to be broken out of jail and taken to her, and Vivian simply says she just does, Larry says this is awfully quick notice…and he is tempted to back out of this since she did stop him trying to murder Hope Brady in 2006, but she tells him that’s in the past, and this will make up for it. He again says fine, and she tells him she wants its done sometime within the next few days! Larry nods, and Vivian walks off, grinning…

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