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Episode 111



Thanksgiving continues in Springfield......


Dinah is rushed in.
Mallet follows, "It's gonna be okay Babe. Your doing great!"
Vanessa runs in, "Dinah! Oh I'm here."
Dinah hugs her, "Mom! It's time! The baby is coming!"
Vanessa smiles, "I know baby! My daughter is gonna be a Mommy!"
Maureen comes over, "You look great Dinah! I know the baby is gonna be beautiful."
Dinah smiles, "Thanks."
Lillian walks over, "Okay Dinah sweetheart your rooms ready. Mallet go over there ad they'll help you get ready."
Vanessa looks at her daughter, "We'll be here when it's done."
Vanessa kisses her daughter's head.
Lillian takes Dinah to the other room.
Dinah is ready to be a mother.

Cross Creek:

Billy walks over to the table, "Vanessa called she said Dinah got to the hospital fine. She'll call us when they get news."
Bill smiles, "I can't believe she's about to have a baby. My sister. We're gonna have another baby in the family."
Billy smiles, "Yeah. Vanessa's gonna have two little grandchildren."
Marah nods, "I'm happy for her, "Dinah has come so far and she deserves to be happy."
Reva sighs, "Everyone desereves a second chance. I'm glad she got hers."
Marah scoffs, "Not everyone."
Reva shakes her head, "I have some news to share with you all. My sister Roxie is back in town."
Josh turns to her, "Roxie? She's in Springfield?"
Reva nods, "Yes. She's staying with me. She might stop by later."
Billy grins, "Well I'm glad. Reva's got her sister back."
Reva looks at Marah, "I don't know if you remember her but she is your Aunt. And your Godmother."
Marah nods, "I remember a little bit. So she is better now? Because I rememeber you told me she was sick."
Reva nods, "Yes. But she is much better. She was released from the hospital a couple of years ago. She's been traveling ever since. But she doesn't seem to be in the dark place she was before."

Bauer Home:

Rick is staring at his ex girlfriend, "Roxie Shayne is that you?"
Roxie smiles, "Oh Rick! You look so handsome and all grown up!"
Rick hugs her, "So do you! Oh my God! It's been so long! You look better."
She sighs, "Yes. I was not in the right state of mind before but now I'm much much better."
Rick pulls out a chair for her, "Well we need to catch up. I mean I haven't heard from my cousin in ages."
Roxie sits, "Oh well... things didn't work out. We had a falling out years ago and we broke up."
Rick is surprised, "I had no idea. What about?"
She sighs, "Tt was when everyone thought Reva had died. He tried to hide it from me but I found out and I didn't react well.... He just he never believed I was recovered and he took things from me he.... I just don't want to talk about it right now."
Mindy walks on the patio.
She has a big coat on but underneath is a sexy outfit.
She stops when she sees through the winow Rick with Roxie who she doesn't recognize.
Upstairs Michelle is talking with her mothers spirit.
"Mom? What.... what's going on?"
Maureen sighs, "Oh Baby. I want so bad to tell you everything but I can't. There are some things that you need to find out for yourself."
Michelle cries, "I just... I don't know how I'm gonna get through this."
Maureen smiles, "You'll have help. Someone you trust will be there for you to lean on in your time of need. They'll be there to help you. And in return you'll help them as well."
Michelle is confused, "Who?"
Maureen's vision fades away.
Ed walks in, "Michelle honey. Who were you talking too?"
Michelle wipes her tears, "Nobody. I just need to clean up and then I'll be down later."
Ed leaves Michelle to get ready.


Marina is with the vision of her Grandmother.
"Grandma... I need help."
Nadine looks at her, "Marina your a Cooper. You have a whole family downstaris waiting for you. But I know. Sometimes you need someone else. You'll get that. I promise."
Marina shakes her head, "I don't understand."
Nadine grins, "Oh honey. You have a lot to look forward too. These next few weeks will be big for you. I will warn you that these months ahead will be very difficult but remember you are my Granddaughter. I will always be n your heart."
Marina cries, "I'm so confused."
Nadine smiles, "Read the signs. They're there."
Nadine fades away.
There is a knock at the door.
Marina opens.
Shayne is standing there, "Hey your family is worried about you."
Marina wipes her tears, "Did they send you?"
He shakes his head, "No. But I figured that when you are upset sometimes your family isn't who you want to see."
She sighs, "You are right."
He hugs her, "I'm here for you. If you ever need anything. You just let me know."
She nods, 'I will. Thank you Shayne."
He looks around, "Do you want to go down now."
She nods, "Yeah. I think I do.'
He walks down with her.

Mel's House:

Mel and Olivia sit with Natalia and the baby.
Nel grins, "Dinah is in labor. The baby is gonna be born today!"
Natalia smiles, "I'm so happy! Oh we can have the babies play together! It'll be so great."
Olivia looks at Natalia, "You are both so lucky."
Natalia looks at them, "What's going on with the custody thing?"
Mel sighs, "Well I am having Olivia take a break from that. Give her time to reconsider."
Olivia nods, "I just... the odds are against me."
Natalia sighs, "Well it's your Grandson. You never have to worry because no one can change that."
Olivia nods, "Thanks. How about you Natalia? Are you happy?"
Natalia nods, "Yes. For the first time in a long time. I know it's difficult for you to understand but I love Alan. And we are happy with our baby."
The three women hug.
Alan walks over to Phillip, "Hello Son. How was Penelope's birthday?"
Phillip nods, "It was a good day."
Beth looks at Alan, "Your baby is beautiful."
Alan smiles, "Thank you. He is isn't he? You know it feels weird not hosting Thanksgiving this year."
Phillip nods, "You still miss the mansion and the power?"
Alan sighs, "I'll always miss our home. But the power isn't important anymore. I have Natalia in my life. She is more important than any company in the world. I love her."
Phillip and Beth have never seen Alan like this.


Jonathan and Liz stare at Aubrey.
Jonathan walks over, "You are pregnant?"
She nods, "Yes. Jonathan we are going to have a baby!"
Liz shakes her head, "I don't understand.... you are having a baby with her? A baby?"
Aubrey scoffs, "Well I am his wife."
Liz sighs, "I... I don't know what to say."
Jonatan hugs Aubrey, "I can't believe this. Are you serious? I'm having another baby! A new baby for the family!"
He pick up Aubrey and kisses her.
Aubrey grins, "Oh my God! It's like.... all of our dreams are coming true. This is just the beginning of great things to come!"
Liz sighs, "Well that's nice for you two."
Aubrey turns to her, "Yes it is."
Liz nods, "Well now that you two are having a real baby together you won't mind if I take mine."
Liz walks towards the house.
Jon and Aubrey follow.


Marina walks downstairs.
Buzz hugs her, "Happy Thanksgiving Sweetie."
She smiles, "Happy Thanksgiving Grandpa."
Rocky hugs Marina, "You okay?"
She nods,"Yes. Shayne was really helpful.'
Rocky smiles, "He's the best isn't he?"
Marina looks at him, "Yes he's great."
Everyone sits down.
Everyone goes around to say what they are thankful for.
Harley goes first, "I'm thankful for family. My Daddy. My brothers. My sister. And children. All of them. And my beautiful Niece."
Lucy stands, "I'm happy for all of you as well. And thankful that I am back in town with the people I love and the people that love me."
Rocky's turn, "I am thankful for Shayne of course. I can always count on you and lean on you in times of need. And like Lucy I'm glad to be back with my family this year."
Marina stands, "I am thankful for everything that has happened for me,"she tears up, "I'm thankful that I got to be loved by the greatest man in the world... even if it ended soon."
Marina sits down.
Buzz stands, "I am thankful for moments like this. I get to look at my family and see how you all hve goown. I love you. All ove you. And nothing will change that."
The Cooper eat their meal.

Mel's House:
Mel and Alan Michael stand before their friends and family.
Mel smiles, "We just want to thank all of you for being here today. We have all had difficult times. But today is a day where we can all put that aside and come together and make peace."
Alan Michael looks around, "We may not have a lot in common but we all live in this crazy town. We've all had good times and bad. We have so many memories of weddings, children, deaths, holidays, evrything. And we all can understand what it means to say that family is everything whether your a Spauldng or a Boudreau."
Felicia stands, "You two did a great job. Thank you for putting this together for all of us. This has been one of the best Thanksgivings. And Alan Michael you truely make my daughter happy. Thank you."
Upstairs Natalia and Alan are with the baby.
Natalia smiles, "He is so beautiful."
Alan nods, "He is. Natalia... I couldn't ask for a better mother for him. You are something special."
She grins, "Thank you. Alan you have something special too. You love with all you have. And for that I love you too."
Alan pulls out a box, "Natalia. I want to ask you someting."
Natalia turns to him, "Alan, is this what I think it is?"
He opens it up with a ring, "Will you be my wife?"
She gasp, "Oh my!"
He grins, "Well... will you?"
She cries, "Yes! Yes!"
She kisses him.
He places the ring on her finger.
The two smile at their baby.

Liz runs into the house.
Aubrey and Jonathan follow.
Jonathan walks over to Liz, "What is wrong with you?"
Liz scoffs, "All I'm trying to say is you and Aubrey can go and raise your child and I'll take care of Sarah. It's a great idea because in this case everybody wins."
Jonathan shakes his head, 'What the hell? Why would you think I'd be okay with that?"
She looks at him, "You took her from me! So don't expect any sympathy!"
Aubrey walks over, "I don't understand your reasoning."
Liz sighs, "Wouldn't you rather have your own child with Jonathan?"
Aubrey shouts, "Sarah is my daughter! I have raised her and loved her. She is my daughter."
Liz gets furious, "Only because you took her away from me! You kidnapped my little girL!"
Jonathan shakes his head, "We did that to protect her from you and your sick twisted family!"
They all turn to see Sarah in the doorway.
Jonathan walks over, "Oh Baby. We didn't mean to wake you."
He takes her back to her room.
Liz and Aubrey stare at each other with anger.

Cross Creek:
Billy stands at the table, "I want us all to take some time to reflect on this year. And everything that has happened. So much. Good and Bad. It was nothing like last year. But still pretty big. We've suffered loss and gained happiness."
Everyone looks around at each other.
Reva smiles, "I remember it was last Thanksgiving. I gave this cabin back to the family. And Billy and Vanessa have done a great job. This place is all about the Lewises. It has so many memories for everyone. And I know we have many more to come."
Josh nods, "Yeah this place holds a lot for us as Lewises. We are a strong hardworking family that never gives up."
Bill grins, "I am happy that I get to raise my Son in such a great home. Full of happiness and family."
Billy looks at them all, "It was weird moving Cross Creek to Springfield. But now... it fits. Springfield is so much more than just the Lewis family. It's the Buaers, Coopers, Grants, Boudreaus, Marlers, even the Spauldings. We all call this place or home."
The Lewis family puts aside their problems and enjoys the day.

Bauer Home:
Rick and Roxie are sitting at the table talking.
Roxie laughs, "You were so cute back then!"
He chuckles, "I don't get what you saw in me."
She smiles, "You were so sweet and funny and cute. I just oculdn't get enough of you."
He nods, "I know. We always had fun didn't we?"
Outside Mindy looks through the window, "Who the hell is that?"
She doesn't want to go in yet.
She stands on a bucket to try and look through a taller window.
A man walks up behind her, "Spying?"
It startles her and she falls back.
He catches her.
She looks up at him. It's Rusty, "Oh great you again."
Rusty looks at her outfit, "All of this for me?"
She scoffs, "It's for Rick!"
He puts her down, "Well it looks like he's busy with my sister."
Mindy turns, "Is that Cassie?"
He laughs, "No. That's Roxie."
Mindy gasp, "Roxie?"
Inside Ed and Michelle sit in the livingroom with the children.
Michelle hugs them, "Hey guys. I'm sorry I've been upstairs all day."
Robbie nods, "It's okay."
She shakes her head, "No it's not. I have been thinking too much about myself. It's time that I do what Daddy would have wanted and spend more time with you two. I love you guys."
Hope kisses her, "We love you too Mommy."
Ed hugs them all, "We are gonna get through this as a family."
Maureen's angel watches her family as she goes away.

Maureen and Jason walks over with food.
Maureen smiles, "We went home and brough some over. We'll have our own Thanksgiving here."
Vanessa smiles, "Atleast we get to spend it together."
Maureen smiles, "I know we had our differences but I do love you Mom."
Vanessa grins, "I rememeber when you were born. I was so worried. All I wanted was for you to be safe. That's all a mother can think about. And then I saw you. You had these big eyes looking at me. Just like your Great Aunt Maureen. Your namesake."
Maureen nods, "I wish I had met her."
Vanessa nods, "I do too."
The two hug."
Inside Dinah's room.
She is pushing.
Mallet kisses her head, "You are doing great!"
She cries, "Oh God!"
The doctor shouts, "One more push!"
Dinah screams in pain.
The next sound is of the baby crying.
Mallet looks at Dinah, "He's here. Our son is here!"
Dinah cries, "Oh.. my Baby!"
Mallet kisses her.
The Doctors hand Dinah the baby.
Mallet and Dinah are parents.

Springfield says goodbye to Danny
A Bank Robbery!
Harley and Cyrus plan
Reva catches up with her siblings
Edmund argues with Cassandra


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How was roxie an aunt and grandma and I bet some how Roxie is connected to Annie Dutton some how

I wonder whay u have planned for Marah and mariana. I bet they go through it together

So I guess Alan's new baby is sofetning him up in his old age?

Well now we can add another baby to the long list that we already have.

I would have called he cops on Liz and Aubrey by now. At least slap Aubrey. Antoehr good episode!!

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Michelle and Marina will have a lot going on which will all happen this month.

They will move towards the future with people from the past.

Oh yes Alan's child has changed him so much. But don't expect Springfield ot buy it.

Liz and Aubrey have a big rivalry ahead.

Yes another pregnancy in Springfield...... but is there one more ahead?

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