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GH Fan Fic - Episode 19: The Flashbacks



Episode 19: The Flashbacks


[Lucas awakes to the sound of….nothing. For the first time in weeks, he feels as if a weight has been lifted off of his shoulders. Surely he’s troubled that his secret came out the way that it did, but he now knows that he has to work on living his life as an openly gay teen. He walks downstairs and finds a note that Carly left him:


I came in to check up on you and saw that you were sleeping. There’s money in the top drawer, food in the fridge, and clothes for you in the closet (I went shopping for ya ^__^). Don’t let what happened last night bring you down. Feel free to stay as long as you’d like and remember that if you need anything, call me. If I’m unavailable, just ask Jason.



[bobbie awakes to the sound of Tony slamming her door]


Tony: Well I see that you’re awake now. We need to talk.

IPB Image

Bobbie: About what?

Tony: Don’t you remember what happened last night?

[bobbie looks at Tony for a minute, then begins flashing back to the reveal of Lucas’ secret. “Oh God” she says when she realizes what she did.]

Bobbie: You know what Tony, I can’t deal with this right now. I already went through this with Luke. Oh man Luke…….

[bobbie remembers the heated confrontation she had with Luke following her blow up. Bobbie remembers completely ripping into Luke as a father, proclaiming that he was there for Lucky, but doesn’t give a damn about Lulu. Bobbie asks Tony to leave, but Tony tells her he can’t leave just yet.]


[Carly walks right into Sonny’s house and calls him downstairs. He slowly makes his way down, clueless as to why she’s here. She tells Sonny that she is letting Lucas stay at the Penthouse until he’s ready to leave and fills him in why. Her conversation is interrupted when Kristina runs downstairs. Carly asks why Kristina is there (knowing that it isn’t Sonny’s day to have her) and learns that Alexis has disappeared. Sonny tells her though he truly wants to believe that his brother had nothing to do with it, history speaks for itself and didn’t want his daughter there with him.]


[Lucas hears a knock on the door and is surprised to see Lulu and baby Cameron at the door. Lucas invites them in; Lulu is impressed with his new living quarters. She tells Lucas that she’s babysitting Cam for the day, but wanted to check up on him and back sure he was ok. Lucas tells her considering what happened to him last night, it couldn’t get much worse.]


[Nikolas and Lucky are sitting inside Kelly’s talking about the recent happenings in their life. Nik informs Lucky about the Alexis situation; Lucky informs Nik about Lucas. Mike brings them their order and asks how Emily is doing. They both say they haven’t heard from Emily for a while now, but knows that she’s on vacation.]


[A woman is shown lying in a hospital bed. Her long brownish-blonde hair brushed carefully away from her face. Sitting by her bedside is man who’s face is conveniently hidden in the shadows. He tells her that though he’s been gone during the time when she needed him the most, he’s here for her now. And will always be there for her.]


[Carly walks into Kelly’s with Morgan at her side. He runs to the counter to talk to Mike and is given some cookies. Lucky asks Carly how everything went with Lucas. She tells him that he’s going to be ok if given his space. When he asks where he is, Carly is reluctant to tell him, but does so, knowing that her brother will need the support of his family. Carly tells Nikolas that she’s sorry to hear about what happened to Alexis and hopes she is found safe. Ric walks in at that time and sees the three of them talking. He flashes back to his conversation with Sonny the night before:]

Sonny: So Alexis is missing.

Ric: Yes.

Sonny: I just defended you to her nephew. Don’t make me regret my decision

Ric: No! I had nothing to do with what happened. Liz and I were talking together in Kelly’s when I got a call from Alexis…after she left your house. We were talking and then we weren’t. I heard her screaming and then a crash. However, there wasn’t a car accident reported and found no evidence to back up my story.

Sonny: ……..so what’d you do?

Ric: I went down to the police station and reported what happened. I was there all night and ended up getting baited into a fight by Durant and almost got arrested. No one believes that she’s really missing. They think I had something to with it.

Sonny (slowly becoming agitated): Well Ric, history speaks for itself.. What do you think that people are just going to accept your story as truth?

Ric: Sonny…I really di-

Sonny: Look. I’ll put one of my guys on it. Alexis and I don’t get along, but she is the mother of my child and I don’t want anything to happen to her. I’m uh..I’m going to take Kristina with me. You’ll have your hands full with Molly and dealing with this situation, so I’ll take Kristina to my place until you find a way to work this out.

Ric: Sonny there’s no…fine. I’d hate to ask you this Sonny but…I’m going to need your support on this. We’re brothers, we have to stick together. Do you believe me?

Sonny: Come on Ric.

Ric (becoming emotional): Sonny. I….I really need your support right now. I just….I need you to tell me that you believe me. Please Sonny.

Sonny: I don’t know. (While taking Kristina with him) I don’t know.

[Ric comes back to reality as Nikolas, Carly and Lucky are staring at him.]


[Lucas tells Lulu that she needs to go because he’s going out. Lulu agrees, but tells Lucas she’s going with him as well. They argue for a bit with Lulu winning of course. On their way out, Lulu asks Lucas if he’s upset with Brandon for revealing his secret. Lucas tells her yes, but then remembers the intense night that he had with Brandon at a party.]

IPB Image

On The Next General Hospital…..

- Ric misinterprets Carly’s concern for sarcasm and verbally berates her, causing Nikolas to jump to her defense.

- Viewers learn more of the connection between “Em” and her mystery visitor

- Alexis puts Sam in her place.

- Alan is upset to learn that his position as Chief of Staff for GH will not be renewed.

- Robin visits Mac


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