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GH Fan Fic: Episode #14-18: The Fallout



EPISODES 14-18: The Fallout


Lucas: I’m gay mom.

Bobbie: Excuse me?

Lucas: He’s right. I’m gay.

Bobbie: Well don’t be!!

Lucas: What?

Bobbie: Being gay is a choice. Choose not to be gay. Wait..I-

Tony: Bobbie this is not the—

Bobbie: Shut up Tony! Say nothing to me. No one say anything!

Lucas: See, this is why I didn’t—

Bobbie: You too. You hush. This is not…this is not what I had in store for you Lucas.

Dillon: Mom, I think we should go.

Tracy: Well why? This is just getting good.

Luke: You’re right. Dillon, take your mother home.

Tracy: Like hell he will.

Bobbie: No, you don’t go anywhere! Dillon, Georgie, Maxie, Lulu…you don’t look too surprised.

Lulu: That’s because we already knew.

Bobbie: What? You knew and didn’t tell me?

Georgie: We weren’t trying to keep it a secret from you Bobbie it’s just…well…we thought—

Bobbie: Thought what? That it would be better for me not to know?

Lucas: Don’t blame them for not telling you. I convinced them not to say anything. They wanted me to tell you myself but I told them no because I wasn’t ready. Now I see why.

Tony: You can’t expect your mother to handle this like everyone else Lucas.

Lucas: Why? You’re not angry.

Tony: No, I’m not. Neither is your mother. She’s just…taken aback.

Noah: Bobbie I think you should take some time to think about how—

Bobbie: Don’t. I don’t need anyone to speak for me. No I’m not upset, I’m just extremely disappointed.

IPB Image


[Ric steps in between the Nikolas/Sonny altercation. Ric tells Sonny that Nikolas has a right to be upset. When asked why, Ric informs Sonny that Alexis was in a car accident, and is now missing. Nikolas calls Ric a liar, stating that there were no reports of an accident and then tells Sonny his theory as to what happened to Alexis. Surprisingly, Sonny defends Ric to Nikolas and tells him to back off. Nikolas says that he had to stop his search for Courtney because of what happened to Alexis. Sonny tells Nikolas that he’ll help him find Alexis. He convinces Nik to go home.]


[Alexis and Sam awaken to find themselves locked in a dark room. Alexis asks Sam what happened, and Sam fills her in. Alexis can’t remember how she was taken in the first place. Sam immediately jumps to the conclusion that Manny has taken them and begins to blame Alexis for this happening.]


[Jax checks up on his lead and learns that Courtney is hiding in South Carolina. When he walks into the hotel, he begins asking if anyone has seen her. He is told by the front-desk attendant that Ms. Jacks doesn’t want to be disturbed. Jax bribes the attendant and he takes Jax to her room.]


[Jason is lying down in the bedroom when his phone rings. Thinking it’s Sam, he immediately speaks her name when he answers, only to learn that it’s Courtney instead.


[After telling Skye that he wants to be the man in her life, Lorenzo declares his love for her.]

Skye: Lorenzo I do feel safe with you. That’s what friends are for.

Lorenzo: I don’t think that you understand me Skye. I want to be the man who makes you happy. I want to be the man who can take away for your fears and doubts. You’ve endured a lot of pain in your life Skye. I want you to know that I intend to put you first above everyone else. You won’t have to worry about whether I truly love you or not because I’m telling you now.

Skye: What about Carly? You love her don’t you?

Lorenzo: …..of course I love Carly. I always will, but what we had was one sided. She tried to love me, but she couldn’t because she was, is and forever will be in love with Sonny. I tried to save Carly when obviously she didn’t need saving. What you and I have….what we have is different. It’s love on both sides. And even if you don’t see it now, you will.


Lucas: I’m outta here.

Carly: I’m coming with you Lucas. Momma, you need to relax.

[Carly and Lucas step into the elevator while Bobbie is calling them.]

Bobbie: Lucas…LUCAS! Don’t you walk away from me when I’m talking to you.

Lucas: Everyone, I’m sorry for ruining your evening. And you Brandon....thanks a lot.

Tracy: Well this has been a not I surely won’t forget.

Dillon: Oh god mom. Lucas’ life was just shattered. Can you cut the kid a break?

Tracy: No. I make excuses for no one. Had Lucas come out to his mother months ago this never would have happened. So….who’s up for desert.

Luke: I want everyone out……

Tracy: You can’t

Luke: I SAID OUT!!!!!! Everyone except you Barbara Jean.

[The MetroCourt begins to clear out. Once everyone is out of the room, Luke begins laying into his sister.]

Luke: Barbara Jean Spencer…..how could you do that to your child? That boy needs you right now, and you going off on him didn’t help.

Bobbie: Luke, you and I will not be having this conversation right now.

Luke: Yes we will. You know more than anyone that the love of a parent is more important than anything else in this world. You essentially turned that boy away!

Bobbie (while taking a drink of her wine): This coming from you? Since when have you become father of the year?


[Jason asks Courtney what she wants. She asks for his help and wants him to promise he won’t reveal where she is if she tells him. Jason tells her he can’t help her because he has his own problems to deal with.]


[Jax walks into the luxurious suite and begins searching around. He hears water running in the bathroom and slowly makes his way to that area. He quietly opens the door and sees the silhouette of a long-haired blonde woman.]


[Lucky and Liz are shown lying in bed while holding Cameron. Lucky tells Liz that he’s surprised that Lucas didn’t feel comfortable enough to tell him he was gay. Liz makes it clear that Lucky should work with the rest of the family to make Lucas feel welcomed. What happened to him was embarrassing and he should have come out when he was ready.]


[Maxie and Georgie walk into the house looking very somber. When Felicia asks what’s wrong, Georgie tells her about the fiasco that happened at the MetroCourt. Felicia & Mac feel sympathetic towards Lucas and Bobbie….at least until Maxie tells Felicia how Bobbie went off on Lucas.


[Carly and Lucas are sitting in the car outside of Harbor View Towers. She hands him a set of keys]

Lucas: What are we doing here?

Carly: Sonny and I agreed to share ownership of the penthouse. I know that you probably need a place to crash for a while and I think here is a really good place to do it.

Lucas: There are guards there….and…on top of that, why are you helping me Carly? Aren’t you freaked out?

Carly: First off, you can use the guards to your advantage. They’ll keep people you don’t want to see out. Secondly, I haven’t been the greatest sister in the world to you. This is my chance to make up for that. Before you go, I want you to know that you can call me anytime you want. I’m here for you. Don’t let Mom’s reaction change your overall perception of her Lucas. She’s just…..overwhelmed.

Lucas: Thanks for everything Carly….and I’ll try to look at this objectively.

[Lucas hugs Carly before getting out of the car. Carly watches him go into the building. When he gets into the elevator, she waves goodbye to him and takes off, unaware that someone has been following her the entire time.]

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