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Affairs of the Hearts Episode#1: The Debut



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Nicole is rushed into Salem University Hospital as Mike runs over to find out what is going on

“What happened?”


“Some one shot her. Please Mike, save her. I can’t loose my daughter now.”


“We’ll do everything we can.” He says as he rushes Nicole into the E.R. for surgery to remove the bullet. Tony walks up behind Marlena and wraps his arms around her.

“Don’t worry Marlena. I know we don’t know much about our newly found daughter, but I know enough to know she is a fighter. She’s got DiMera blood in her veins. It’s going to take more than a bullet to take one of us out. You should already know this.”


“I guess you’re right. I just want to get the chance to know her.”

“Well you sure aren’t missing anything” They both hear. They turn around and see Sami(Stami)


“How dare you? How dare you talk about you’re sister that way? She is fighting for her life in there.”


“Let the Bitch die. Who cares?”


“Marlena, I suggest you get this twit together. I will not stand here and hear of such disrespect for my daughter.”

Marlena slaps Sami across the face. To her astonishment, Stami slaps Marlena back.



Episode 1, The Debut

Written by ML Cooks

Spears Mansion

Jan walks out onto the patio where Lucas is sitting on a lawn chair, enjoying the starry night.


“Hey, done at the fashion show?


"Yeah, some big drama there. I don't even want to be involved with whatever the hell has happened in this crazy town, so I just decided to leave and save the Spears Industries stuff for another day.


“Can I be honest with you about something?”

Jan, looking into his eyes

“Of course you can. I don’t want there to be no secrets between us. Lucas you are the love of my life.”

He smiles and kisses her then pulls back and looks into her eyes.

“This is going to sound strange, but Anna has been on my mind.”

Jan, rolling her eyes

“You’re right, it is strange. Why in the hell have you been thinking of crazy Anna?”


“It’s what she has been saying. About Nicole. She said Nicole is your enemy.”


“Please. I barely know Nicole. You have to really ignore Anna’s crazy rubbish.”


“No I’m serious Jan. Maybe Anna knows something we don’t.”


“Like what?”


“I say we invite her over and talk with her.”


“You can’t be serious?”


“I am. If Nicole is your enemy, you need to know and find out why. You could be in danger. You know Nicole is dangerous. You may not know her very well, but she still got you to try to kill Victor Kiriakis all those years ago."


“You really want me to do this?”


“Do it for the safety of our family.”


“Fine than, call the whack job up and I’ll make us something to eat.”

Lucas, giving her another peck

“I love you.”

Jan, getting up

“I love you too.”

Lucas, grabbing her arm

“No wait a minute.”


“Lucas, I have to go cook.”

Lucas, standing up

“That can wait.”


“What’s the matter? You’re looking serious”


“Jan I love you more than words can express. I love being with you and Ben. I thank God everyday for sending you in my life” He pulls out a ring box from his pocket and gets down on one knee. Jan is astounded, as Lucas continues

“Jan Britney Spears, will you do me the honor in becoming Mrs. Lucas Roberts. Will you marry me?”

Back at the Hospital

Tony, looking at Stami

“Don’t you ever let me see you hit your mother again young lady.”


“No Tony it’s alright.”


“You two can just screw yourselves. And I hope Nicole dies!” And with that, she turns around and walks off.


“She’s out of control.”


“Something is off. Something just isn’t right with Samantha. Something in her eyes.”

Before she can continue Anna barges in.

“I heard about Nicole. I am so sorry. Is she ok?”


“Anna, what business do you have here?! Don’t be so concerned about my daughter now! If you were really concerned, you would have told Tony and I the truth when you first found out Nicole was our daughter.”


“Marlena Please, You’re going through a hard time. Let’s grab a a cup of coffee.”


“Don’t patronize me Tony DiMera. I am tired of people thinking they can just play with my life.”


“Marlena, like I’ve said before. I had no ill intention. I wanted to make sure Nicole was your daughter. I have nothing to gain by scheming with this info.”


“What do you mean make sure?”


“I wasn’t sure if Nicole was your daughter. Right before Kristen shot me, I had reason to believe that J-” Before she barely gets Jan’s name out, Mike barges out the E.R. and the focus switches to him.


“Mike, Please tell me you have good news.”


“Will my daughter be ok?”

Mike continues to look at Marlena, Tony and Anna with a worried look.

“Nicole is..."

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