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Episode 64



Lily thanks Rohan for the ice and for all of his help and smiles that her ankle's feeling much better. Rohan asks what brings Lily to Barbados, assuming she's on vacation. Lily explains she's there to search for her family. She explains how Craig vanished off the coast of Barbados months ago, but no one has seemed to find anything to prove that Craig survived. Rohan's mother quickly brings out a gold Rolex and gives it to Lily. She says that she found it out in the water by the beach a few months ago. Lily thinks she recognizes the watch, as she holds it close and gains hope.

The local stares in fright at Holden, who yells again, asking where his wife is. The local, Andrew, says that Lily came to the island a week ago pestering locals about finding some man whose plane had gone missing. Andrew says that several people asked her to leave, that they didn't know anything, but she kept pushing and agitating Barbadian officials. Holden asks Andrew if he's seen Lily recently, to which a woman nearby says she saw Lily just a little while ago with Rohan. Andrew offers to take Holden to Rohan's, and Holden agrees.

Tom and Margo's quiet evening is interrupted when Katie comes in, asking for Margo's help. Katie tells Margo that Brad resigned from WOAK today, and it's all because Katie said "no" to a relationship. Margo thinks Katie's being a little conceited, but Katie assures her that even Kim said that Brad's resignation had something to do with Katie. Margo reluctantly agrees to speak with Brad, upon Katie's heartfelt plea. Katie thanks her sister and Katie brings up Michael. Not wanting to tell Katie about Lyla refusing to receive treatment from Michael, Margo skirts around the issue. However, Katie catches on from Tom's facial expressions and realizes there's something Margo's not telling her. Margo finally confesses all to Katie, who makes a straight line towards Lyla's.

At Lyla's, Katie barges in and asks Lyla why she's refusing to get treatment again for the millionth time. Lyla tells Katie to calm down and says that Lyla's decision is justified. Katie asks why Lyla's refusing help from Casey's brother, angering Lyla by bringing up Katie's late father's name. Lyla retorts that this is all none of Katie's concern and closes the conversation. Lyla says that she'll be moving to Texas to receive treatment at M.D. Anderson, to which Katie furiously objects. Later, Katie makes a call to her Uncle Michael and asks for help.

Susan comes into work and sees that she has a voice mail from Kim, wanting to meet her for a talk. Susan rolls her eyes as Bob walks in and asks what's gotten her upset. Susan plays it off and says it's nothing, excusing herself for a meeting with a patient. Later, Susan appears in the hospital cafeteria, just as Kim requested, and finds Kim waiting at a table for her. Kim tells Susan that although Susan might be working with Bob now, that doesn't mean Susan can move in and make her play for him. Susan scoffs at the accusation and tells Kim to go to hell before barging out. Bob passes Susan on the way out and hurries over to the table where Kim's seated. Furious, he asks Kim what she's done to upset Susan this time.

Toting carry out boxes from Mabel's, Carrie takes one to Carly and another to her desk. Carly notices Carrie finishing off her meal and asks Carrie if everything's alright. Later, Carly hears Carrie throwing up in the bathroom and wrongfully assumes she's bulimic. Later, Jack arrives home and finds that Carly never picked Parker up from therapy and he had to catch a bus home. As soon as Carly comes home from work, Jack blasts her and assumes she was with Wagner. Carly says that Wagner is in Miami for business; and reminds Jack that she left him a reminder on the answering machine at Emma's that she had to work late and needed him to pick up Parker. Carly calls Jack out and asks if he's upset about Parker or more upset about Wagner. Jack shies away from the question, but Carly soon puts him in his place, reminding him that he told her a long time ago to move on. And that's just what she's doing.

Noah and Luke flirt in front of Fashions in Oldtown. Lisa chuckles as she closes up and asks Luke if there's been any word on his mother yet. Luke says that Holden just left yesterday to go find her and assumes they'll be home in no time. After Lisa leaves, Luke remembers leaving his wallet on a bench and runs back to retrieve it while Noah waits in the car. As Luke picks it up, he sees Carrie headed for him. "You're Noah's friend, right?" she asks. "Hi, I'm Carrie," she says, stretching out her hand for a handshake. Luke smiles and shakes her hand, introducing himself. Searching for answers, he cites how Carrie sure has been coming around looking for Noah alot and asks what's going on. Before Carrie can answer, Noah comes up. Noah cuts off Carrie and tells Luke that they better get going. Once in the car, Luke demands to know what's going on between him and Carrie. Noah assures Luke that nothing is going on, almost hoping to convince himself of the same thing, wishing Carrie weren't truly pregnant with his child.


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I like the Luke and Noah part.

This Lily SL is getting really interesting. I'm sure its only gonna get better.

Good job! :D

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Okay...I finally got caught up.

I agree...Lily searching for Craig is interesting, and echoes when he was lost in the isles of Greece. LOL at the thought of Lily falling down a pit.

The introduction of Michael seems to be stirring things up. It'll be interesting to see how everyone deals with him.

Ohhhh.....Carjack. I'm glad Carly's reminding him she's just doing what he wanted. I'm glad Jack seems to be slowly coming around to his truth. It's just agonizing.....being as impatient as I am. LOL....

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:starts singing:

"It's all coming back....it's all coming back to me now." :lol:

The Lily story is VERY interesting.

blah, blah Katie, you know I feel about her, LoL.

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