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Written by: Tara/Daysfan


-It is Christmas Eve in Salem! Sami walks into St.Luke’s with a black dress on, and sees EJ’s coffin there. She walks over to it, and says “I’m glad your finally being buried…I’m sorry I couldn’t arrange it sooner, its just things have been…hectic.” and then she turns to Father Jansen as he walks in, and he asks if she will be the only one attending. Sami nods and says EJ wasn’t that popular around Salem when he died. She goes to sit down and the funeral begins.

-Jan is wearing a trench coat and hat so no one will recognize her, and she walks through the halls of the Salem Inn. She walks towards the door to Greta’s room, and peeks in to see Greta reading a book by the fire in the fireplace. She slowly begins to walk in!

-Bo is sitting at Hope’s beside at the hospital, staring down at an unconscious Hope. Maggie, Julie, Nick, Abby, and Jeremy are all there. Julie sits at the other side of Hope’s bed. Maggie says they all have to remain positive, and Jeremy says that gets harder by the day and stomps out of the room. Maggie frowns and follows, while Bo whispers to Hope:

Bo: Fancy Face…please come back to me.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Father Jansen begins to speak, and then shortly afterwards it is time for Sami’s eulogy. Sami stands and walks to the front of the church, and begins:

Sami: Well, I know no one is attending this funeral tonight so I’ll be speaking to the one its for: EJ Wells. EJ, you were…a great gift to my life. One of the best men in my life. You saved me from the fire that burned down my apartment complex, you didn’t torture me so many times like Lucas did. You loved me more than Austin ever did, the only one who could match up to you was Brandon but he’s long gone from my life now. You may have gotten a bit out of hand with what you did but you tried to stop your mother and father, and you were so fun. That night I made love to you…I just didn’t want to stop, and felt so happy when we declared our relationship official. I love you so much EJ, and will never forget you. You may not be a patriarch of Salem, but you were a great man to me. And I promise you, I will continue your legacy.

Sami sniffs several times and cries as EJ’s coffin as then taken, and slowly wheeled outside of St.Luke’s and as the burial begins, Sami sees Steve outside!

-Greta looks to see Jan enter, and as Jan closes the door and throws off her hat Greta asks who the hell she is and what she’s doing here. Jan says she’s come to make sure she is out of Salem by tomorrow! Greta asks her what the hell she’s talking about, and Jan responds:

Jan: Get out of Salem, or your dead. Simple as that.

-Bo tells Hope he needs her to wake up, to tell him what happened. He whispers to her he loves her, and she continues to lie unconscious. Julie flashes back to when Hope told her she killed Gina, and she thinks to herself “Could Hope have consumed alcohol because of that? No…it can’t be possible…”

-Maggie follows Jeremy out into the waiting room, and she tells him to please not do this. Jeremy asks her how can he NOT do this, and that his great-grandmother died a few months ago, he doesn’t even get to see either of his parents anymore, and now one of his cousins is in the hospital. Maggie walks over to him and places her hands on his shoulders and says she knows its hard, but they just have to try to get through it. Jeremy says he knows, its just these days that seems like the one thing he can’t do.

-Sami angrily stomps over to Steve and asks him what the hell he is doing at EJ’s burial, and he says he came for the Christmas Eve church service. Sami snaps to cut the crap and tell her why he was really here, and Steve says he came because he wanted…to apologize. He however then says he had no choice, and Sami yells he didn’t have to shoot him over and over! Steve defends himself by saying:

Steve: I had to protect my wife, myself, and everyone else. EJ was talking killing all of us Sami, and I had to stop him. If I hadn’t we all, including you, might be dead.

Sami: You know what, Steve? I’m not even gonna deal with you right now, because you disgust me. Hell my whole family does right now. You expect me to forgive you for killing EJ so that means Aunt Kayla probably does too, and Aunt Kim. My mom wants me to accept some guy who always treated me horribly as my father. You all can just shut up because I’m through with every single one of you. Don’t expect to see me at the Brady Pub tomorrow for Christmas.

Sami then stomps off of the church grounds.

-Greta screams for her to get out of her room, and that she’s not leaving town. Jan takes out a gun, and whispers “Fine” and Greta tells her she’s making a big mistake. Jan says she just wants to get this over with, and tells her she’ll give her one last chance: leave or get killed. Greta stares at the gun for a moment, and finally says:

Greta: Fine! You know what, I don’t even have a reason for living in this town anymore anyway! I was stupid enough to come back!

Jan smiles as Greta goes to pack her things.

-In Hope’s hospital room, suddenly a woman brings in babies Pamela and Addie. Bo smiles at his daughters and thanks the woman for watching them and bringing them here, and she says anytime. After she leaves, both of them get a little fussy and suddenly Hope begins to rouse. As Julie takes the twins, Bo looks to Hope and says “Fancy Face?” and her eyes open and she says in a hoarse town “B…Bo?”


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