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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Written by: Tara/Daysfan


-Vince shoves Anna off of him and onto the couch, and tells her that’s not going to work anymore! He again claims he is back FOR GOOD! Anna tells Vince:

Anna: No, let Tony out NOW! I know he’s in there!

Vince: Sorry, hon. Your precious lover is never coming back.

Anna: This is worse than I thought…

Kristen walks into the DiMera Mansion and sees the scene between Anna and Vince!

-A woman walks out onto the pier, looking for Nicole. She sees Nicole sitting on the bench, and Nicole says its about time she got here! The woman takes off her hat and is revealed to be JAN! Jan asks:

Jan: What the hell do you want? You dragged me out in the middle of the evening for this.

Nicole: I need your help.

Jan: Forget it.

Nicole: You still owe me for helping you get that baby inside your stomach, and what I have for you is very simple.

Jan: Fine, what the hell do you need this year? Getting some man into bed with you, murdering your husband?

Nicole: I need you to get Greta Von Amberg out of town.

-Hope is still unconscious at the hospital, and as several nurses and doctors stand with her in the hospital, one of them go to call Bo. Bo answers from his house and says “Brady”, and the doctor tells him that his wife is in the hospital and Bo asks what happened and exclaims he’s been looking all over for her all day, and he says she’s alive but has consumed a whole bottle of alcohol.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Kristen slowly walks to the side of the door into the living room of the mansion, and listens in on the conversation. Anna tells Vince he won’t win this one, and Vince tells her there’s no way to stop him. He grabs Anna again and proceeds to drag her to the backdoor, and tells her its time for her to get out of his mansion. Anna then screams:

Anna: Tony, please help! Your alternate personality is hurting me!

Vince opens the backdoor and is about to toss Anna out, but suddenly, he stands still and stares off into space again giving Anna time to break free of his grip. She slowly says “Tony?” and Tony says in a low tone “Anna…what….why am I standing up…” and she then tells him his alter came out again, and his calling himself “Vince.” Tony sighs and tells her he is so sorry and this must be stopped. Behind the door, Kristen whispers to herself:

Kristen: Tony has an alternate personality?!

-Jan snorts and says “Isn’t that your spoiled rival?” and Nicole says yes which is why she needs to get her out of town, and Jan says not a chance but Nicole reminds her she can easily show the police her surrogant disguise she used on Shawn and Mimi, and Jan then says she can easily show the police the evidence that Nicole tried to kill Colin Murphy, but finally says she’ll do it. Nicole then says:

Nicole: Taunt her…tell her her secret will come out if she’s not gone by Christmas..but if she doesn’t listen…kill her.

Jan: Damn, its always murder with you isn’t it? But fine, I’ll do it.

-Bo yells “WHAT?! No, you must be confused, Hope’s not an alcoholic!” and the doctor says it seems from their tests she has consumed a whole bottle of gin, and Bo yells in anger and tells him he’ll be down to the hospital soon….


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