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Written by: Tara/Daysfan


-Anna asks this Vince who the hell he is, and Vince says he’s the one she met in Italy and later on the island, she just never gave him enough time to tell her his name. Anna snaps to him she wants Tony back, but Vince says:

Vince: Oh no, Anna…now that my father is in a coma it is up to me to lead the DiMera Empire.

Anna: Never!!! Tony, come back to me! Please!

-Victor arrives at the hospital, and he slowly walks into Stefano’s room, and stares down at Stefano’s comatose body, and he says:

Victor: I thought I would never see Stefano DiMera lying on a bed, helpless. But, I am not upset…for this is good news for me. Finally my old rival goes down…but maybe I should be the one to finally pull the plug on this Phoenix…

-An ambulance arrives at the pier, and Nicole tells one of the paramedics she just found Hope lying here with an empty bottle of alcohol. The paramedic nods and says they’ll examine her at the hospital, and they load Hope onto the ambulance…

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Vince tells her that won’t work this time, and he is back for good. He grabs Anna by the arm and says his first order of business is to kick her out of his father’s house, and she breaks free of his grip and tells him no way in hell. She grabs Vince and kisses him, hoping to bring Tony back!

-Victor stares at Stefano, but then says no…he wants Stefano to suffer some more, death would just be letting him escape. As Victor turns to walk out of the room, he says:

Victor: I will let you live…for now. But don’t expect to be in that coma forever.

-Nicole takes out her phone at the pier, and calls someone! She tells them to get down to the pier NOW!

-Hope is taken to the hospital, and while her heart is still beating, the doctors can tell she has consumed way too much alcohol. One of them recognizes her as Bo Brady’s wife!


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