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OMG - THAT WAS HOT!!!! - CAN WAIT FOR THE LIGHT TO COME ON - "Like clothes in the washing machine, so are the days of your lives" Love it - Keep it up!!!!

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Was this the season finale? That was awesome. I can't believe the sex fantasy at the beginning. It was again one of those OMG moments.

I hope that Natalia isn't dead. If anything, I hope that it's Dahlia who was crushed like tuna. Natalia has so much more potential, like blackmailing Bryan and Mark.

It was nice to see Gilbert back. I always think of him as Ginny. He has potential but will always be a recurring character.

And Mona is truly psychotic but a well planned psycho. What she did to the town was awesome and I can't wait to find out what happens to Daniel. He didn't mean to rape Lauren, it was Mona's drug affect on him, if anything I bet Chris will be the one who suffers. Awesome job.

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