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Meet Judge Judy!! Episode 54



The Black out continues in Pasadena and Mona continues her reign of terror. With the body bag full, Mona drags it out side to her car. She gets in her car and drives up to Sharan's and Kevin's house and again grabs her magic bag of tricks .She then speaks aloud,

klj.jpg"My dear Sharan. The moment I have been waiting for. I'm here to get you my sweetness." Mona gets out her car but stops when she sees Dondre walking up the street. Not expecting him, Mona, one to think quickly already has a plan to take care of Dondre too. Mona creeps to the Sharan and Kevin's back bedroom window and the same chemicals Mona pumped in Lauren's and Daniel's house is the same secret Russian chemical she pumps into Kevin and Sharan's house

Inside the House,


"What happened to the lights?"


"It must be a black out." Kevin tries to feel his way in the dark to find some candles."


"Sharan, you in there?" He says approaching the front door.


"Isn't this perfect? Your night in shining armor is here. Call out his name now!"


"Kevin, it's not like that."


"What the hell do you mean? In the middle of making love you call out another man's name!? How long have you been sleeping with him?"


"I didn't sleep with Dre!"

Dre opens the front door and enters, hearing Sharan and Kevin's argument getting more intense.

Kevin grabs Sharan

"Don't lie to me. He already slept with Victoria and you're sleeping with him too. You looked me in my face and told me you didn't have feelings for him!"


"Kevin let go of me! You're hurting me!"

Dondre, finally making his way back to the bedroom

"Get your damn hands off her yo!"

Kevin lets Sharan go and lunges for Dondre in the darkness. Kevin misses him and upon trying to swing again, Kevin, Dondre, and then Sharan passes out, breathing in the secret agent, Mona is pumping into the air. Mona then enters the house, and with her flashlight, makes her way to the bedroom. Mona sees Sharan and kneels down and kisses her on the lips. She then lifts her Queen into her arms and carries her into the car. Mona then runs back in the house, drops a letter next to Kevin, then she drags Dre's body outside and then puts him into her car. Mona closes her door, and puts the key in the ignition and drives off from Westwood Park. She lights up her blunt and exhales. As the smoke comes out her mouth, she smiles and turns her stereo and begins to bop her head to the ol skool klassic, Between the Sheets, by the Isleys Brothers. After months of waiting, plotting and planning; Mona has finally got what she wanted. .....Sharan.bod.jpg

You have just read the first season of S.T.E.A.M. Hope it was as fun for you as it was for me writing this crazy ass story. I hope you will stay tuned for season 2, to find out what will happen when the lights come back on…..

Marlin L. Cooks

And now season 2 begins now


S. E.A.S.O.N.2.

Episode :54, The Lights Come Back On

Written by ML Cooks with Monique Bitches

The crazy night now gives way to a new day in Pasadena. The fires at the city power grid site have now been contained and power has been restored to most of the citizens and business.


C100_1391.jpgity Court House

Sabryn and Bryan, wearing orange jumpers are escorted to there seats in front of the judge. Sabryn and Bryan turn around to see who has come to support them but they see no one but Gilbert and Alexis, sitting on the proscuter's side. Alexis smiles and waves at them.jhlkhj.lj.jpg Sabryn rolls her eyes at her and turns back around. Their attorney Lisa Raye, finally arrive and seat down next to hem and the briefly go over details of there pleas.


"Do we know how the judge is?"


"Naw man. Not yet. Judge Cooks called off or something so some one else is gonna be filling in..'


"Here comes the bailiff now- wait a minute that looks like…"

The bailiff with the name tag, Byrd speaks

"All Rise!!" Everyone including spectators and tabloid mags all rise and give honor to the judge.


"The Honorable Judge Sheinlein Presiding!"

Sabryn and Bryan are floored knowing Judge Judy is tough as nails


" Ahh hell to the naw They made this up for real."

hospital.jpgAbe walks into Huntington Memorial Hospital. Diego spots the police chief and approaches him


"Can you tell me what's going on? Where is Dahlia and Natalia?"

Mark walks up to them as wellffar15.jpg

"Abe, what is going on? There was an accident?"


"Yes. Somehow Natalia and Dahlia flew out the window and landed in a garbage truck."


"What?….. You're joking right?"


"He's telling the truth. I was the one who looked out the shattered window and saw the two ladies lying in the garbage truck."


"Natalia? How does she play any part in this?"


"That's a very good question?" Abe gets a call on his cell." Ok, bring them in"


"Who was that? Was it about Dahlia?"


"It was the manager at the Stink So Good Waste management site. They have retrieved one body."


"Well is it Dahlia?"


"We don't know yet. The ambulance is driving whom ever it is over right now."


"I'll get my team ready then." He walks off.


"Please let it be Dahlia!"


"Listen, I'll check back in with you in a bit. I got a lot on my plate with this black out." Abe walks off and Mark prays that it was Dahlia who was rescued from the landfill. His thoughts are interrupted when his cell phone rings. "Hello?"


"Did you think you could do what you did to me and get away with it?"

Mark, recognizing the voice

"This is some bull [[email protected]#$%^&*]. You have been the one calling and hanging up"


"That's right Marky Mark. I found you. And I'm here for the big payback."

TC Hotel103632369_6cfe8fd0e6.jpg

prison-break-okeefe121.jpgJodie walks into Tyler's office. Ty who was trying to get a hold of Santino hangs up and smiles at her.

"It's nice to see you Jodie" He gets up and greet her by kissing her, on the cheek.

"You look stunning as always."

Jodie, blushing

"I don't know how your girlfriend would feel if she heard you flirting with me."


"Don't worry about Jenn. So tell me, what do I owe this pleasure?"


"Well I was thinking about what you said to me the other night at The Blue Note"


"You mean the job offer?"


"Yes. I do need to make some money and make ends meet."


"I see, well how does your boyfriend feel about this?"


"Mike? He's not my man."


"I can't tell. He sure had you on lock that night. Acting like your personal security guard."


"Nothing of the such. He was just being over protective. That's all. Mike and I are very good friends. He was just looking out for me"


"What's he protecting you from?"


"Come on Ty, we all know Mike doesn't like you. He thinks you 're a drug dealer and that you are involved in mafia dealings. He blames you for taking Jenn away from him. He just doesn't like you, I 'm sure you already know this"


"And what about you? What do you think about me?"


"I'm in your office asking for a job aren't I?"


"Yes, but that doesn't mean nothing to me. This could be a set up. Mike might have sent you to try and be a mole here at my hotel."


"Don't be ridiculous. I just need a job. Are you going to give me one or not?"

Ty looks into her eyes and is drawn in.

"How could I possibly so no to such a beautiful face."


"Thank you so much. When can I start?"


"I'll have my secretary get with you." Jodie gets up and walks behind Ty's desk and hugs him


"Thank you, this mean so much to me." She lets go of him, grabs her purse and walks out the office. Upon closing the door, She sees Jenn.


"Who the hell do you think you are? I heard everything you said? Mike isn't enough for you?"


"You have no idea what you're talking about. You better get used to seeing me around here. I'll be all up in Ty's face. Have a good day Jenn." Jodie smiles at Jenn and walks out.


"First Talicia_silverstone_06.jpgy shoots me and now he's trying to have an affair with Jodie? I can't believe I left Mike for this." Jenn decides to confront Ty and walks into his office.

Back at the Hospital. Paramedics arrive and brings in the body from the ambulance. Mark and Diego rush over to see who it is. It's Natalia. Diego, disappointed ruses Natalia in the ER to examine her.


"This can't be happening." He approaches a paramedic

"Please tell me you are going back to get the other survivor?"


"I'm sorry. No one was able to find the other victim. Recovery workers searched the entire landfill and found only one woman. It's believed the other woman was dropped into the garbage compacter."


"No.!" The paramedic walks away. Mark begins to shake his head at the thought Dahlia is dead.

"My sweet Dahlia. Damn. How could this have happened?" Mark sits down in a chair. He stares at the wall imagining Dahlia being crushed in the trash compacter.

Pasadena City Court Room

Sabryn and Bryan are over there shock over daytime's TV Judge Judy.


"You all may be seated." The courtroom obeys. Judy looks over the case file


"Are Bryan Dattilo and Sabryn Genet present?"

Lisa, standing up

"Uhm hmm, yea ya honor, they here."

Judy, chuckling

"I can already tell this trial is going to be comical for me" Judge Judy says rolling her eyes at Lisa's ghetto tone. "Where did you get your law degree Madame?"

Lisa, knowing Judy is being an ass

"Harvard, number 1 in my class, Thanks Now can we get on with this trial, I am not here to politic about my credits." She says with a smug

Judy, nodding her head

" Cute Madame. This is My court and I call the shots in here! You got it!

Bryan, to Sabryn

"We are getting off to a bad start."

Lisa, referring to Judy

"My bad sheriff."


"Very interesting, Great now we can get this show on the road. Will the defendants please rise?"

Sabryn and Bryan along with Lisa stand up


"Mr. Dattilo, you are charged with vehicular homicide and failure to maintain control of your vehicle. How do you plea?"


"Not guilty your honor" The courtroom begins to go abuzz at the plea

Judy, pounding her gavel

"Alright that's enough!. Don't act like yens never heard a not guilty plea. This trial will not be turned into a charade. So everybody relax now!' Judy then looks at Sabryn

"You Madame are charged with vehicular homicide and also failure to control your vehicle. What was this, you forgot how to drive? I don't get it. How do you plea?"


"Not Guilty your honor!" The court goes a blaze again with chatter as the paparazzi snap photos of Sabryn and Bryan for the latest edition of the tabloids. Judy continues to pound her gavel trying to maintain order in her courtroom. When Judy realizes no one is calming down, she throws her gavel into the crowd.

Downtown Pasadena,

Ivory Inc.Apr18_0003.jpg

Karim, who is sitting in the conference room filled with business executives continue to look at the time tick away on his Rolex .


"I apologize everyone. I am sure my brother has a good explanation for being late'

Some business men are not impressed and they write notes and sip on coffee. Finally, unable to hold the business men of any longer he cancels the meeting. Karim gets up and leaves the conference room and pulls out his cell phone to call Kevin again. It goes straight to voice mail

"I had to cancel this damn meeting. You knew what time it was. I am tired of you always running here late. It's starting to affect business and this has to stop." He says angrily and hangs up the phone.

Westwood ParkDcp_0319.jpg

Meanwhile, the sounds of morning birds, awake Kevin in his bedroom. He slowly comes too. He stands up and looks around. He calls out for Sharan. He doesn't hear anything. He looks down by his feet and sees a letter. He picks it up and reads it.

"Dear Sharan, I can't keep doing this much longer. Day in and day out I have to watch you be with that punk Kevin. I am sick of hiding these feelings for you. If I can't be with you then no one can. Please forgive for what I am about to, Love Dre" Kevin searches the house franticly and calls out for his fiancée. He gets no answer and sees no sign of Sharan

"He took Sharan. I remember him being here last night." Kevin calls his father, the police Chief.

Around two corners, Lauren begins to come to, at her house in her bedroom. She looks around and begins screaming. lj.jpgChris is awoken from all the screams. He realizes his hands are covered in blood. Chris looks over at Daniel and is shocked to see him with a knife wound through the chest and his eyes are open.0804_14.jpg

portrait.jpgLauren checks for a pulse.

"There's no pulse. Daniel is dead. You Killed Daniel!……"


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Wow, Daniel is dead. That was awesome cliffhanger. Of course I got to comment on the Lisa/Judge Judy scenes.....priceless!!! Loved it all. Great job with this episode. Keep up the good work.

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"Lisa: knowing Judy is being an ass" LISA NAILS IT!!!!!! Love the season opening EpISODE- I trial last a long time, JODY ROCKS... Keep it up man... Well done.

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