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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

    • Kendall
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Downtown Pasadena436c112c-1.jpg

TC Hotel, Ty's Office103632369_6cfe8fd0e6.jpg

Jenn, looking at Ty with anger in her eyesaliciasilverstone.jpg

"I thought I told you I want you to stay away from Jodie."


"Here we go again. Jenn I also told you that I run a business. I need help around here."


"Well I can help you."

Ty, getting up and walking over to her

"I don't want my pretty lady working. I want to take care of you" He says as he holds her in his arms trying to ease the tension she's feeling.. She pushes him off


"You told me you could make me happy. I asked you to leave Jodie alone and you just can't. I don't like that slut."


"Why? Because you saw her kissing all over Mike? Remember in my limo, we almost made love? You're just as guilty as Mike and Jodie are. I bet you never told him what you and I did right before you caught Jodie straddling over him. So frankly you have no reason not to like Jodie."


"And now you are defending her and making excuses for her. Ty, this is not the life you promised me. You shoot me, you leave me alone at night, and you give me credit cards to get me out the way. And now it seems like you can't pry yourself from Jodie."


"What are you worried about? I love you. I think you're just jealous of Jodie. You have no reason to be. And please stop brining up the fact I shot you. It was an accident. Now if you will excuse me I have a business to run." He walks past her and out his office.

Jenn shakes her head in disgust.

"Being with Ty was supposed to make me happy." She wipes a tear rolling down her face. In the heat of her anger, she throws everything off of Ty's desk, leaving his office in disarray. After looking at the mess she has made, she decides to grab her purse and leave.


Episode: 55, 2places,1person

Written by: ML C with Monique Bitches

Westwood Park, Mike's HouseuntitSabynsfrontdoor.jpg

Jodie pulls some fresh strawberry muffins from the oven. Mike walks in the front door.


"It sure smells good in here"


"Fresh strawberry muffins."


"Good because I am hungry." He says as he walks into his kitchen, grabbing a seat at his breakfast nook.


"So how did it go? Did you place the ad in the paper?"


"Yes I did. Hopefully I will get a lot of calls."


"Private Investigator Mike Dietz."


"I like how that sounds. This could be a great opportunity. I could help solve crimes and not be bound by the police men's code of ethics."


"It could be very fun and dangerous."


"I guess you could say that."


"Speaking of, I stopped by to see Ty today."

Mike, putting his muffin down,

"Oh yea? And what did he have to say?"


"Well he is going to give me a job at his Hotel."


"Jodie, I still have reservations about you working with him."


"Don't worry about it Mike. I told you I dealt with his kind before. Ty is a light weight compared to the gangsters back in Cleveland. This will be a piece of cake. I'll get Ty to trust me and then penetrate into his dirty dealings."


"I love this aggressive side to you."


"Do you?" She says smiling

Mike, he smiles back

"I sure do. I guess I can make Ty my first case. We can do this together."


"I love the sound of it." She says finishing up her muffin. "I have to go meet with Alexis"


"You're going to model for her?"


"I really don't know. I have to see what she's talking about. I don't want my past being splattered all over the tabloids. I could see the headlines now, Prostitute turned Model. I bet Jenn would have a field day with that one."


"Probably so"


"I'll se you later"


"Be careful" He smiles at her as she leaves the house. He continues to eat his muffin. He gets a knock at the door. He opens it up and is surprised to see Jenn.

100_1391.jpgPasadena Court House

The court has come back under control after Judy has thrown her gavel into the crowd but luckily it misses people and crashes into the wall.


"That was uncalled for."


"I suggest watch how you talk to me Madame. We have a bail hearing to get through." Judy looks at the District Attorney Stacy Dash

"State your case Ms. Dash."

Stacey stands upstacydash.jpg

"Your honor, what we have before the court today are a pair of cold hearted killers who don't know how to drive. Sabryn Genet and Ashley Jones have a known violent history towards one another. Ms Genet has even attack the deceased 's sister Alexis Jones." She says pointing in her direction. As if on cue, Alexis takes a tissue and dabs her eyes to make it seem like she's crying.

"Your honor, Ms Genet has demonstrated that she has violent tendencies. So the state recommends that the defendants remain behind bars until the trial date. That's it your honor." Stacy takes her seat and comforts a distraught Alexis.jhgckjhv.jpg

Judge; looking at Lisa

"Your turn Madame."

Lisa, standing up

"Ya honor. The only thing that is goings on here, is a series of adverse misfortune events."

Judy arches an eyebrow, impressed with Lisa's upgrade with the English Language.

Lisa continues

" It was a dark and stormy night your honor" Upon saying that a few people in the court room including Stacy snicker..

Judy rolling her eyes

"Don't tell me your going to tell me a bedtime story"


"If you would relax, and pump your brakes you would find out that, it fact, it actually was a dark and stormy night. The defendants will testify to that."


"Proceed Madame"


Uhm Hmm, but anyway.. Some of the worst storms ever passed over this city that night. Sabryn and Bryan have never broken the law before. Sabryn is a fashion designer, owning SG corporation, and Bryan is a pillar of our community ya honor. The night in question was an accident and therefore my clients should be free on bail. They pose no threat to the community. Not only that your honor, Ms Genet is 2 months pregnant. My client will not put her child at risk"


"Objection your honor"

Lisa, looking at Stacy, with a crazy look

"No you didn't" Stacy rolls her eyes at Lisa.


"Overruled." Stacy and Lisa sits back down

Judy looks at Alexis and Bryan and Sabryn in the eyes one at a time with a mean face. She looks over her notes

"I've already made my decision.. I have decided to let the defendants post bail."saoudgaot0d070520052225uy0.pngthbryan6.jpg Sabryn and Bryan breathe a sigh of relief and hold each other. Lisa gives Stacy a smirky smile.


"This trial will resume 4 weeks from today. Court is now adjourned." Judy pounds her gavel that Bird has brought to her and pounds it and walks out her courtroom. Alexis gives Sabryn the evil eyes

Alexis, to Stacy

"I can't believe this. Those murders should have been locked up."


"It's ok. This is only round one. I never lose a case so Bryan and Sabryn will be locked up for life when I am done with those two." When Alexis hears those magic words, , she has a devilishly grin on her face

Lauren's House,

Lauren, looking at Chris with blood on his hands

"You killed Daniel."dt_yr_update_20050114.jpg


"Lauren, no you got it wrong!" he says getting up.


"Stay away from me" She says as she starts to panic. She grabs the phone and dials 911

"I have an emergency, some one has been stabbed," Upon saying that, Lauren breaks down, sobbing uncontrollably as the words exit her lips and the full emotional effect of the situation takes hold on her. She kneels down to the floor. Chris approaches her.


"Stay away from me!!" She says getting up


"Lauren, I don't know what happened? I didn't stab Daniel" He says pleading with her. Police Cheif Abe Williams arrives with a CSI team. Abe looks at Daniel who lies on the floor cold dead, with a knife in the chest. Abe checks for a pulse.


"He's gone"

Lauren breaks into a storm of tears again. AN officer comforts her. She looks at Chris

"You killed him you bastard! He didn't deserve to die!" The officer takes Lauren outside Abe looks at Chris.


"Chief, I don't know how this happened."


"What the hell do mean you don't know? You got blood over your hands and clothes."


"It was the blackout. I couldn't see anything."


"Well you about to see my jail. You're under arrest." Abe says pulling out his cuffs.


"I didn't kill anyone!"


"Yea yea, DO you know how many times I've heard that story. You have the right to remain silent…" Abe says reading him his rights as he escorts Chris out of Lauren's House.

Huntington Memorial Hospital

Diego walks in Natalia's room


"Please tell me my baby is ok?"


"The baby is fine."


"Thank God"


"How did this happen? "

Mark, walking into the roommark-1.jpg

"That's what I would like to know too. What the hell were you doing in Dahlia's room?"


"I was visiting her. I was making sure she was ok since I heard she awoke from her coma."


"Yeah, I'm sure. How did you two fly out the window?"


"I was looking out the window, telling her how I hope we can be friends, and how I hope she could be the God Mother of our child."


"You just couldn't help yourself could you? You had to rub it in her face"


"It was not like that. I really want Dahlia and I to be friends"


"Just spare me this fake saint act! How did you two end up in the garbage truck!?


"Out of nowhere she sat up on the side of the bed. She said she knew that we had sex and that I'm carrying your child Mark. She already knew."


"Damn, thanks to Doctor Big Mouth, Dahlia must have over heard us talking about it."


"Don't blame me for you sins of passion. Natalia, we're going to keep you here over night for observation. I'm going to check with Abe to see if anyone has found Dahlia." Diego leaves the room.


"I really don't know what to say right now."


"You could tell me you love me"


"Natalia get real. We will never be a family and I will never love you. If this child is mine than I will sue for sole paternal rights. You're an unfit mother already and you've only been pregnant for what, a few weeks. So all these plans and dreams of us being together, you can cancel all that. Hell would have to freeze over a few times before I ever be with you."


"Anything is possible."


"The thought of you makes me ill." Mark leaves her room.


"We will be a family Mark. I'm carrying your child." Her thoughts are interrupted when Alexis walks into her room.

In the Hospital Parking lot, upon approaching his car, Mark sees the tires of his Ford Focus slashed and windows busted out. He thinks of the person who keeps calling and hanging up .

"Damn, Can't people just leave me alone? Now I got this to worry about." He pulls out his cell phone to call a tow truck

Back at The Hospital,

Police Chief Abe Williams walks over to Diego


"Any news on Dahlia?"


"My men searched the entire landfill. We did not find her. We believe she was dropped in the trash compacter."


"Wow, that poor soul. So sad…… A trash compacter" Diego ponders off into space, thinking how he never got a chance to get to know Dahlia a little better.


"Was Daniel Cosgrove brought in?"


"Yes sir he was. Died of stab wound to the heart sometime last night."


"Something really strange is going on in this city." Just as he says that, he remembers Mona telling him to take a back seat while some events go down in Pasadena. Abe wonders if Mona is behind all the ring-a-marow that's been happening lately.


"Very strange indeed." Diego notices Abe is off into another world.

"Are you ok chief?"


"Yes. I just need to grab a beer." Abe walks off.

Diego thinks of Natalia

"Looks like Natalia and I will have to make other arrangements now that Dahlia is dead." He says as he walks into his office.

Meanwhile, In Sierra Madre250px-SierraMadreVillaHotel-1884.jpg

mona.jpgMona is in her mountain resort, cementing off her windows and the exits so no one can enter. Tired she lights a blunt. Smoking her Mary stick she has a Mary moment. She sees,BKVSMCDs.gif. After coming out her moment, she makes sure all the doorways and windows are all cemented shut. She grabs her magic bag, and walks down to her dungeon. Mona walks over to Sharan,sanaa-lathan-picture-3.jpg who is lying in a bed chained up. Mona caresses her face as she sleeps. Mona smiles. She kisses her brown beauty on the lips. Still smoking on her Mary stick, Mona walks over to the chains and handcuffs that hang from the ceiling. Mona ashes her drugs stick against the skin of a person who is chained up in the chains and cuffs.


"Welcome to hell Daniel!" Daniel screams as the red hot cherry of the blunt burns his skin.1_thumb.jpg If Daniel was stabbed to death at Lauren's, then how is he chained up in Mona's Dungeon right now? And where is Dondre?


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WOW!!! MONA is BACK AWESOME... Daniel has a twin? Nice, Love it - I dont know about you, but I am in love with MONA... she is my favorite character so far... Althought, I still need to complete the first season.... LOL

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I read this when you e-mailed it to me and so I'm offically back. STEAM is getting crazy! But crazy good. There's so much going on. I totally think there should be a crossover betwen HHD and STEAM.

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