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Casting & Episode News

Matt P.



It's season finale week on Point Palace. Students will be coming and some will be going. One of which who will be returning is James Franco last seen on Episode 92, will be returning in Episode 100 and 101. Franco's contract with the show is under review as Bryan Daniels maybe seen a lot longer. Episode 101 will be the shocking season finale with an ending that will be too good to miss!

One character will be returning back from the dead, but who? Executive Producer Matt Politylo is very hush hush about who it is. "There have been so many characters who left this season that the possibilities are endless. However, this return is a very big story plot."

Another character returning is Owen Newlan (Matt DiAngelo) will be found on Episode 100 and 101 but then will be leaving. DiAngelo's future with the show looks grim as he points out. "I've been written out, what exactly can you do? I was happy to be a part of the cast for the past two years but the writing was on the wall once Owen was kidnapped." DiAngelo's on screen sister Alexia Newlan (Nectar Rose) and girlfriend Tanisha Jones (Davetta Sherwood) are also concerned about where they lie in Point Palace. Alexia debuted the same time Owen did and Tanisha was first seen in the third season until being bumped up to contract status the following season.

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Man I am sorry to see Owen go. All this wait to see what is going on an he's being let go. I just knew something big was going to happen. Alexia she can leave. And Tanisha, I would hate to see her go but you got to do what you got to do.

I bet it's Nan coming back!!!!)Please GOD)

I am also afraid of this finale since you are now known to kill off my favs. :(

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