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CUFFS - Episode 1



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CUFFS - Episode 1

Scene opens with a camera shot of Miami, Florida (City skyline) - Immediately goes to the squad room of the Miami-Dade County police station.

"Cuffs! Get in here!" Lt. Cliff Benson bellowed from his office as the entire division heard his authority.

Zander heard his name being called and rushed to the office. "Yes LT." he replied as he peeked his head in the opened doorway.

"Get your butt in here, Detective." Lieutenant Benson barked and Zander stepped in.

"Sir?" he questioned wanting to know what LT wanted from him this time.

"Close the door and take a seat." Benson motioned and Zander did as he was asked.

Zander still dressed in street clothes from his last undercover stake out, he hadn't had time to change. "I have a job for you, Detective."

Zander's ears perked up and he sat up straighter in the chair. Zander was always up for a challenging case, he was one of the best detectives in the Special Investigation Division - Narcotic Bureau on the Miami-Dade County police force, they were glad to have him. He had been living in Miami for quite a few years, he came back home for his mother's funeral and never left, not much to go back to in Port Charles.

Lt. Benson, an older gentleman, 50ish, a distinguished Lieutenant in the police department had close to 30 years with the force and was just waiting to take his pension, sat behind his desk and reached for a folder in his inbox.

"I found something very interesting when reading through our records from last night's bust. It seems our perp has connections to Port Charles, NY ... you lived there, right Lewis?" Zander hadn't heard the name of Port Charles for a long time and wasn't too anxious to return either.

"Yes, sir. I lived there a few years, why do you ask?" Zander had the awful feeling he knew what his Lt. wanted from him now.

"I need you and Detective Keys to go and check a few things out in this .. Port Charles. And since you know the area, you'd be the best choice for this case." Zander left out a heavy sigh.

Detective Keys was a few years older then him, a few more years under his belt, and just as aggressive. "You don't have a problem with this assignment, do you Detective?"

Zander shook his head no. "I'm up for it, sir." he replied as his Lt. passed him the case file.

"Good. Your plane leaves in a few hours." Zander took the folder and tucked it under his arm, ready to walk out the door of the office, he heard his Lt. call him back.

"Detective? Let's not get in trouble up there. M'kay." the Lt. smiled and chuckled.

"Me sir? No, never." Zander laughed to himself, his Lt. knew him too well. "By the way, I called the PCPD and they're expecting you. Once you arrive in Port Charles, be sure to contact Commissioner Scorpio." Zander remembered that name well, and the face that went with it. Mac would sure be surprised to see him when he got there.

"Yes, sir." Zander turned and walked slowly out of the office while looking at the case file he was just handed.

He walked to his desk and took his shield and gun from his desk drawer. He and Detective Keys had been partners for a while now, he was assigned to Keys when he was promoted to Detective last year, he felt it was a good move on his part, he was tired of writing parking tickets and chasing down peeping toms. The Narcotics Unit was just where he wanted to be.

"Keys! Let's go!" Zander shouted to the other detective who was filing one of his closed cases in the file cabinet on the other side of the room.

"Where?!" Zander looked back and motioned for him to hurry along.

"I'll fill you in on the way!" Keys grabbed his jacket, his shield and his gun and rushed to catch up to his partner.

"Hey Lewis! Be careful, huh?" his Lt. shouted as they headed for the doorway. Zander gave him the thumbs up before disappearing out of sight.

The two detectives headed down the stairs to their car that was parked outside. "So you going to tell me where we're going, partner?" Keys said as he got into the new Crown Victoria.

"Port Charles, New York." Zander answered as he got in and started the car.

"New York!?" Keys exclaimed as he rolled his eyes and just knew they'd be getting into trouble yet again, the last adventure he and Zander had taken cost the department a few dollars, and the Lt. was not happy. Keys chuckled to himself as he remembered watching the car just engulfed in flames after it exploded in front of them. "Let's hope we don't find trouble this time." he remarked to his partner, who had pulled out of the parking space heading towards home.

"Trouble is my middle name, Keys. Don't you know that by now?" they both chuckled at the thought.

After stopping by the apartment and grabbing a few items, Zander drove his partner to his place so he could pack. "Who are we looking for this time?" Keys asked as he closed and locked the door to his apartment.

"Come on, I'll tell ya on the way to the airport." Zander said as Keys threw is bag in the trunk of the car and got in.

A few hours had past and the plane landed at the JFK airport. A rental car was waiting for them when they arrived. "Curbside service?" Keys smirked as Zander grabbed the keys from him.

"I know how to get there, I'll drive." His partner rolled his eyes and left him go.

They drove out of the city heading north towards Port Charles. "So how well do you know this town of Port Charles, Zander?" his partner asked as they turned onto the Interstate.

"Too well. I'm dreading going back there." By the tone in his voice, Keys got the impression his partner was not all happy about taking on this case and going home.

"May I ask why?" Keys asked, Zander hesitated and glanced over towards him.

"Let's just say I have some unfinished business once I get there, and I'm not happy about it."

Next episode
- Zander returns to PC
- Memories of his past are an emotional reminder


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