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New Fic Coming Soon!




I have decided to return to SONBC and I am bringing with me a new fanfic. CUFFS is a Zander Smith centric fic that takes place 8 years after the accidently death of his true love, Emily Quartermaine. Zander's guilt made him flee the town of Port Charles to his home town in Florida. Over the past 8 years, he has cleaned up his act and became a police officer for the Miami Dade County Police Department. He was promoted to a Detective of the Narcotics Division only a few short years after being on the police force.

Though the nightmare of losing Emily still haunts his dreams, he and his partner Det. Jack Keys are on a case that brings Zander home to Port Charles. Along with Zander and Jack comes a Narcotics Task Force which includes Detective Melissa Roberts (Rebecca Staab,) Detective Maria Rodriguez (Catherine Gardner,) Detective Erik Morrison (Eric Dane,) Detective Chris Baker (Nathon Fillion,) Detective Randy Williams (Mykel Shannon Jenkins,) and Detective Marc Cortez (Marco Sanchez.) There is someone special in Zander's life, although due to department policies, their relationship has hit a few snags. Special Agent Lorna Ortiz (Charisma Carpenter) will be brought in on the case, and with her now on board things between she and Zander are sure to heat up!

Readers can look for most of the GH cast to make an appearance throughtout the story. Some old faces are expected to emerge as the story progresses, readers are asked to expect the unexpected with CUFFS. As with all my fics, this story will focus on the criminal element in PC, the mobsters are again mixed up in criminal activity that not only effects the residents of PC but they are also connected to Miami, FL.

CUFFS begins on Thursday, November 1st. Casting news will follow shortly.

As always, thanks for reading and I appreciate the comments and feedback.


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