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Ep 6:Cocky



[bowman Photo Agency,Ally is looking over various pictures as Danny knocks on the door as she looks up]

Danny:(smirks as he walks over to a chair and sits down)Please dont scream.

Ally:I was not going to do that,what do you want?

Danny:Well that's nice Ally..a long time friend comes back to town after being away and you act like this towards me.

Ally:You're still a jerk huh? I am guessing that the reason you are here is because of that blonde and to rub it in my face? (looks at him with a smile like she cares)

Danny:The blonde? Oh you mean Madison?

Ally:I guess that's her name.

Danny:Playboy model looks?

Ally:(sighs)You're new toy?

Danny:Uh I guess she is but then again you never can tell if I am serious about her ....she's Sydney's sister.

(Danny looks at Ally's reaction which is pure shock)

[Wilder Modeling Agency,Madison enters the buidling wearing a black mini skirt and red tank top with black boots as she walks around as people looks at her and guys stops dead in track as she goes over to the operator]

Madison:Excuse me but could you please tell me where I could find Tess Huston?

Operator:She's the top office to your left on the second floor.

Madison:(smirks)Thanks.(turns around and walks up the steps)

[inside of Tess's office,Buck and Tess are discussing things]

Tess:Buck,I wanted to set up some time for us to be alone and try to get things back to normal and now that we have --

Buck:Tess is there anything you want to tell me?

Tess:(flashes back to the kisses that Tyler and her had previously)No there's nothing why?

Buck:(shrugs)Because lately you have been acting weird and it's just--making me think.

Tess:That I was cheating on you like you said before or--(notices Madison knocking on the door)Yes?

Madison:(comes in)Sorry I didnt mean to disturb you.(looks at Tess and Buck)

Tess:Who are you?

Madison:Oh sorry umm I'm Madison Chesterfield,you're next top model.(cocky smile)

[bowman Photo Agency,Ally gets up and looks at Danny who is looking up at her smirking]

Ally:Madison..is Sydney's sister? As in dead Sydney?

Danny:May she rest in peace.

Ally:And you're dating her? or sleeping or whatever with her?

Danny:So worried about my relationship huh?

Ally:No (sits down)it's just you pick the worst women.

Danny:So does that mean you were worster?

Ally:What do you really want?

Danny:I am actually here to ask for a loan...a loan that could help another person achieve her dreams.




(Danny looks at her then gets up and holds her face in his hands making her look directly at him)

[Wilder Modeling Agency,Tess,Madison and Buck are standing in her office]

Tess:My next top model huh? (not amused)

Madison:Do I need to repeat myself? (looks at Buck)

Buck:(amused)I dont think you do.I'm Buck Huston.

Madison:I have read about you online at the Cyber cafe,nice to meet a man who is very respected.

(Tess rolls her eyes abit as Buck smiles)

Buck:Thank you Madison so how long have you been a model?

Madison:Umm well I was in the county fair modeling contests until I was 18 then tried modeling in LA and Texas before coming to New York and of course you hear about Ford but Wilder Modeling Agency (looks at Tess)was the one I wanted.

Tess:Aww that's sweet..so do you have photos we can see?

Madison:I do but they're on my website.(notices their reactions)Not that kind of website but with the high fast tech world we live in...

Buck:Let's see them.(looks at Tess)

(Tess looks at Madison and Buck going to her computer as she is not happy)


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