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Interview with Candice



October 1st on MYSONTV The City is back with brand new shows but before the day arrives..MYSONTV recently caught up with one of the shows young stars Candice Mack (creator of the new version of the show and who also plays Danielle Sinclair) to find out what will happen in the upcoming year!

MYSONTV:So what made you decide on doing "The City"?

Mack:To be honest..I really loved that show and I thought it should not have ended the way it did on ABC so I just one day said I will do it..so here it is.

MYSONTV:You have a interesting storyline with Chad Brannon and Catherine Hickland,did you plan that or did it just fall into place?

Mack:Well in my head I have always said I wanted to see Chad and Catherine in one scene together on tv..I mean they're sexy so why not go there and they are both amazing and wonderful and funny...and they bring sexyback.(laughs)

MYSONTV:Can you give us any details on the upcoming year?

Mack:Umm without saying much..right now I am taking a break just a short one to get my ideas together but I can say that it will be some major twist and turns for the people in SoHo.

MYSONTV:Ooh so is the secret of Tess and Tyler going to come out?

Mack:It will come out and the wrong person will learn the truth between them but dont expect this person to blab their mouth so fast because payback is a --well you know.

MYSONTV:Some people likes the Danielle/Will stuff,are they going to hook up?

Mack:Right now no..I dont want to go into detail but I dont see it happening right away because there is a issue well three issues that comes up..one being that Will is still with Gwen by legal laws and another one is a deep secret Danielle has been carrying for years now...so right now I see them as maybe friends.

MYSONTV:Before you leave,rumors have it that Bradford Anderson from GH is coming over to the blog...is that true?

Mack:Well there's a storyline involving a computer geek (laughs) so there has been talk between one of my staff members and Bradford for him to crossover...we would love to have him but who knows.

MYSONTV:Anything you want to say to the people?

Mack:Yes please hang in with me because I have so many plans for this blog and if you want to help me...just reach me and we will talk.


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