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Truth shall set you FREE!!Episode35



Westwood Park, Dondre's House

Police Chief Abe Williams, along with his sons, Karim and Kevin, and his girlfriend sanaabig.jpgSharan wait for the answer of Karim's question

karim3.jpgKarim looking into Ria's eyes, wanting answers for her actions,

"You left last night at 1:30, talking about some jive you going to see Natalia and, here you are at Dondre's house 9:30 in the morning. Come to think of it, the night of the TC Hotel Gala, You were very distant, it seemed something or someone had your attention. Than out of no where, you just upped and left without any explanation and, who did I see you with getting off the elevator some time later, Dondre." He pauses, putting the pieces together. He continues.


"Please, let's not do this here. I don't want our business on blast."


" No.. No, hold up, When I told you that Dondre set up a romantic breakfast for Sharan, you acted crazy, and upset. It seemed you may have even been jealous. I get home from work early yesterday, to find you "playing with yourself". If I'm not mistaken, I swore I smelled a hint of curve in the air. I don't wear curve. I smell curve in this house. You already know that fragrances is what I do, I know my colognes. I work at Ivory, we make fragrances. Did you think I would not put two and two together?....." He shakes his head, hurt and disgusted.

"I can't believe I have to ask you this." He pauses trying to cool down and clear his head for the possible outcome of this next question.

" Ria, I am only going to ask you once ,Are you cheating on me with Dondre?"

Ria, embarrassed her Fiancée putting her "personal sexual encounter" on blast in front of his family, and scared to lose everything if she admits to the affair, at the same time, mad at Sharan for bringing this all on. Ria gathers her thoughts and prepares to answer the allegation....That is until Dondre finally wakes up who has been sleep all this time, druggeddondre2-1.jpg, by Monathblackrose.gif who is in a discrete location behind some bushes in the back of Dondre's house, listening to the drama that's about to take place on


Episode: 35

Written by: ML Cooks with MON!QUEB!TCHE$

Huntington Memorial Hospital

Nurses rush Daniel3_thumb.jpg into the ER as Diego walks up to Chris and Lauren to find out what's going on

"I understand he was at The Blue Note?"


"Yes he was."


"I don't believe this, the last time I checked him, he could barely stay awake let alone get up and make it all the way to Lavender Hill. I have never seen anything like it. I'm going to check on him and run some test and see how did this happen." Diego walks away. Lauren turns and looks at Chris. She sees his knuckles is busted.

"You should get that looked at."


"It's OK. Nothing major. I'll have someone wrap it up. How about you? You OK?"


"I just don't know what to think right now. I have never seen Daniel like that. I can't believe he was able to get up out of his coma and make it all the way down to my restaurant."


"It's does seem a bit odd. Like a medical miracle of some sort. To tell you the truth, it looked like he was on something. He was drooling, sweating and acting erratic and very paranoid."


"He also kept saying something about she's going to get us. I wonder who he is talking about. What if Daniel really didn't try to commit suicide? I never thought these next words would ever leave my lips but maybe Ty is right. Someone set it up like an attempted suicide."


"I did sense Daniel was afraid of something. Maybe he was just nervous and scared that this person is still after him, or maybe even you Lauren. Daniel did say this woman might get the two of you."


"I better call Police Chief Abe and tell what's going on" As she does that Diego out of Daniel's room. Lauren hangs up her phone and approach him


"What can you tell us?"


"He's still acting erratic, i think he may be high. His blood pressure is very high and his heart rate is up. We had to put restraints on him because he was not cooperating with my staff and has a posed a threat to himself."


"Drug high? Don't tell me Daniel is high off something? He's going to try and hurt himself?"


"It's to early to tell any of that. It's possible. We don't know what's going on right now. So until these test come back from the lab we won't know anything."


"Well can I see him?"


"I don't think so. You can wait in the family room and I will let you know the first thing those test results come back." Lauren is disappointed and Chris holds her, escorting her to the family room to wait on Abe and the test results.

Back at The Blue Note, Ty's Limo pulls up, and Ty's Driver, Santinosan.jpg opens up the passenger door. Out steps a crisp and clean Ty,redjacket.jpg and pretty Lady Jodie. 2098959856.jpgTy winks his eye at Santino

"I want you to go check on Daniel while I dine" He tells Santino as he escorts his pretty lady inside the restaurant on the bottom of Lavender Hill.

They step inside, the music is Cherish the Day by Sade

Pierre, greets and seats them. As Jodie and Ty take there seats, Jodie's cell phone rings. She pulls it from her purse and the caller id tells her it's Mike,.... again. She hits ignore for the time being.


"Do you need to answer that?"


"No, I'm OK." She looks around and admires the beauty of the place. She's especially fascinated over the pond that The Blue Note sits in."This is so beautiful"


"Yes it is. It's my first time here. It opened up not to long ago."


"Thank you for bringing me here" She says as she looks at her menu.

Ty stares at her and Jodie sensing a pair of eyes are watching her, looks up at Ty.

She smiles

"Is something wrong?"


"Not at all. I can't stop admiring your beauty. Cleveland's lost is certainly Pasadena's gain."


"You're kind."


"So why don't you tell me more about you and Mike. Are you two a couple?"


"I'm not sure why that matters. From what I understand, You and his ex Jenn are an item now."


"Says who?"


"You're not dating Jenn?"


"Is that what Mike told you?"


"I'll take that as a no."


"Now how about the answer to my question" he says as he caresses her hand.


"Mike was going through a rough patch. I was being a friend."


"Is that what you call it? Then what do you call this dinner?"

Pierre comes back over to take there order, saving Jodie for the time being from answering the question. Unbeknownst to them, 2447077265.jpgJenn enters The Blue Note, she heads to the bar, looking for Lauren not knowing Ty is here with Jodie. And wouldn't you know it, Mike0031.jpg has arrived to, to check out the new restaurant

Back at Westwood Park, Dondre's House.

Dondre wakes up all the way and rubs his head

"Feels like a train ran over me."

thbu4blair.jpgAbe hangs his phone up, he whispers to Kevin

"I got a situation, I'll call you when I am done. Take care of your brother."


"I will pops. Be safe." Abe leaves to head to the hospital.

Dondre looks in his kitchen and realizes, Sharan, Kevin, Karim and Ria are all in his house.

"What the hell is y'all doing here? I'm not throwing no party.?"


"Dre, you realize what time it is?"




"I came here after I didn't see you at the shop. You had a 9 o clock appointment. I called you but you didn't answer. I even called you last night because we were supposed to meet up with Sabryn to sign the deal on Elegante'. So I came by to make sure you was OK and I found Ria here."


"Yea reading this note." Karim hands it to Dondre

"I know about the affair?"


"I found it in your lap. Do you know what it is?"


"NO the hell I don't. But I still don't understand why these dudes is here. How did all y'all get in my crib?"


"Well I was coming from Natalia's house and when I rode by your house, it look like someone broke in. So I came in here to see if you was alright."


"Wait, it looked like somebody broke in here? I don't remember nothing. I remember dozing off in my recliner at about 11: 30 last night. Now it's"..... He looks at his Rolex" 8:30 p.m. I was sleep all that time? " He again rubs his head, grabbing some aspirin for his headache.


"Yea right. Tell us anything. What about this note Dondre? Are you sleeping with some one's woman? Like mines to be exact?"


"You straight trippin dude. I'm going to need you to leave my house and take your punk ass brother with you. The ladies can stay of course."


"This isn't a joke."


"I'm not joking homie. Get the hell out of my house."


"Answer my questions, Are you two sleeping together?"

At they same time Ria and Dondre give an Answer, both of them being different with Dondre's being "No" and Ria's "Yes"


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Very nice! Hopefully their guilt will reign over them.

Loved Karim's playing with yourself quote.

Each episode is getting better and better.

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