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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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The storm continues to intensify as it passes over Pasadena.

Huntington Memorial Hospital.

Bryan enters Sabryn's room one last time before meeting up with Ashley at his house. He sits next to her.

"Look, I know you don't want me here right now. I just came to see if you were ok before I meet up with Ashley for the last time."


"What do you mean the last time?"


"Ashley has waved the white flag. She is tired of all this drama."


"That makes two of us."


"She is out of our lives now. We can move forward." Sabryn thinks of her baby news once more and upon hearing Ashley has given up, she decides it's best to tell him that they are about to become a family.

"Listen, I have something to tell you. I don't want to do it here and I don't want to go to my mansion tonight. I don't want to remember any more of that beat down I layed on Ashley."


"Well Just meet me at my house. I'll make us some dinner and you can tell me what's going on"

Sabryn smiles at Bryan for the first time in weeks at him. Bryan smiles back at her, hoping this could be a sign they may rekindle their relationship.

"It is so good to see you smile. I have missed it. I am telling you, things are going to be different"


"What are you talking about Bryan? Please don't jump the gun. I said I have something to tell you, I didn't say I was giving you another chance."


"I can hope right?"


"I guess so. I'm going to get ready and I will meet you at your house soon."

Bryan kisses her on her cheek, and leaves the room.

Sabryn thinks to herself "I hope I am doing the right thing. I pray I am" She gathers her things and heads out in the serve storm to meet Bryan at his house.

Already in Bryan's driveway is Ashley. As she awaits for Bryan to arrive, her cell phone rings.


"Lexis, I am glad to hear your voice. I got some great news"


"I do to, you first."


"Bryan and I are going to make love tonight. He's going to be mine forever."


"Sis are you sure about that? I think you really need to leave this man alone. You are doing some crazy things to be with Bryan"


"I love him. And after tonight, he's going to feel the same way" She says as she looks at her vial filled with Mona's "Love Potion no. 69." " You said you had great news too?" She says as a loud clap of thunders causes static in the line.


"I'm at the airport here in Pasadena. Give me directions to your house so I can drive this big bulky u-haul to your house" All Alexis hears is static "Ash…Hello…Are you there?" The phone clicks

"Must be the storm I guess." Alexis pulls out an envelope out from her suitcase. Bending over to get it, she exposes her woman hood thanks to her super short mini skirt and no panties. Men and even some women whistle at her while other ladies look at her appalled and they whisper about her. Realizing she is the center of attention she smiles. "Nasty Skank", "Slut", "No Self Respect" "Trailer Park", is what Alexis hears from the crowd, and not worrying about the naysayers, she looks at her freshly painted red finger nails and blows on them, a complete snub to her haters. Alexis Jones has officially arrived in Pasadena.Alexis looks on her envelope which has her sisters address on it and asks for directions to Westwood Park.

The Blue NotePolinesia4.jpg

At the bar. Jenn asks Pierre if Lauren is available.


"Lauren left a while ago. She had an emergency at the hospital."


"Emergency? Is she OK?"


"Yes, she's OK but it's Daniel. He showed up here tonight."


"Daniel was here?"


"That's what I said"


"I can't believe this. I thought he was just awaking from his coma. Please grab me a Strong Island Ice Tea." While Pierre fixes her drink she turns around and sees Ty, dining with Jodie. Jenn is in shock as Pierre hands Jenn her drink and upon sipping on it, she decides to confront the two.

Jodie and Ty are finishing up there meal.


"That was so good."


"Yes it was. I bet you taste better." he says as he sees Jenn approaching them


"Well, Well well, what do we have here?"


"Jenn, how nice to see you again."


"What are you doing here with her Ty?"


"Come again?"

Jenn looks at Jodie

"You sure do get around don't you? First Mike and now Ty."


"Like the first time, you got it all wrong. It's just dinner"


"And like I told you the first time save it. Is this how you do things back in Cleveland? Bounce from one man to the next? My man on top of that."

Ty arches an eyebrow upon hearing Jenn staking her claim to him.


"As in Ty is your man? I was under the impression you two weren't an item."


"And I was under the impression you were trying to be an item with my ex after I saw you straddling over Mike like some horny teenager and speak of the devil" She says as she spots Mike walking over to them.


"Jodie, what's going on? I called you a few times but now I see why it went to voice mail"


"I'm sorry Mike."


" How many more times are you going to say that. We already know you are sorry.No,No wait I take that back She's not sorry. She's a loose Jezebel who likes to sample all the men here in Pasadena"


"You know Jenny, you are really starting to piss me off. You never give me a chance to explain anything. All you do is hurl accusations my way and call me names. Now I am going to ask you once to please show me respect. If anyone is acting like a teenager it's you. Your so childish playing your Miss Almighty all nighty."


"Is your ponytail too tight? I think it is because it's messing with your words coming out that filthy mouth of yours. Every time I see you, you are on a new man.So what am I supposed to call you then. If it walks and talks like a hor then guess what, it means you're a hor!"

Mike (Cutting in)

"Jodie, you are here with Ty?"


"She most certainly is. Doesn't she look great tonight?" Adding insult to injury, and knowing that his last statement is going to make Jenn red hot.


"You just made me throw up in my mouth. Gag me. (Looking back at Jodie)"You better choose one man and stick with him. Ty is mine. You can have sloppy seconds Mike." Jenn grabs Ty's arm and pulls him out side.

Jodie looks into Mike's hurting eyes.


"Mike it's not what it looks like."


" You know, that's the same thing you told Jenn when she found us hugged up. Jodie I really don't know what to say. You tell me to call you so we can enjoy some QT and I end up finding you here with TY after I told you he is the reason why my life is falling apart right now. Damn, are you two working together? Did you set this whole thing up?"

Outside The Blue Note.


"I thought you wasn't sure if you was ready to be with me. The last time we were together, you ran out on me"


"I know and I am sorry. I had to sort out my feelings. I have thought about it and Ty I want you." She kisses him passionately.

Westwood Park, Dondre's House

Karim (chuckling)karim23.jpg

"Kev do you hear that? One said no and the other yes"


"Let's get out of here man. Cool off some."


"I'm good." He looks at his fiancée with anger and hurt in his eyes.


"You not gone be good if you don't get the hell out of my house. My name is on the lease and I don't recall the Williams brothers chipping in on my rent so get to stepping. The ladies can stay." Karim sucker punches Dondre. Ria pushes Karim back, and they go out side, and Kevin follows them leaving Sharan who looks at Dondre in disbelief.

"Dre, I am at a loss for words. I can't believe you and Ria were having an affair."


"It doesn't change how I feel about you. Sharan I'm sorry. I'll explain things later"


"I don't know what to say to you right now. I'll see you tomorrow." Sharan leaves as Dondre rubs his jaw as he tries to figure out if his house was broken into and why was he sleep so long.


"You going to be OK man?"


"I don't know."


"Karim I am so sorry you had to find out like this"


"Ahh Bitch Please! Whatever."


"Excuse me?"

Ria begins to take her earrings out and pull her hair back into a ponytail.


"What are you going to do Ria? You're going to hit me. So juvenile."


"I'm bout to whoop some ass. Teach you to stay out a grown womans business Bitch!"" Taking her heels off.


"Karim come by the house, we'll have dinner with ma and pops"

Karim (starring at Ria)

"I'll be good man. I just need to be alone." He looks at Ria "It's over, your things will be on the curb for you to pick up. "

Ria (grabbing him, pleading)

"Baby, Please don't do this. Let's talk about it. I'm, sorry" She pleads. But her cries falls on deaf ears as Karim pushes her off him and she falls back into a puddle of mud, Karim gets in his car and races off in the storm


"Sharan this all your fault you nosy heifer. You really cook my last grit you know that."


"Don't blame Sharan for your indiscretions. Blame yourself. I didn't know you be so cold to my brother. What goes around comes around and one day, somebody you really love is going to do to you what you did to my brother."


"Kiss my ass and go to hell. You too Sharan. I just want to beat the brakes off you." Getting up out the mud


"You lay one hand on Sharan and you will be behind bars faster than your last grit has a chance to even think about cooking. Don't forget my pops is Chief of Police." Kevin and Sharan get in their cars and leave. Ria shakes her head in disgust and turns around bangs on Dondre's door. He opens it, when he sees it Ria,

"You look like swamp thing. Gone head Ria, We done, it's a wrap! You blew It!"He slams the door in her face. Ria is finally broken to tears, she takes her joggers off and her shirt trying to wipe some off the mud not wanting to get the interior of her car dirty, she hops in her car with bra and panties on and head's to Natalia's house

Dahliadahlia13.jpg is rushed into the E.R. of Huntington Memorial Hospital.

Diego immediately comes to the aid of the Latina.


"What happened to her?"


"She was stabbed"


"OK go get an iv started, and get some blood ready" He says as he rushes Dahlia into emergency surgery.

Westwood Park

ffar15.jpgMark stepping out the shower, answers his phone


Voice on the other end

"Mr. Mortimer?"


"This is Mark yes."


"This is the city police and we are sorry to inform you that Dahlia has been rushed to the E.R. a little while ago with stab wounds."


"What!? Stab wounds? How, who did this?"


"That's all we know sir. Good night." Mark immediately gets dressed, while calling Natalia

Natalia , looking at caller id her face lights up when she sees its Mark

"I missed you. I am so glad you called."


"Cut the chit chat. Dahlia has been stabbed and it's because of you. You and your games and your phony charges. I hold you personally responsible."


"When can I get some dick again? My nana is throbbing."


"Never you crazy Bitch!" He hollers in the phone. He hangs it up and rushes to the E.R. in the storm.

Natalia's House

Natalia is putting away her dishes in her kitchen

"It took a long time for them to admit Dahlia. Maybe she's dead by now. That means Mark will be all mines. All nine inches of him" She is interrupted with her self conversation when she gets a knock on her door. She opens it and sees Ria in tears with bra and panties on.


"Sorry, strictly dickly here" She laughing, but pauses, looking at her good friend and relizing something is wrong."What happened? What are you doing out in this storm?"


"Natti girl, I lost Karim and Dondre in one night thanks to that meddling Sharan." Outside Natalia's house, thmissy-elliot.jpgSuga is sitting in a car outside, Natalia's house.

'Bitch betta have my money"

The wind picks up and the rain intensifies as A series of mis fortunate adverse circumstances take place

Ashley sees Bryan's car coming up the street. She gets her umbrella and gets out her car.

Behind Bryan is Sabryn following him in her car. As Bryan is about to pull in his driveway, a u-haul rams into Sabryn's car from behind, causing Sabryn's car in turn to ram Bryan's car which in turn loses control of his car, speeding into the driveway, Bryan runs over Ashley with his car, and the u-haul, which Alexis is driving pulls off. Ashley is trapped underneath Bryan's car…Love has Been Runned Down!!! On



Now Don't forget to read the season 4 premiere of pplogo5.jpg and "Novi" and teen soap, "The Market"

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Holy Hot! Love the cast, they are definately hot. Great stories, I am hooked already on the Ty/Jenn/Jodie/Mike storyline and the Ria storyline. Poor Ashley indeed!

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Wow! Wow! Wow! I knew something was going to happen but I never thought that it was going to end like that! Great job. I loved all of the confrontations espeically between Jodie and Jenn...it was about time. It was great to see Natalia again, I sort of forgot all about Dahlia and Suga so it was great to see them too.

Can't wait to find out what happens next.

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Thank you all for the comments. I am glad you all enjoyed. My staff and I worked REALLY hard these last few weeks.

I had issues with balance. I took care of it and you not seeing so and so or that storyline for weeks will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. Sorry it went down like that in the first place.

Everyone please stay tuned because I got a lot more surprises coming for ALL storylines. Trust me ;)

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