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course selections

Ms. Walsh


It's my favourite time of the semester: course selections!!!!!

Here's what my schedule will hopefully look like:


History 217: World War II in East Asia 9-10.20


Spanish 241: Culturas de Espana 11-12.10


Portuguese 125: Portuguese for Spanish-speaking people 11-12.10


History 266: Age of Civil War 9-10.20

Spanish 230: Latin American and Peninsula Literature- Transatlantic Search for Identity

If I get this schedule, it would mean no classes after 12.10 on MWF and 11.50 on TTh, and only one class on Friday.

Here's what worries me: not sure about HST 266. Don't know about the prof, so it worries me because what if he's horrible?? I can't handle that! So I figure if worse comes to worse, then I won't take an American History course next semester (even though that is my concentration). The other History will count towards the geograpic distribution anyway.

And then you've probably realized that I'm back with the Spanish major again. I had a realization that I should just stick to it. I'm pretty confident about the 230 class, and the 241 sounds uber-interesting, but I kind of want to take Portuguese. I think that, no matter what class I take, I can always take Portuguese in the spring along with 244 (which is a requirement for the major), and then go JYA, return and take 250/251 and the two 300 level courses (which really don't look as daunting as it seems IMO)

Then for the History, I'm just going to take 2 each semester, meaning that I'm only going to have to take 1 my senior year (the seminar). :) I'll probably wind up taking more.


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