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roooooooooooom selections

Ms. Walsh


Next week...exactly. 3 April 6PM, we have room draw. Well, Steph (that's my roommate, I'm not sure I've specified that yet) got a really good number: 124. (I got 198, which is good, but her's is better, so we're using that). Now, you'd think that would be the first number....but no. There are like 6-8 new sophomores coming in, and two of them have numbers better than 124 (one is 122!!!)

So now we're worried about not getting the room we want. Steph insists that we take 215, which I'm fine with. I'll take either 214 or 215. But what if both of them take those two rooms??? I refuse to live on the first floor (there are mice!) and the third floor is just a pain in the ass to schlep all my stuff up and down two flights of stairs.

I guess we could move over to Wesley, but still...I really want either of those two rooms. It just isn't fair. We should be choosing first. I think that they should give top priority to people staying in the house.

ugh! :angry:

Junior year, if I'm around, I'll take a suite. Most likely I won't be because I want to go to Spain. Then senior year I'll just take any single (I really want it to be in Wesley, but we'll see what happens)


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