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Ms. Walsh


I'm worried about registering for classes. I just don't know what I'm going to do...I really should talk to my advisors.

I'm taking Portuguese next semester definitely b/c someone I know is taking the class, and usually I'm never w/ friends in the FL classes. And it sucks because you can't even speak English in them, so it's 2x harder to talk to people. :mellow: Plus, I heard really good things about the POR dept. here, and it doesn't hurt that I already speak it...but I'm not telling the prof. it's Brazilian Portuguese, and I speak European Por. so it's not going to help me that much anyway. Right???

Also, I hope that they offer 241 in the spring b/c it sounds so interesting, esp. if I'm going to Spain.

I guess I'm not worried too much about rooming...but seriously...it would be nice if we had that huge room in 215 and then two of our friends lived across the hall in 214 because then we'd have that foyer area and our own little VIP area on the roof. :) The only other option would be to take 315 and then they'd take 316. But 315 is Sylvia Plath's old room...scary!! :o


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