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WICKED: Episode 9





At the cabin ---

It wasn't long till Emily heard a car pull up outside the cabin. She peered out the shattered window to see who had arrived and noticed it was Gregory with Zander. She raced out onto the front porch, and not waiting till he emerged from the car, she was down the front steps and rushed towards the limo. Gregory opened the back door as fast as he could and Zander emerged as Emily rounded the corner of the car, she fell into his arms thankful he was there with her.

Thomas emerged from the cabin and stood on the front porch as Zander and Emily walked up to the front steps together. She leaning on him as they climbed the few steps and onto the porch, Zander holding her tight against his side, his arm wrapped around her and his hand caressing her arm to comfort her.

"Give me a few minutes ..." Zander said to Thomas as he walked into the house with Emily by his side.

Thomas nodded and then walked down to the limo to meet with Gregory, who stood by the car waiting for instructions from Zander.

Zander and Emily stood in the foyer of the cabin, and she turned into him holding him tight against her. She was thankful he was okay and with her now, she let out a sigh of relief as she felt his arms wrapped around her.

"I am so sorry, Em .... I .." he began.

"I know, but I'm fine ... the baby's fine ...." she replied her voice muffled against his chest.

"But you're not fine, Emily ... you and our child could of been killed and it's all my fault."

At the hospital --

Zander insisted that Emily go to the hospital to be examined by Dr. Meadows after what had happened to her and Thomas. He wasn't taking no for an answer. He called for more of his men to secure the cabin while Gregory took he and Emily back to the hospital.

Gregory pulled the limo up outside the emergency room and parked. He got out of car and went to open the back door for Zander and Emily. Zander climbed out first and lent a hand to Emily. They walked into the ER, Emily leaning on Zander as they walked through the automated double doors. Bobbie stood behind the counter of the nurse's station and saw the two of them walk in, Emily looking pale, Bobbie immediately knew something was wrong and rushed to help her.

"Emily .. you don't look so good?" Bobbie remarked as she greeted them.

"I'm fine ... Zander insisted I come in to be re-checked by Dr. Meadows." Emily replied and rolled her eyes towards Zander.

"Does he have good reason to be concerned?" Bobbie questioned as they waited for the wheelchair Bobbie motioned for.

"He seems to think so, but I'm fine, really." Emily insisted as she sat down in the wheelchair that was brought by one of the orderlies.

"You do look a bit pale ...." Bobbie began as her hand latched onto Emily's wrist and took her pulse. "Why don't we see what Dr. Meadows has to say about it." she continued and then cracked a smile.

Dr. Meadows made room in her schedule to re-exam Emily and afterwards asked her to stay overnight for observation. The baby's heartbeat was a little slow and she was hoping that if Emily got some rest, the baby would improve. Emily was taken to a private room and given strict instructions.

"I need you to rest, completely rest at least for the next 48 hours. We'll check on the baby later and hopefully the heartbeat will quicken to where it should be. If not, we'll do another ultrasound to see what's going on." Dr. Meadows instructed before leaving Emily with her husband.

Zander reached up with his hand and brushed back a few strands of auburn hair that laid against Emily's face. She leaned into his touch and smiled at him. "I'm sorry I fought you so hard ..." she apologized.

"It's okay, you're here now and you and the baby are going to be fine." Zander reassured her.

"Yes, but there is someone out there who wants you dead, Zander. That's something you just can't forget."

"I don't want you to worry about that now, remember what Dr. Meadows said ... you need complete rest and that means no stress." Zander leaned in and laid his lips softly against hers. She reached up and caressed his jaw line as the kiss lingered a little longer.

Zander pulled back from the kiss when he realized someone should call Emily's parents. "I'm, uh .. going to call your parents and check on Devon .... okay?" he said as he got up from the swivel stool he was sitting on. "You get some rest while I'm gone." he continued then smiled at her before walking towards the door of her room.

"Don't be long, okay?" she replied and he turned back towards her and smiled before leaving her alone to rest.

Zander didn't want to worry her but his reasons for leaving her to rest was mostly to inform her parents but there was that part of him who wanted to know who took shots at his wife, that were more then likely meant for him. Zander walked out of the automated double doors of the front entrance to the hospital and reached in his pocket for his cell phone. His first call was to the Quartermaine estate to let Alan and Monica know that Emily was in the hospital, and to check on Devon. His second phone call was to Thomas, he wanted to know who fired those shots that could of killed his wife.

"Thomas you better have something for me?!" Zander said as Thomas answered his cell phone.

"Well, we know the guy came into town a few days ago. Who hired him? We're still working on it." Thomas replied.

"You have 48 hours, Thomas ... Emily will be in the hospital that long and I want to have dealt with this man before she gets released. And I want a man on her room at the hospital 24/7 .... you got that!" Zander ordered.

"Yes sir, right away." Thomas complied with his boss's orders.

"Good, now Devon will be staying at the Q's for now and I want the estate looked after as well. I am not taking chances with my family!"

"Got it." Thomas answered. "We'll take care of it."


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