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WICKED: Episode 8





At the cabin --

Thomas heard the engine roar of a vehicle outside and rushed out onto the front porch, hoping to see who the hidden assailant was, leaving Emily on the floor of the foyer, in shock of what just happened. Thomas didn't see anything but dust as the vehicle sped away down the dirt road, he then turned his attention back to Emily still lying face down on the hardwood floor. He rushed to her and helped her to her feet.

"Are you okay?" Thomas asked as Emily stood up and brushed herself off.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you for doing what you did." she replied, her mind reeling.

"Are you sure you're okay, should we go back to the hospital?"

"Don't be silly, Thomas. I'm fine. I think we should call Zander though, he could be in danger at the warehouse." Worry about Zander overcame her, she had a bad feeling building in her gut.

Thomas pulled out his cell phone and called Zander. It took a few rings before Zander answered.

"Sir, I think you should get back to the cabin as fast as you can. We've encountered a problem." Thomas said when Zander answered, not giving him the chance to ask questions.

"Emily? Is she okay?" Zander asked as worry set in.

"Yes sir, she's right here...." Thomas replied and handed Emily the cell phone.

"Zander? You gotta come back to the cabin!" Emily's hand shook as she held the cell phone to her ear and talked with her husband.

"What happened? Are you alright?" Zander asked in fear for his wife.

"I'm fine but you just gotta come back, Zander .... I think the danger is in town! You have to come back!" she pleaded.

"Okay ... I'll be right there!" he replied and she could hear him ordering Gregory to take him back to the cabin.

"Em .... I need to talk to Thomas, can you put him back on the phone?" Zander asked calmly making sure she understood.

"Yeah, sure ... I love you ..." she replied and then handed the phone back to Thomas.

Emily wiped her eyes of the tears that began to well in them as it had become apparent to her as to what had happened. She steadied herself on the chair before taking a few steps and sat down on the couch. Thomas kept his eye on her as he finished his conversation with Zander on the phone.

"Thomas, what the hell happened?!"

"I brought Emily back to the cabin and I noticed the front door was slightly open. I did a search of the house and found nothing and as we stood in the foyer, I heard gun shots and we hit the floor. I tried to get a look at the vehicle as it left but there was too much dust ...." his words drifted off as he tried to remember something about the assailant's getaway.

"Is Emily okay?" Zander asked again filled with worry and concern about his wife.

"Yes sir, she's fine ... a little shaken up but she's fine."

"Stay with her Thomas, I'll be there as soon as I can." Zander replied and then flipped closed his phone.

Thomas flipped close his phone and noticed Emily was sitting on the couch with her head being held in her hands. He could hear her sniffling back the tears and went to her, to see if there was something he could do.

"Zander's on his way. Gregory is going to have him back to the cabin shortly." Thomas reassured her as he approached.

Emily looked up from her hands and sniffled back the tears. "Thank you, Thomas .... You saved our lives, you know that, right?"

"Just doing my job, Emily." Thomas replied being modest.

"Job nothing, those bullets could of killed us, Thomas ... you didn't think twice about shielding me from them." Emily replied as Thomas towered over her.

"Like I said, that's my job .... your husband expects that from me, Emily. I am just told what to do and expected to do it." Thomas answered her.

"Job or not ... thank you." Emily sighed.

"You're welcome. I'm going to go and check around the cabin. Are you going to be okay here?"

"Yeah, Thomas I'm fine ....." Emily calmer now, knowing that Zander was on his way and he'd be safe once he was back at the cabin with her.

Thomas nodded his head and began to look around the cabin, perhaps for a clue left behind that would tell them who was there and what they may have been looking for.


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