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WICKED: Episode 7





"Care to tell me how come Smith is still alive? I thought I hired you to do a job?!" the voice demanded into the phone.

"You didn't tell me he wasn't living in town! How am I suppose to do a job when I can't find it!" the stranger replied trying not to attract attention to himself while standing on docks.

"I'll find out and get back to you. Stay low!" the voice instructed then the line went dead.


Zander and Emily had made the doctor's appointment with Dr. Meadows but only Emily returned to the cabin. Zander went on to the warehouse to check on some recently arrived shipments and would meet up with her later. Thomas pulled the limo up in front of the cabin and got out. He opened the back door for Emily and she climbed out from the back seat.

"Thank you, Thomas." Emily said with a smile and Thomas smiled in return.

"Here, let me help you...." Thomas offered his arm to her.

"That's okay Thomas I'm pregnant, I can make it myself." she smiled but took his arm anyway to be nice.

"The boss told me to keep my eye on you and to take care of you till he gets back and that's what I am going to do." Thomas replied as he walked with her to the front door of the cabin.

Thomas was alerted to the front door being ajar and held Emily back from going inside. Emily became concerned as she noticed it as well and stayed back as Thomas went in first with his gun drawn. Thomas pushed open the front door and stepped in cautiously, looking around the inside of the cabin for anyone else who may or may not be waiting for them. Emily became afraid as she waited out on the front porch as Thomas checked the house for an intruder. She became impatient and didn't wait for Thomas to return, she slipped into the cabin and lurked around the first floor of the house.

"Thomas!" she called for him when she heard footsteps upstairs.

Thomas rushed down the stairs and found Emily standing waiting for him just inside the front door.

"Who ever was here isn't here anymore." Thomas said as Emily pulled her cell phone from her jacket pocket.

"I'm just glad I left Devon with my parents and he's safe and sound asleep at the estate." she and Zander had dropped Devon off at the Quartermaine's earlier that day and had planned on picking him up the next day, giving the family some time to spend with him.

As she dialed Zander's cell phone number into her phone, shots rang out and glass shattered from the window where the bullet had come through. Thomas pushed Emily to the floor covering her with his body for protection. His gun still drawn, he tried to see what he could by looking out the front door of the cabin, and protect Emily at the same time. She was his priority, if anything happened to her ..... he didn't even want to think about what his boss would do to him.


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