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Port Charles

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Endgame- Episode 37
Friday, May 18, 2007

Port Charles begins with Carly staring at her clock while pacing back and forth. She slowly moves over to her nightstand, grabbing a small object. After some internal prodding, she looks down and sees a blue line on the stick. Shocked, she sits down on her bed and puts her hands on her stomach.

"I'm pregnant," Carly says to herself very much in disbelief. "What in the hell am I going to do?"
While the shooting incident was being investigated by the PCPD, Sonny and Lorenzo gave the order to have all shipments to Port Charles ceased. There was to be no traffic going in or out of their ports until further notice. Sonny had a problem though he needed to get rid of and that was the shipment of computer chips still sitting in his warehouse on Pier #53. If the commissioner came snooping, she was sure to find the shipment and it would warrant his arrest. He couldn’t have that, and he needed to dispose of the product as soon as he could figure a way to get rid of it without being detected.

While Sonny pondered his next move, Lorenzo dealt with his business from South America. He figured by now the PCPD found out where he had gone to and was already drawing up the papers to extradite him back to the US. He needed to work fast but he needed to be careful. He couldn’t take any chances where Sonny was concerned.
Carly's thoughts are interrupted when she gets a call from Bobbie. Bobbie can tell that something is bothering Carly, but her daughter deflects her questions and tries to prod into her life. Bobbie tells Carly that her and Noah are heading out to Vegas for a few days to relax. Carly hopes she has a good time. Before her mother hangs up, Carly is tempted to tell her everything, but decides that she doesn't want to ruin Bobbie's vacation with her troubles. Carly and Bobbie say their goodbyes.

Carly lies down on her bed trying to clear her mind and focus on her pregnancy. She hears when Michael comes in with Morgan, so she cleans up the evidence of the test and heads downstairs to be with her children.
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Evanescence - "My Last Breath"
To play the song, click on the video once.
***The content below contains a steamy scene.***

Robin bangs on Patrick's door as hard as she can. "I'm not leaving here until you open the door Patrick!" BOOM BOOM BOOM! She knocks again. "Damn it, open up! You're not going to ignore me! Come on Patrick! I know you're there! You had a late night last night with Sarah didn't you?!"

Patrick finally comes to the door and flings it open. Looking visibly angry, he asks her what the hell her problem is. "What's wrong with you? You can't just come here banging on my door, screaming our business out as loud as you can."

Robin pushes past Patrick to get into the apartment. "I'm here because we're supposed to be in a relationship Patrick. A relationship. Yet I hear you're going out with Sarah still? Do you know how that makes me feel? I thought we were past the silly games."

"For the record, I haven't been anywhere with Sarah Webber since our last month. You know….when I found you out with Steven. And if I did…..and that's a big 'if', it wouldn't be any of your business. You made it clear to me that you were unhappy with my 'behavior'. Am I supposed to just sit around crying over you? I don't think so Dr. Scorpio, I'm not that kind of man. If you want a crybaby, just go see Steven Webber. I've apologized on more than one occasion for upsetting you, but you continue to allow yourself to be influenced by Steven and his not to subtle sister."

"Oh come on Patrick," Robin says angrily. "Steven and I are just friends. He's been nothing but a gentleman to me since we've met. Unlike you, he's considerate towards my feelings."

The two continue going back and forth until Robin says something that upsets Patrick. He tries to throw her out, but she refuses to leave. Robin slaps Patrick after he calls her an immature child with a superiority complex. He taunts her with a patronizing tone and she goes to slap him again. This time, he catches her hand and pulls her into a kiss. She pushes him away, then pulls him in for another kiss. The anger that the two have been feeling for each other for weeks turns into uncontrollable Passion!

Patrick rips open Robin's blouse, exposing her extremely toned body and beautifully shaped chest. Robin reaches for Patrick's pants, fumbling to open unbutton them as he kisses her neck, already feeling the pulsing coming from underneath his pants. Patrick pulls off his shirt, before pulling Robin's ripped blouse down to her arms and pushes her against the wall. Patrick goes into his wallet to grab a condom; Robin takes off her pants, getting down to her dark purple panties from Victoria Secret. Patrick can already feel the rush of entering Robin. The sheer thought just brings him to attention. Robin pulls Patrick to him as he enters her while against the wall. Robin quivers from head to toe as Patrick slowly thrusts in and out, leaving her gasping for air. She lifts up her leg, praying for him to go deeper and deeper as he drives his rock hard shaft into her sweet abyss.

Patrick picks Robin up as she wraps her legs around him. The two are so enthralled into their passion, that they don't notice they're destroying his apartment. From wall to wall, the two crash into paintings and furniture, only enveloped in the exotic trance of their connection! The intensity of their passion cannot be described, damn near bringing them both to the verge of unconsciousness. Eventually the two wind up in the bedroom. Robin pleads for Patrick not to stop. He kisses her supple mounds, teasing them with his tongue, then caressing the small of her back. This is all about pleasuring Robin, making her feel how much he loves her...wants her....craves her. He thrusts in yet again with the power of 10 men, she SCREAMS out his name, still gasping for air as she digs her fingernails deeper and deeper into his back as he goes deeper and deeper into her welcoming vortex.

Patrick can feel Robin getting closer and closer to her peak. Her leg begins to numb, her eyes roll into the back of her head as her entire body shakes. Patrick decides this is the time for him as well and let's go his of his nectar, filling the condom to it's maximum capacity. Feeling euphoric, he thrusts a few more times, wanting to savor every moment while inside her sweet abyss. Both feeling satisfied, the two then pass out in each other's arms, reliving their recent encounter over…and over…and over again.
On the next Port Charles: Endgame
-Elizabeth meets one of the most stubborn patients
-David overhears Lucy as she's trying to track down Serena
-Patrick & Robin make a special promise to each other
-Alexis & Ric trip to Wyndemere doesn't end well….

Justin Hartley first airs as "Blake Barrington" tomorrow.
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Let's see. Can I say I am as horny as 10 teenage virgins on Prom Night? Cause I am. Damn that was smoking hot and I need a shower and to start smoking, not neccassarily in that order. Hot damn!

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