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PCE: Episode 26



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Endgame- Episode 26
Thursday, May 03, 2007

An exhausted Patrick has spent most of his day thinking about Robin. Damn that woman for getting into his head. You would think that by now Patrick would learn to keep himself protected, but he just had to fall for Robin….and what an amazing woman she is. He figures that she's been avoiding him, especially since they haven't been on the best of terms as of late, but he really hopes he runs into her soon. As he makes his way to the 7th floor Nurse's Station, he witnesses a visibly upset Robin being comforted by Steven Webber. Unbeknownst to Patrick, Robin has had a very stressful day and broke down while sitting by herself. Steven showed up soon after and gave her some words of encouragement. Robin sees Patrick and tries to explain that nothing is going on (she knows he may get the wrong idea). Patrick tosses his chart on the table and ignores Robin, pissed off that she would seek "comfort" in the arms of someone that isn't him.

Meanwhile, Lucas is making final preparations for Brandon's funeral when he receives a phone call from his father Tony. Lucas reluctantly answers the phone. Tony asks Lucas not to speak much, but to let him speak instead. Tony starts off the conversation by saying "I love you son." He knows that Lucas was upset with him for taking the out of state job, but he had to think about his career and starting over. He apologizes for not being there for him during his time of need and feels like a failure as a father. He apologizes for not reigning in Bobbie before he left town, but he felt she would eventually come around for the sake of him. Lucas interrupts and tells his father to be quiet. He says that Tony did the right thing by calling him. He doesn't want too dwell on things in the past and forgives Tony for not being available these past few months.

Elsewhere, Ric finally arrives to meet a pissed off Anna. Ric is 40 minutes late and Anna has no time to wait. Ric doesn't apologize, as he has commitments to his wife and children that take precedent over whatever little task Anna would like to accomplish. Anna cuts right to the point…she wants information on Sonny and thinks that Ric can deliver that. Ric laughs at Anna, mocking her determination to bring down Sonny & Lorenzo. Anna doesn't find anything funny, but Ric thinks otherwise. He mentions all of the other people who have tried to bring his brother down, including him, and they all failed. He refuses to cooperate with Anna, informing her that he and Sonny are at a good place right now and as long as Sonny doesn't break the law, Ric won't come after him.

At Wyndemere, Sam thanks Nikolas & Lucky for all they've done to protect her from Helena. She wishes that she could be a bigger help to them, but knows that she's limited until she gets her memory back. She hugs Nikolas, then kisses Lucky on the cheek. Unbeknownst to those inside the den, Jason has arrived with Alexis….

On the next Port Charles: Endgame
-Alexis learns that Sam is alive
-Jason and Lucky square off regarding Sam
-Sam refuses to leave with Jason

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