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The Storm - Episode 44



Judge Cooper's Chambers --

"It's nice to meet you, Emily .... I'm Elenore." Zander's mother replied as she extended her hand to Emily.

"I wish I could say that I've heard a lot about you, but Zander's been pretty quiet about his family over the years." Emily smiled.

"It's okay, dear. I have my boys with me now and of course a new family with you and my grandchild, we can start anew and forget about the past." Elenore proclaimed.

"I'm sure your sons would like that very much, as would I and Devon."

"Good." Elenore replied and then looked at Ric. "How did the case go?"

"The judge is in deliberations. It may be a while. He has a lot of testimony and evidence to review." Ric replied as the two boys huddled together with their mother.

"How soon do you have to return?" Zander asked, his mind already thinking of an option to keep his mother a little longer in Port Charles.

"I don't really know Alex. But I can't be away for very long, the danger is still out there." she replied and wondered what he had working in his mind.

"Zander, I have an idea ..." Emily spoke up.

"I hope your thinking of what I'm thinking, sweetheart."

"I'm sure that I am .... why don't she come stay with us for a while. A few days perhaps." Emily suggested and Elenore became worried about bringing more danger to her son and his family.

Zander pulled Emily to him and kissed her as a thank you for thinking of her idea.

"And don't worry about the danger, Emily and I are staying at one of the safe houses right now, it wouldn't be any trouble at all to have another guest. There's plenty of room."

Elenore looked at Ric and then at Zander and Emily's smiling faces. "I would have to clear this with the proper authorities first." Ric said wanting to do this by the book.

"Okay, you go clear the red tape and I'll have one of the men take mom and I back to the cabin, Marcus can take Emily to pick up Devon at the Quartermaine's. You can meet us later and let us know what you've been able to accomplish." Zander suggested to Ric.

Elenore became excited to know she'd be spending some time with her family and she would be able to see for the first time her grandson, she was anxious to have some quality time with her sons.

Zander pulled his cell phone from his jacket pocket and called one of his men, then he'd call Marcus.

"Thomas, I need you to pick me up at the courthouse." Zander ordered. "And let's do the pickup on the side street, we have a delicate package come with us." he added as he winked at his mom.

He hung up with Thomas and then called his other driver, Marcus to pick up Emily. He made the arrangements and closed his cell phone before stuffing it back in his suit jacket pocket. Zander stepped out into the hallway and held the door open for the rest of them, Ric heading towards his office after saying his goodbyes, while the others went to the side exit and waited for Thomas and Marcus to pick them up.

Marcus was waiting for Emily as soon as they arrived at the side exit. Zander kissed her goodbye and assisted her into the back of the limo. "I'll see you back at the cabin." he said before he closed the door and then Marcus whisked Emily away.

"She's even more beautiful in person Alex. You make me very proud." Elenore said and she kissed his cheek.

It was the first time he could remember hearing that from either of his parents. All he's ever wanted was to have his parents proud of him and proud of what he had accomplished. He could finally say that his life was now complete.


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