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The Storm - Episode 45



At the cabin ---

Emily and Elenore had taken Devon for a walk down to the lake, leaving Zander alone in the house to work in peace and quiet. With his mom staying with them, it was a little more crowded and alot more noisy then before, so to give him time to do some paperwork, Emily decided to give him a break from the family for a little while.

Zander sat at the desk staring at the paperwork in front of him, he knew exactly why he was still looking at the same page for the last 20 minutes, his mind was filled with memories of his past, he wish he could forget. Though the memories of his father's shooting had dissipated, new memories filled their place now, those memories of he and his mother, and what they endured after his father's death. The moving around from town to town, not really settling down any one place so he could call home. Elenore had always told her son that it didn't matter where they lived, they had each other and that was enough. And he guessed it was, but looking back on the life they led for years after Frank died, he would never want that for his children or for Emily.

He got up abruptly from his seat, his head spinning from the numbers he had been staring at for the last hour, he needed something to get his mind off of the business for a while. As he walked into the kitchen, he noticed a date circled in red and wondered why it was marked. He hadn't noticed it before, he made a mental note of it and he'd ask Emily when she came back from the walk with his mom and Devon.

As he sat at the round table, the red circle caught his eye again and he stared at it till it became fuzzy. He remembered the last time he had seen one of those red circles and a smile came across his face. Numbers once again filled his head, this time, the numbers were dates, and dates he remembered quite well. He sipped the coffee he had just poured in his cup and grinned.

Emily and Elenore waltzed through the front door with Devon giggling like he always did and Zander got up from the table and when to greet them.

"Did you have a nice walk?" Zander asked as he walked towards them, Devon reaching for him as he got closer.

Zander took Devon from Emily and smiled at him. Devon giggled into his chest as he buried his face against his daddy. Zander held Devon against him and he wrapped his little arms around Zander's neck and held on as Zander walked with him into the living room.

"We had a nice walk and a nice talk, dear." Elenore said as she sat down with them.

"Talk? I'm sure that talk was about me ...." his words drifted off when he heard the snickers come from the ladies who sat with him.

"You and then some, sweetheart." Emily replied with a grin.

"And while you were out talking about me, I noticed something myself." he got up from his seat and took Emily's hand. "Come with me ....." he said as he led her to the kitchen.

They stood together in front of the calendar with the big red circle around the date and pointed at it, to show Emily what he had discovered. Her eyes widened, he never looked at the calendar hanging on the wall for as long as they had been living at the cabin, yet today of all days, he noticed it. She had made that red circle quite a few days ago and just kept her eye on the days that went by, hoping.

He noticed Emily's reaction to his discovery and grinned, he knew what it meant. Emily saw the grin come across his face, and thought she better say something before he jumped any further with his conclusions.

"Zander .. I'm ... this doesn't mean that I'm ..." she stuttered as she tried to get out the words so she could explain the red circle.

Emily had her own suspicions but she didn't have the proof that she wasn't or even if she was, she needed another week to be positive, she had to deter him for a little while longer.

The longer she paused before explaining the more excited he got and the more convinced he was that she was pregnant again.

"Look the red circle doesn't mean anything ... I mean it probably meant something at one time, but it doesn't mean anything now. Let's just forget we saw it, okay?" she said hoping he'd agree to forget that it was there and not to worry about why it was there. She hated to cover up why it was there, but she wanted to be sure before she'd tell him. It wouldn't be the first time that she thought she was pregnant and wasn't. And with the risky pregnancy she had with Devon, she just wanted to be sure before turning their life any more upside down.

Zander raised an eyebrow to her explanation, and certainly didn't believe her. Emily was never a good liar, he saw right through her but trusted her enough to tell him when she was ready to. He knew what kind of stress would fall upon her again if she were pregnant, it was a rough pregnancy with Devon, and he understood her motives for not wanting to tell him if she wasn't sure.

"I'm sure you'll tell me when you're ready to ...." he smiled and walked away from her.

She laughed nervously, taking one last look at the red circle then glancing down at her flat stomach and smiled.


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